The Ohio Valley Region is pleased to offer our members Molten® volleyballs at special OVR price. When ordering volleyballs from the Region, the costs are:
$47 per ball for Super-Touch™, FLISTATEC™,
$37 for the Soft Touch™,
$35 per ball for the VB Lite™,
and $47 per ball for the NCAA.

Molten The official ball of USA Volleyball
The red, white and blue Molten® volleyballs are required at all OVR-sanctioned indoor events. The Molten® Beach volleyball must be used at outdoor and indoor sand events.(Other Molten volleyball may be used only with approval from OVR Commissioner Bob Price.)

Molten® Super-Touch™: The official ball for OVR men, women, and girls of age 13-18.
This cotton-wound ball offers excellent play and value. Available for only $47 per ball (includes shipping).


Molten® FLISTATEC™: The official ball for OVR boys.
The FLISTATEC™ is available for only $47 per ball.


Molten® VB Lite™: The official ball for OVR girls of age 10-12.
These top-quality volleyballs for young players are available for only $33 per ball (includes shipping).


Molten® Soft-Touch™
This leather ball has an excellent feel and is a great choice as an economical ball for practices.
The Molten "Soft-Touch" is available for only $42 per ball (includes shipping).


Molten® Beach™
The BV5000-3 Elite Series features a premium hand-stitched polyurethane cover for ultimate playability and superior touch. Designed for maximum durability, this series will consistently withstand the daily demands of elite competition in an outdoor environment. This ball is available for $37 each.

Volleyball Carts
Molten Ball Cart

This season the Ohio Valley Region is also pleased to offer our members the tall Molten Ball Cart. This top-of-the-line model holds 24+ volleyballs, includes a carrying bag, and direct ships to you. Available to OVR members for a special region price of $200 including shipping.


Customer pickup is available throughout the Region:

Kent Volleyballs and Carts  Ron Wyzynski  614-402-9445
Columbus Volleyballs and Carts  Bob Price  614-882-2468
Dayton/Cincinnati Volleyballs  Bill Zehler  513-726-6739


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