Accreditation, Certification, and Licensure

ASEP Accreditation

Each club director must be ASEP accredited. See our ASEP section for specific requirements, course dates, and to register for an ASEP course.

IMPACT Certification

Each coach must be IMPACT certifified. IMPACT is an entry-level coaching requirement of both USAV and the 40 regional volleyball associations. Individuals who wish to coach a boys or girls club team must be IMPACT, IMPACT Plus or CAP (level 1,2 or 3) certified within 60 days of membership registration. After 60 days, no coach may have any contact with players in practice or matches until the minimum certification is received. The regions are responsible to keep accurate records of those qualified to coach. If an individual is found negligent of certification, that individual must be immediately replaced with a qualified person. Violations of this requirement may include probation, suspension, fine, or whatever disciplinary action is deemed appropriate by the authorized person, persons, boards, or committees of the OVR. Appeals may be made in accordance with procedures set forth in the bylaws and operating code of the OVR. There are no waivers for lack of certification.

Club Licensure

The OVR has been asked to contribute to a national movement to promote a high standard for operation and management of juniors' clubs. OVR clubs may apply for licensure, documenting their practices that are considered conducive to running a high-quality program. Those clubs that do for and are granted a license may advertise that fact and will be recognized as licensed on the OVR website. Additional information and the applicatation for club license are aavailable on the Licensure of Juniors' Clubs page.

Commitments and Contracts

Verbal commitments by players or parents to clubs are not binding. Commitments must be in writing: e-mail, written note, payment by check or cash (receipt required), or signed contract are binding to both parties for that season. A player contract is one requirement for club licensure.


Jewelry may be worn provided its nature does not present a concern for safety, such as extremely long necklaces and/or necklaces with large medallions, or large hoop earrings. USA Volleyball page 27 of the Indoor Rulebook.


Formation of Juniors' Clubs and Teams

Sanctioning and Conducting Juniors' Tournaments


Juniors' Competition in the Ohio Valley Region

OVR Championships

USAV Girls Junior National Championships

Development and Training


Junior Officials

Club Directors

ASEP Course

The American Sport Education Program's volleyball course is a very useful tool for all club directors as well as for coaches and parents. It covers issues such as club philosophy, coaches, parents, risk, finances, and events. There will be round table discussion and the sharing of ideas between established and new clubs. We will discuss region-specific issues such as OVR Championship format, tryout issues, recruiting, and more. All club directors must be ASEP-accredited.


The Ohio Valley Region requires that all coaches must be either IMPACT- or CAP-certified before they are permitted to coach players in tournaments.

  • OVR Coaching Education
  • IMPACT Clinics
    IMPACT, Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory, is a 4-hour course for the new club coach. Emphasis is on drill development, principals of learning skills, resources, and ethics.
  • USA Volleyball CAP
    The Coaching Accreditation Program is a comprehensive, multi-level coaching education program that covers all aspects of coaching and teaching volleyball. Both Level 1 and 2 courses focus on the critical athlete performance principles in coaching.
  • Volleyball Job Opportunities

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