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Tournament Entry for OVR Girls' Championships

Follow these simple steps to register for the Ohio Valley Region - Mizuno 2024 Girls' Volleyball Championships

Read and understand the background information before entering either tournament.

The entry process will take only a few seconds if you supplied complete information for your players at registration.

  1. Club directors, please sign in using your existing username to continue. If you don't have your account information, the "Need your username and/or password?" utility on the sign-in page is the fastest way to regain that information.

  2. Select your club from (You can also get there from the "My Club" link under your "My Account" link after signing in, or from the list of clubs and teams at

  3. Review your rosters, reassiging players, coaches, and team reps as necessary. You can change team reps, head coaches, assistant coaches, and players' teams from the links below. Roster changes consistent with restrictions for the 2023-2024 season can be made using the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name. Each team must have at least 6 players, a coach, and a team rep. If any of your players or coaches are not yet registered, register them as add-ons now. Add-on registration also allows specification of already-registered players and officials who are coaching for your club: simply supply their names and registration numbers. If you don't know someone's registration number or the name under which he or she was registered, you can find that on our list of registered members.

  4. Review your players' information, making any necessary updates. Uniform numbers are required for all players. Information which is needed but absent is highlighted in red.

  5. In the list of teams that appears below, check boxes against a green background indicated teams for which rosters and player information are complete. Simply check those you'd like to enter into the Girls' Championships click the "Enter Tournaments" button.

    No check boxes? No problem! Just fill in the needed information by clicking on the link summarizing what's missing. (Those links all go to the same page, the missing information can be provided at once.) After supplying the missing information, return to this page and you'll be greeted with ready-to-check boxes!

  6. On registration, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation and the check boxes will be replaced first by 'Entered, pending payment of fees' and then by GC2024 once your tournament entry fees are received and recorded.

  7. New for 2024 - To be eligible to participate in the OVR Junior Championships, American and Regional teams must have played in at least three OVR Tournaments. National teams must play in at least two OVR events and at least one additional OVR or USAV event (NQ).

Send your entry fees, postmarked before the indicated entry deadline, to the address designated on your confirmation. Teams entered after the deadline or with entry fees postmarked after deadline will be accepted only if space is available, regardless of standings.


To update rosters, use the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name in the list below.

Indoor Teams
team rephead coachassistant coachteam codedivisionOVR Girls'

1Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 11 Green - Regional
Robert HolladaRobert HolladaMia KeeleyG11MAHON1OVGirls' 11 Regional 
2Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 12 Green - Regional
Shanna DanielsShanna DanielsG12MAHON1OVGirls' 12 Regional 
3Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 12 Yellow - Regional
Paige ReedPaige ReedG12MAHON2OVGirls' 12 Regional 
4Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 13 Green - Regional Elite
Jody BartlettJody BartlettJocelyn JourdanG13MAHON1OVGirls' 13 Regional 
5Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 13 Yellow - Regional Elite
Cady BenedictCady BenedictJanine StuartG13MAHON2OVGirls' 13 Regional 
6Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 13 Black REgional Elite
Mia KeeleyMia KeeleyJoy MeaselG13MAHON3OVGirls' 13 Regional 
7Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 13 White Regional
Heather Snider Heather Snider G13MAHON4OVGirls' 13 Regional
(7th grade)
8Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 Green - Regional Elite
Ronald SlipkaskyRonald SlipkaskyRobert HolladaG14MAHON1OVGirls' 14 RegionalGC 2024
9Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 Yellow - Regional Elite
Marsha TetrickMarsha TetrickBuck BaldwinG14MAHON2OVGirls' 14 Regional 
10Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 Black - Regional Elite
Isabelle SnyderIsabelle SnyderG14MAHON3OVGirls' 14 Regional 
11Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 White - Regional Elite
Saylee GrinnenSaylee GrinnenSaylee GrinnenG14MAHON4OVGirls' 14 Regional 
12Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 Grey - Regional Elite
Heather Snider Heather Snider G14MAHON5OVGirls' 14 Regional 
13Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 Mustangs
Buck BaldwinBuck BaldwinG14MAHON6OVGirls' 14 Regional 
14Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 14 Blue
Corey SternthalCorey SternthalChad AndersonG14MAHON7OVGirls' 14 Regional 
15Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 15 Gold - American
Ronald SlipkaskyRonald SlipkaskyBuck BaldwinG15MAHON1OVGirls' 15 American
(9th grade)
GC 2024
16Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 15 Green - Regional Elite
Ronald SlipkaskyRonald SlipkaskyJennifer AllenG15MAHON2OVGirls' 15 RegionalGC 2024
17Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 15 Yellow - Regional Elite
Cady BenedictCady BenedictG15MAHON3OVGirls' 15 Regional 
18Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 15 Black - Regional Elite
Shanna DanielsShanna DanielsG15MAHON4OVGirls' 15 Regional 
19Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 15 White - Regional Elite
Payton LoomisPayton LoomisPayton LoomisG15MAHON5OVGirls' 15 Regional
(9th grade)
20Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 15 Rockets
Brandon FerrierBrandon FerrierG15MAHON6OVGirls' 15 Regional 
21Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 16 Gold - American
Ryan LombardoRyan LombardoJoy MeaselG16MAHON1OVGirls' 16 American
(10th grade)
22Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 16 Silver - American
Jaclyn HarshJaclyn HarshG16MAHON2OVGirls' 16 American 
23Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 16 Green - Regional Elite
Ashley JohnsonAshley JohnsonAshley JohnsonG16MAHON3OVGirls' 16 RegionalGC 2024
24Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 16 Yellow - Regional Elite
Tyler AllenTyler AllenAshlyn CleevelyG16MAHON4OVGirls' 16 Regional 
25Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 16 Black- Regional Elite
Paige ReedPaige ReedLaWanna SimsG16MAHON5OVGirls' 16 Regional 
26Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 16 Rockets
Brandon FerrierBrandon FerrierG16MAHON6OVGirls' 16 Regional 
27Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 Gold - American
Tyler AllenTyler AllenLaWanna SimsG17MAHON1OVGirls' 17 AmericanGC 2024
28Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 Green - Regional Elite
Jody BartlettJody BartlettG17MAHON2OVGirls' 17 Regional 
29Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 Yellow - Regional Elite
Isabelle SnyderIsabelle SnyderG17MAHON3OVGirls' 17 RegionalGC 2024
30Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 Black - Regional Elite
Paige ReedPaige ReedG17MAHON4OVGirls' 17 Regional 
31Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 Mustangs
Buck BaldwinBuck BaldwinG17MAHON5OVGirls' 17 Regional 
32Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 - Panthers
Andy PayneAndy PayneStacy PayneG17MAHON6OVGirls' 17 Regional 
33Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 17 - Blue
Corey SternthalChad AndersonCorey SternthalG17MAHON7OVGirls' 17 RegionalGC 2024
34Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 18 Green - Regional Elite
Kimberly Lynn Claus ClausKimberly Lynn Claus ClausG18MAHON1OVGirls' 18 Regional 
35Mahoning Valley Premier VBC - 18 Yellow - Regional Elite
Jaclyn HarshJaclyn HarshAshley JohnsonG18MAHON2OVGirls' 18 Regional 

Club Directorreg numcertifications

1Tyler AllenOV307770MO24ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

Assistant Directorsreg numcertifications

1Paige ReedOV357313FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport
2Ronald f SlipkaskyOV306829MO24ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, CAP I: Indoor (Inactive), Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

To protect OVR members' privacy, rosters are listed on a need-to-know basis. Certain roster categories are not accessible from your account.