Facility Safety

Tournament Directors: The safety of your facility is your responsibility.

Please use the tournament checklist (Juniors' Checklist, Adults' Checklist) while preparing for your tournament. On the day of your tournament, take the time to visually check the layout and condition of the facility to determine if you are able conduct your tournament safely. If there is any doubt about safety, fix the problems prior to opening the doors and consult with the facility owner as needed.

Check the facility during the day for any unsafe areas or conditions. Correct any hazardous situations as they occur. Have the necessary janitorial supplies and equipment available at your facility, and use them to maintain a safe and clean facility. For example:

Have a medical (first-aid) kit available for participants and spectators, and know how to use it. Apply first aid to any accident or injury, and provide a Medical Claim Form for each incident. Prepare for serious injuries by having on hand phone numbers and directions to local emergency facilities for coaches and parents.

Tournament sites must be of high quality. Minimum requirements for volleyball courts and equipment can be found in the Domestic Competition Regulations. All posts and officials' stands must be padded. Support wires must be either eliminated or clearly marked and padded. There must be sufficient free space around each court. The recommended minimum free zone surrounding a court is 2 meters (6'6"). Players must be permitted to pursue volleyballs without endangering themselves, other participants, or spectators. The second official should be able to transition freely from one side of the net to the other, positioned outside the net post, without any obstacles.

Following the correct safety procedures and using the right equipment to keep your tournament facility safe and clean are professional obligations. Failing to do so jeopardizes the safety of participants and spectators attending your event.

Report any accident or injury to Bob Price by using an Incident Report.