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OVR Clubs Offering Juniors' Volleyball Programs

The following list reflects registrations for the 2021-2022 season, which will continue to change through early 2022. A comprehensive list of clubs and teams registered last season, most of which will return, is available in the OVR Archives. For advice on finding a club, see our Frequently Asked Questions. The first column contains links to sanctioned tryouts. Grade-level teams are also indicated. For example, "G 14R/8G" indicates a girls' 14 Regional, 8th-grade team. Definitions for age-level and grade-level teams are available at
See also: [ Juniors' Registration Packet | Letter to club directors ]

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Erie, PABenjamin Okey, Director 
Jeffrey Kuleck, Asst. Director 
614 VBC
Columbus, OHTodd Zickafoose, Director 
Newark, OHSharon Adams, Director 
Academy Volleyball Cleveland
Valley View, OHBrian Highfield, Director 
Meredith Gromala, Asst. Director 
Jeffrey Reaser, Asst. Director 
Paul Schiffer, Asst. Director 
Brian Scipione, Asst. Director 
Granville, OHJulie Guglielmi, Director 
adidas Advancement Academy East
Lewis Center, OHShaun Servick, Director 
  13 BlueG 13RG13AAVBE1OVOV-G-53
  14 BlueG 14AG14AAVBE1OVOV-G-54
  15 BlueG 15AG15AAVBE1OVOV-G-55
  16 BlueG 16AG16AAVBE1OVOV-G-56
  17 BlueG 17AG17AAVBE1OVOV-G-57
  18 BlueG 18RG18AAVBE1OVOV-G-58
adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club
Westerville, OHShaun Servick, Director 
Salomon Gicherman, Asst. Director 
  11 GreenG 11RG11AAVBC1OVOV-G-18
  11 ShamrockG 11RG11AAVBC2OVOV-G-20
  11 EmeraldG 11RG11AAVBC3OVOV-G-21
  12 GreenG 12NG12AAVBC1OVOV-G-19
  12 ShamrockG 12AG12AAVBC2OVOV-G-22
  12 EmeraldG 12AG12AAVBC3OVOV-G-23
  12 JadeG 12RG12AAVBC4OVOV-G-24
  13 GreenG 13NG13AAVBC1OVOV-G-25
  13 ShamrockG 13NG13AAVBC2OVOV-G-26
  13 EmeraldG 13AG13AAVBC3OVOV-G-27
  13 JadeG 13AG13AAVBC4OVOV-G-45
  13 LimeG 13AG13AAVBC5OVOV-G-28
  13 KellyG 13RG13AAVBC6OVOV-G-29
  14 GreenG 14NG14AAVBC1OVOV-G-30
  14 ShamrockG 14NG14AAVBC2OVOV-G-31
  14 EmeraldG 14AG14AAVBC3OVOV-G-32
  14 JadeG 14AG14AAVBC4OVOV-G-33
  14 LimeG 14RG14AAVBC5OVOV-G-34
  14 KellyG 14RG14AAVBC6OVOV-G-35
  15 GreenG 15NG15AAVBC1OVOV-G-36
  15 ShamrockG 15NG15AAVBC2OVOV-G-37
  15 EmeraldG 15AG15AAVBC3OVOV-G-38
  15 JadeG 15AG15AAVBC4OVOV-G-39
  15 LimeG 15RG15AAVBC5OVOV-G-40
  16 GreenG 16NG16AAVBC1OVOV-G-41
  16 ShamrockG 16NG16AAVBC2OVOV-G-42
  16 EmeraldG 16AG16AAVBC3OVOV-G-46
  16 JadeG 16AG16AAVBC4OVOV-G-47
  17 GreenG 17NG17AAVBC1OVOV-G-48
  17 ShamrockG 17NG17AAVBC2OVOV-G-49
  17 EmeraldG 17AG17AAVBC3OVOV-G-50
  18 GreenG 18NG18AAVBC1OVOV-G-51
  18 ShamrockG 18NG18AAVBC2OVOV-G-52
adidas Advancement Academy West
Dayton, OHSalomon Gicherman, Director 
Adrenaline Volleyball Club
Grove City, OHWilliam Neider, Asst. Director 
Springboro, OHTina Jasinowski, Director 
B First Sports
Sunbury, OHSteven Brown, Director 
Beaver Valley Premier
Baden, PAGlenn Freed, Director 
Borderline Jr Volleyball
Oxford, OHBill Zehler, Director 
Boss CLE Athletic Company
Avon, OHJoann Dosztal, Director 
Kathleen Brediger, Asst. Director 
Diana Marquis, Asst. Director 
Brunswick Blue Devils Volleyball Club
Brunswick, OHDennis Wiley, Director 
Buckeye VBC
Columbus and Newark, OHLauren Kundla, Director 
