OVR Coaching Education: IMPACT

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT, Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory, is a 4-hour course for the new club coach. Emphasis is on drill development, principals of learning skills, resources, and ethics.

All IMPACT clinics will be 4 hours. This time is necessary to cover all the required information and adequately explain the various topics covered in the course. IMPACT Plus clinics, which are 6 hours, must be held in gyms to allow for on-court practice.

Certification Requirements for Juniors Coaches

The Ohio Valley Region requires that all coaches must be either IMPACT- or CAP-certified before they are permitted to coach players in tournaments. All expired CAP certifications will be listed in the OVR database as INACTIVE. An inactive certification status means that the coach cannot continue on to the next CAP certification until the current one is re-activated. The inactive certification, however, still fulfills the IMPACT requirement for coaching club teams in the OVR.

IMPACT is an entry-level coaching requirement of both USAV and the 40 regional volleyball associations. Individuals who wish to coach a boys' or girls' club team must be IMPACT, IMPACT Plus, or CAP (level 1, 2, or 3) certified. No coach may coach in matches until the minimum certification is received. The regions are responsible to keep accurate records of those qualified to coach. If an individual is found negligent of certification, that individual must be immediately replaced with a qualified person. Violations of this requirement may include probation, suspension, fine, or whatever disciplinary action is deemed appropriate by the authorized person, persons, boards, or committees of the OVR. Appeals may be made in accordance with procedures set forth in the bylaws and operating code of the OVR. There are no waivers for lack of certification.

IMPACT Clinics in the OVR

Additional IMPACT clinics for the season will be posted as details are confirmed. Online, advance registration will be required for all IMPACT clinics to ensure productive class sizes and sufficient materials. Participants are required to register a minimum of 7 days prior to the clinic they wish to attend to receive the $40 early registration fee. Any registrations received within 6 days, including on-site, will pay $60.

In order to be officially certified, participants must be present for the entire clinic and pay their fees on site. Any participant who does not pay their fees by the end of the clinic will be subject to an additional $10 late fee. Please note that until the fees are received, the participant is not officially certified even though they attended a clinic. Only when both the attendance and fee requirements are met is the participant recognized as being certified.

Online registration is required to allow for planning facilities and printing manuals. The fee for each IMPACT clinic is $40 for registrations made up to 7 days prior to the clinic, or $60 for registrations made within 7 days of the clinic or on site. Fees will be collected on-site prior to each clinic. A $25 fee will be charged for each check that fails to clear.

You may not register for more than one IMPACT clinic. If you need to cancel your registration, notify us (impact@ovr.org) before signing up for another clinic.

Certifications from Other Regions of USAV

Any and all certifications received from USA Volleyball as well as IMPACT certifications received in other regions of USA Volleyball will be honored by the Ohio Valley Region. In order for these certifications to be recognized by the OVR, copies of these certifications must be sent to the OVR Director of Coaching Education impact@ovr.org along with the New/Replacement Coaching Certification Form.

IMPACT Webinars

Any coach in any region can register to take the IMPACT clinic online via USA Volleyball. Their schedule of clinics changes on a regular basis when new sessions are added.Most of these clinics are held over 2 consecutive evenings for 2.5 hours each; there is also a required pass/fail test that must be taken prior to certification. When completed, the Coach must forward a copy of the emailed certificate to the OVR Coaching Education Director at impact@ovr.org. Complete details and registration are available at the following location:

Other Certification Options

With proper documentation submitted to the National Office, the following training programs plus purchase of the most recent IMPACT Manual from the National Office with online test completion, will also meet the minimum IMPACT certification requirement to coach:

Included in the purchase of the IMPACT Manual is the opportunity to take the online test, which is then open to the individual for a 2-week window. The test must be passed at a 90% score to get IMPACT certified (you may take the test as many times within the 2 week window as necessary). The cost for the Manual and Test is $16.00.

Once a coach has provided USAV with their documentation/verification of the prior coursework/certification/degree and USAV confirms that the course is acceptable, USAV will then send you the links to order the Manual and to take the test. USAV has created a page on the USAV website (usavolleyball.org/resources/education/impact) explaining these options.

In order to obtain IMPACT Certification via this method, Coaches must complete the following steps:

Additional IMPACT Content from USAV

There are numerous articles and other resources available to supplement your IMPACT manual. These can be found on the Team USA website at teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Grassroots.aspx.


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