Adults Tournament Packet

The OVR Adults' s Tournament Packet contains information and forms needed to host sanctioned adults' tournaments in the Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball.

Tournament directors must be members of the Ohio Valley Region. Registration opens on September 1.

 All documents listed below as a zip file2015   
1.Cover Page2015   
2.Open letter to all adult players, tournament directors, team captains, and referees2015   
3.Rules and modifications for adults' tournaments2015   
4.OVR Libero Control Sheet2015   
5.OVR Roster and Line-up Combo2015   
6.Scoresheet: Nondeciding Set2015   
7.Scoresheet: 2 Nondeciding Sets2015   
8.Scoresheet: Deciding Set2015   
9.Scoring Summary: Nondeciding Set and Deciding Test2015   
10.Junior Scorer and R2 Rating Forms2015   
11.Volleyball Officiating Contract2015   
12.Pool (bracket) sheet: 4-6 teams2015   
13.Pool (bracket) sheet: 7 teams2015   
14.Playoff brackets: three 5- or 4-team pools2015   
15.Playoff brackets: two 5- or 4-team pools2015   
16.Playoff brackets: one 6-team pool2015   
17.Waiver and Release of Liability / Code of Conduct2015   
18.OVR Incident Report2015   
19.USAV Incident Form2015   
20.Injury or Property Damage Report2015   
21.Medical Claim Form2015   
22.Certificate of Insurance Request
Send your request to Stephen Donahue, 5401 Rochelle Drive, Stow, OH 44224-5512 (