Macedonia, OHGrant Roberts, Director 
Grant Roberts, Director 
David Watroba, Asst. Director 
Jackson Center, OHKimberly Metz, Director 
Lima, OHJohn Zell, Director 
Cincy Crush Volleyball Club
Amelia, OHJoel Rivas, Asst. Director 
Cincy East VBC
Cincinnati, OHKristin Leggett, Director 
Cleveland Volleyball Company
Fairview Park, OHDana Artman, Director 
Club Ashtabula Volleyball
Geneva, OHStephanie Kubec, Director 
Club Extreme
Massillon, OHKathleen Lightfoot, Director 
William Gill, Asst. Director 
Jeremy Neco, Asst. Director 
Club Gold South
St. Clairsville, OHJoyce Piccolini, Asst. Director 
Club Gold West
Frazeysburg, OHElizabeth Zicha, Director 
Club Hollywood VBC
Canfield, OHRichard Wyman Jr., Director 
Charles Daub, Asst. Director 
Daisy Davidson, Asst. Director 
Robert Theiss, Asst. Director 
Club O.N.E. (Ohio North East)
Girard, OHPhillip Walters, Director 
Columbus Volleyball Academy-Pickerington
Pickerington, OHLori Sanders, Director 
Cincinnati, OHJessica Schloemer, Director 
Tim Schloemer, Asst. Director 
  12 BlueG 12AG12CLIPP1OVOV-G-3
  12 GreyG 12RG12CLIPP2OVOV-G-6
  12 WhiteG 12RG12CLIPP3OVOV-G-9
  13 BlueG 13AG13CLIPP1OVOV-G-2
  13 GreyG 13RG13CLIPP2OVOV-G-10
  13 WhiteG 13RG13CLIPP3OVOV-G-14
  14 BlueG 14AG14CLIPP1OVOV-G-1
  14 WhiteG 14RG14CLIPP2OVOV-G-11
  14 GreyG 14AG14CLIPP3OVOV-G-15
  15 BlueG 15AG15CLIPP1OVOV-G-4
  15 GreyG 15AG15CLIPP2OVOV-G-12
  15 WhiteG 15RG15CLIPP3OVOV-G-13
  16 BlueG 16AG16CLIPP1OVOV-G-5
  16 GreyG 16AG16CLIPP2OVOV-G-16
  17 BlueG 17AG17CLIPP1OVOV-G-7
  18 BlueG 18RG18CLIPP1OVOV-G-8
Dayton Jrs.
Fairborn, OHDerek Benson, Asst. Director 
Dayton Kroc Center
Dayton, OHErin May, Director 
Garrettsville, OHKen Uveges, Director 
Ken Uveges, Asst. Director 
East Coast Power Allegheny
Fombell, PALaura Zewe, Director 
Eastside Cleveland Juniors
Mentor, OHMelissa Soboleski, Director 
Daniel Coughlin, Asst. Director 
Eastside Volleyball
Canal Winchester, OHNikki Young, Director 
Glenn Ferrone, Asst. Director 
Eclipse VBC
Nashville, OHDennis Justice, Director 
Mason, OHJohn Paul Case, Director 
Lisa Schaad, Asst. Director 
Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company
Uniontown, OHLaurie Thewes, Director 
Brandon Thewes, Asst. Director 
Elite Volleyball Training Center
Columbus, OHJaclyn Cline, Director 
Randy Cline II, Asst. Director 
Edinboro, PAFrancis Herrmann, Director 
Everest Volleyball Club
Stow, OHMatthew Snyder, Director 
Evolution Ohio Volleyball Club
Reynoldsburg, OHCaitlin Harper, Director 
Exile VBC
Finleyville, PAJohn Lawrence, Director 
Flight Academy VBC
Kettering, OHWilliam Buirley, Director 
Force Volleyball Club
Chesterland, OHDominik Severino, Director 
Four1Nine Xtreme
Leipsic, OHBrent Newell, Director 
Steven Yarnell, Asst. Director 
Grandlake VBC
Celina, OHJordan Henkle, Director 
Greater Cincinnati Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHErica Thomas, Asst. Director 
Greater Columbus Volleyball Club
Columbus, OHChris Vondran, Director 
Tracy Vondran, Asst. Director 
Hawks VBC
Marion, OHRandy Haas, Director 
Hot Shots
Marysville, OHAllison Gorton, Director 
Hudson, OHTyler Price, Director 
Sharon Durdel, Asst. Director 
Impact Sports Academy
Akron, OHAireka Wright, Director 
Infinity Volleyball Club
Salem, OHBrittany Smith, Asst. Director 
Kidron Volleyball Club
