Junior Officials Development Program

From: Brian Hemelgarn
Subject: OVR Junior Officials' Development -- Junior second referees & scorers

Club Directors,

I will be the acting Junior Officials' Development Director as we begin the 2014-2015 OVR-USAV season. Terry Miller will assist in this endeavor.

As you begin organizing your junior scorer and second referee clinics to start the season, please feel free to contact me with questions, or to arrange for an OVR referee to present a clinic for your team(s) and club(s). Keep in mind that a junior scorer/second referee clinic is REQUIRED. We have important rules changes, as well as scoring and Libero tracking changes, that need to be disseminated to our junior support crews.

In this endeavor, I highly recommend that you, your coaches and your teams review some video modules and training materials that have been developed by the USA Volleyball Officials' Commission. These training modules and materials are available at the USA Volleyball Referee Training website: www.VolleyballRefTraining.com.

Once you are on the referee training home page, place your cursor over "Training Materials" in the menu. A pop-up menu will appear. Select "Junior Training" from that menu. On the subsequent page, you will see a listing of clinics and video training modules, including:

  • NEW! Junior Second Referee Clinic
  • NEW! Junior Scorer Clinic
  • NEW! JUnior Line Judge Clinic
  • NEW! Libero Control
    Time-outs & Substitutions
    Net Rules

Our preference is that you host an in-person training session with an OVR referee clinician, who will present information to your teams. And in advance of this clinic, your teams/players will review the above modules to help prepare for the clinic. These online videos should be referenced as need throughout the season by the players who will be serving as support officials for each of your teams.

NOTE: As you know, the OVR has a rule modification which allows the Libero to serve. The above-mentioned online USAV modules will NOT address the OVR-specific details of this rule, particularly the scorer and Libero tracking instructions. I will have that information available on the OVR website shortly.

Lastly, there are a number of pre-season Friendship Scrimmages that will be hosted in January throughout the region. I would highly encourage your teams to attend whenever possible. Not only is this a good opportunity to get some court time with your teams, it is also an opportunity for your junior players to complete their scorer (and possibly second referee) certifications before the start of the season. You might also consider running a Friendship Scrimmage, and inviting other teams/clubs in your area. Please contact me for the names of referees in your area who can attend the scrimmage to help certify your players.

Happy Holidays to all of you, and please let me know if I can be of assistance as we begin the season!

Kind regards,

Brian Hemelgarn
OVR Referees' Chair
Acting Director, OVR Junior Officials' Development


There are a large number of new junior players each year. These players need to be trained as scorekeepers and as second officials. Well-trained support officials will greatly assist in the smooth running of tournaments. Each juniors' team will be required to have a certified scorekeeper and a second official by April 1st of each year. Certification is valid for two years.

  1. Only approved JODP clinicians may present junior officials' clinics. The OVR has 60 certified clinicians throughout the region, available to give your team/club a clinic for scorekeeping, second refereeing, or both. Certified clinicians may be found at www.ovr.org/juniors/jodp/clinicians.php.

  2. The standard fee for a single clinic, which may include more than one team or club, is a $75 stipend for either scorekeeping or second refereeing, or $100 if teaching both. If you would like to add a scrimmage, with on-court evaluation, during which your players may complete the certification, appropriate additional reimbursement should be discussed when setting up the date and time with the clinician.

  3. Clinicians will supply attendance information to the Junior Officials' Development Director following each clinic. They will also enter players' information online, provided that the club has already registered. If the players are not yet registered, the club director is then responsible for entering the players' attendance.

  4. During tournaments up to April 1st, scorekeepers will be formally rated by the extra official, and second officials will be formally rated by the first official. The candidate must work the entire match. If the respective official passes the individual, the official will sign the rating form and return it to the candidate. The coach and/or club director will record the players that have been successful. The official will also sign a certification card for the individual. These cards will be similar to the OVR membership card. Blank certification cards and rating forms will be supplied to tournament directors to have available at each tournament.

  5. For tournaments after April 1st, the team must supply a certified scorekeeper and second official, who must present their cards. Otherwise, the coach(es) must work the function for which the team does not have a certified official, with priority is given to the scorekeeper function if there is a single coach.

  6. Certifications will be valid for two year except if there is a major change in either of the Official's functions.

Certified Clinicians

Certified JODP clinicians are listed at www.ovr.org/juniors/jodp/clinicians.php. Contact the Junior Officials' Development Director (jodd@ovr.org) if you are a professional official in the OVR and would like to become a clinician.

OVR Junior Officials' Clinic Training Materials

For Additional Information

For questions regarding the Junior Officials' Development Program, contact:

Brian Hemelgarn


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