Officiating Training Videos


I'm venturing into some new territory -- creating an OVR YouTube Channel! I plan to upload some training videos from time to time, so I want to share those with you. They're short clips - 2 or 3 minutes long - and they highlight particular aspects of officiating and rules. Right now, I have four videos there, with voice-over to point out the teachable moments: R1, R2, ball handling and back-row plays (setters). These were used during our new referee virtual clinics, and many newbies asked if these could be posted somewhere. So, I came up with this idea.

At this time, the videos are not public -- which means you can't search YouTube for them. Instead, you need to use the direct links below to see each one.

If you have a couple minutes, take a look and feel free to offer feedback or requests for video topics. And if you have some experience with the YouTube platform and want to help out, drop me a note. You can also leave comments below each video.