Wooster, OHMichael Crawford, Director 
Kokoro Jrs
Mc Murray, PATed Nagao, Director 
Yoko Nagao, Asst. Director 
Lineshot Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHGretchen Niebling, Director 
London Elite
London, OHRuth Ernst, Director 
Mahoning Valley Premier VBC
Hermitage, PATyler Allen, Director 
Ronald Slipkasky, Asst. Director 
Maverick Volleyball Club
Parma, OHJames Beharry, Director 
Tonya Thompson, Asst. Director 
Mid Ohio VB Academy
Columbus, OHDylan Johnson, Director 
Ryan Treese, Asst. Director 
Mintonette Sports
Columbus, OHMax Miller, Director 
Katherine Butz, Asst. Director 
Stephanie Grieshop, Asst. Director 
Mountain State Storm Volleyball Club
Bridgeport, WVSamantha Rexrode, Asst. Director 
North Royalton, OHBrittany Stegmaier, Director 
New Wave VBC
Newark, Zanesville, and Morgan County, OHJeri Helfer, Director 
North Central Select VC
New Washington, OHAmber Christy, Director 
Northeast Ohio Volleyball Club
Wickliffe, OHJeff George, Director 
Northern Ohio Girls Volleyball Club
Sheffield Lake, OHTheodore Whitsel, Director 
NorthShore VBC
Huron, OHGrace Hutchinson, Director 
NOVA Juniors
Cuyahoga Falls, OHCorey Verchio, Director 
Ohio Premier Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHGinger Hineline, Director 
Jason Fancett, Asst. Director 
Ohio Valley Volleyball Company
Triadelphia, WVRosemary Williams, Director 
Ohio Xtreme Volleyball
Canal Fulton, OHAdam Evans, Director 
Oiler Attack Club
Findlay, OHWick Colchagoff, Director 
Penn-Ohio Volleyball Club
Vienna, OHCarole O'Dell, Director 
Players Choice VBC
Brunswick, OHMark Uhrich, Director 
Positively Charged Volleyball Club
cincinnati, OHJoseph Chaney, Director 
Preble County Volleyball Club
Somerville, OHGerald Cornett, Director 
Precision Volleyball Academy
Cleveland, OHKyra Gates, Director 
Putnam VBC
Winfield, WVTodd Higginbotham, Asst. Director 
RockCity Volleyball Club
Mentor, OHRobert Cline, Director 
Rogue Volleyball
Gahanna, OHJoshua Chiero, Director 
Roundtown Volleyball
Circleville, OhDeborah Wipert, Director 
Strongsville, OHRachele Fitz, Director 
Southwest VBC
North Olmsted, OHTristan Harker, Director 
SOVC (Southern Ohio VC)
Clarksburg, OHLaura Smith, Director 
Spirit VBC
Elyria, OHRyan Varndell, Director 
Mason Cooley, Asst. Director 
Storm Elite VBC
Bridgeport, WVSarah Vismans, Director 
Tandem Volleyball Club
Lodi, OHLinnea Wolf, Director 
Team ACES Volleyball Club
Ansonia, OHShane Buckingham, Director 
Team Atlantis VBC
Piqua, OHGreg Snipes, Director 
The Flatlands Volleyball Club
Bucyrus, OHDonielle Crall, Director 
The National Volleyball Academy
Elyria, OHJennifer Larrick, Director 
McKenna Turton, Asst. Director 
Kristin Walsh, Asst. Director 
Thunder Volleyball Club
Youngstown, OHDavid Terzak, Director 
Toledo Volleyball Club
Oregon, OHJason Reilly, Director 
Jessica Hohl, Asst. Director 
Michael Varn, Asst. Director 
Top Spin Volleyball Club
New Castle, PAJennifer Kmick, Director 
Trailblazers VBC
Lima, OHRonald Coleman, Director 
Vantage VBC
Charleston, WVJenna Theden, Director 
West Virginia Galaxy
Poca, OHJeremy Ray, Director 
Xplosion Volleyball Club
Springboro, OHKevin Sedensky, Director 
Dawn Leach, Asst. Director 
Zero Gravity Jrs.
Massillon, OHChuck Musselman, Director 
102 clubs and 56 teams listed.


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