Ohio Valley 18s National Qualifier Sponsored by Mizuno

Tournament Files:

AES Online Schedule for all three divisions.

18 Open Coaches Handout

18 USA Coaches Handout - Updated 8:30 PM Weds.

18 American Coaches Handout

Check-in Processes Each Day

OVR COVID Coordinator Program Information

OVR COVID Protocols

Tournament Rules:

Each team is allowed one Head Coach, One Assistant Coach and one COVID Coordinator. A Total of only three staff members.

Most of the Qualifier matches will be played in Hall B. So plan on entering thoese doors into the playing area.

Doors open at 7 am each day. The Open and American Divisions start play at 8 am on Friday. The USA Division on Friday will start play at 2:30 pm.

If you are playing in the afternoon wave on Saturday, do not arrive before 2:30 pm. You will not be allowed into the building before then. On Saturday the PM Wave is scheduled to start playing at 3:00 pm.

If you are staying at the Hilton, you will not be allowed to use the skybridge across High Street. You must stay at ground level and cross the street.

BallerTV Streaming

We will be using BallerTV to stream all of the courts. The promo code "OVR2021" is now active on their website BallerTV.com. Redeeming this promo gets you 20% off of their 3-month subscription. This promo will be active through 1/31/2021.

No Spectators:


OVR staff has been diligently working with the Greater Columbus Convention Center and the City of Columbus Health Department (Columbus) to ensure the Ohio Valley 18s Qualifier (Jan 29, 30 & 31) is a safe, successful event to get the season started. Our mantra throughout the pandemic has been "patience, flexibility & understanding." A safe return to play, and the health and wellbeing of our members, is our priority. In that endeavor, the OVR will work to provide the best playing opportunities possible, while adhering to limitations imposed by health departments and other agencies.

Tuesday, Jan. 5th, we have been informed by the City of Columbus Health Department that spectators will NOT be permitted inside the competition halls for the OVQ. We recognize the importance of parents supporting their children's endeavors, and we understand the concerns this may cause. We exhausted all avenues to find alternate solutions that would allow parents to be near the event, i.e., in the GCCC concourse, food courts, etc. Our ideas were turned down by the CCHD and GCCC.

We are currently evaluating options to "live stream" matches so that spectators might watch using their mobile device or other viewing monitor.

We maintain daily communication with the GCCC and CCHD, and we will share any important updates with participants as quickly as possible. If the CCHD "no spectator" restriction impacts your team's decision to participate in the OVQ, please notify us (herbert@ovr.org) as quickly as possible. We understand you may need to consult with parents from each team. The alternative is to cancel the event, but we strongly feel that the event can be conducted safely and successfully, despite some limitations. Please let us know by Friday, January 8, 2021, of your plans to participate. Send an email to: herbert@ovr.org and tell me if you wish to withdraw any teams. Checks have not been deposited and will be shredded.

As we've heard throughout this pandemic, "we're in this together." We will continue to work with you to provide safe, exciting volleyball opportunities to all our members.

Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Al Herbert and Brian Hemelgarn


The Convention Center is NOT providing any chairs for teams. Too hard to sanitize.

That is what we know as of now.

2021 Dates: Jan. 29,30 & 31 - Registration is open in AES

We are not a Stay to Play event. But we do block rooms in the downtown hotels for you to reserve. Hotel Information

Friday AM Wave - Open and American Divisions
Friday PM Wave - USA Division

2021 Entry Fee will be $805 per team.

COVID/19 EFFECTS. Until COVID/19 is either eradicated, a vaccine is developed, or a cure is found, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of infection. To minimize these possible health risks, all USAV sanctioned activities are required to adhere to the most stringent federal, state or local guideline for their respective areas.

Some of the standards set out in the Championship Manual and usual to the operation of the GJNCs and the NQs in the past may need to change to conform to current guidelines. It may not be possible to change the manual to reflect all such changes and requirements. In the case of a conflict between the standards set out in the manual and the most current guidelines in a particular area, the guidelines will prevail. Modifications to any standard for a particular event will be published on the event web site.

Playing Schedule will be posted at a later date.:

We do not charge admission.

Court Layout

The Ohio Valley Region is proud to host a USA Volleyball 18s National Qualifier. The Qualifier will take place in the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Friday, January 29 through Sunday, January 31, 2021. This Qualifier is hosting the 18 Open, 18 USA and 18 American Divisions.

Hotel Reservation Information

Real Time Parking Lot Information

Pre-Pay GCCC Parking to guarantee a parking spot.
When purchasing in advance, you can guarantee that you will have
a parking spot and arrive on time because you are not driving
around in circles trying to find a parking spot if all our parking
facilities were to get full.

Nearby Restaurants:

Buca di Beppo
North Market

Subway and Velvet Café Offer: Pre-order your meals with Subway or the Velvet Café to avoid waiting in long lines between games and give your team a competitive advantage.

Pre-order Subway meals at: Subway_Meal_Deals

Team check-in will be open online only.

The Ohio Valley Region will also be hosting a Boys WinterFest Tournament for 18s through 12s this Saturday and Sunday on courts 10 through 23 in the same exhibit hall.

We are in need of someone(s) to sing the National Anthem each morning at 7:45 am. If you know of a person, please have them email me at: Herbert@ovr.org. Include their name, club & team and which morning their would like to sing.

Awards: There will be individual awards to champions and second place and both third place teams in each Gold division only.

Rules & Regulations: USAV playing rules for the 2019-2021 season will be in effect. Most matches will be best two out of 3 sets. Some alternate match formats may be used to accommodate for smaller divisions or for 3 or 5 team pools, if necessary.

Officiating: All competing teams will be assigned to officiate in the tournament. Teams MUST provide certified referees and scorekeepers. In addition, teams MUST provide the 2nd referee, scoreboard operator and 2 lines-persons (players or registered adults on the team's roster may assist). A rostered adult must be the R2.

Failure to fulfill officiating assignments will result in the loss of 1 point per minute in their next match.

All protests will be resolved by the protest committee as selected by the Head Officials.

Sanction: The tournament is hosted and sanctioned by the Ohio Valley Region - USA Volleyball. All teams and players must be registered with USAV. Team and player registration numbers MUST appear on the Entry Form or the entry will be rejected. Teams using illegal players will forfeit all matches and be disqualified from the tournament and the case turned over to the appropriate Regional Commissioner for further action.

Tournament Ball: This event will use the Molten Super Touch ball for all competition.

Medical services will be available in the First Aid room on the north side of the exhibit hall.

The OVQ has been allocated the following bids:
18 Open < 8 teams 0 bids; 8 to 11 teams - 1 bid; 12 to 15 teams - 2 bids; 16 - 48 teams - 3 bids
18 USA < 8 teams 0 bids; 8 to 15 teams - 1 bid; 16 to 23 teams - 2 bids; 24 - 128 teams - 3 bids
18 American < 8 teams - 0 bids; 8 or more teams - 1 bid

Teams who win a bid will have to come to the Championship Desk to sign their bid acceptance before they leave the facility.

The State of Ohio has a law that requires all adults working with minors at sporting events be trained in concussion protocols. We recommend the NFHS course.

We will have warm-up balls available at Championship Desk.

The last match on Sunday, January 31st cannot be scheduled to start later than 3 pm.

Tournament Director:
Al Herbert

Head Referee:
Brian Hemelgarn


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