Prospective Officials

Additional information about the certification process for new, prospective USAV referees, including clinic dates, sites and times, are available at The program includes the following phases:

  1. Complete this form: Prospective Official Data Sheet
  2. And bring it with you to the clinic. Fields in red are required. Your information will let our staff include you on relevant mailings, and we'll also be able to plan accordingly for each clinic.
  3. Attendance is mandatory at one of the three OVR New Referee's Clinics. Attendance at any other OVR officiating clinic does not meet this requirement. Prospective referees' clinics will be held in Toledo (Sunday, December 1, 2019), Westerville (Sunday, December 8, 2019), Dayton (Saturday, December 14, 2019), Western PA (Sunday, December 22, 2019) and Cuyahoga Falls (Sunday, January 5, 2020). Sign up below starting September 5, 2019.
  4. Pre-registration for one of these clinics must be completed online at this website prior to attendance at the clinic. There is a $30 non-refundable registration fee for the clinic, paid upon arrival at the clinic. Checks are payable to the Ohio Valley Region.
  5. In addition to pre-registering online for a clinic, prospective officials must download the Prospective Official's Data Sheet, print it, and fill it out completely. The data sheet must be submitted with the clinic registration fee upon arrival at the clinic.
  6. At the conclusion of each mandatory clinic, prospective referees who wish to continue with the certification process must submit an additional $95 training/evaluation fee. In addition, applicants will indicate their preference for attendance at a one of the designated training/evaluation tournaments. (Dates, sites and times for the training/evaluation tournaments will be distributed in December.) Every effort will be made to accommodate each applicant's first preference; however, due to the limited number of openings at each tournament, applicants may be assigned to their second or third choice. After being notified of the tournament to which they have been assigned, refunds will not be granted to applicants who do not consequently fulfill their training/evaluation tournament assignment. Applicants who immediately indicate unavailability for their assigned tournament will be refunded the $95 fee.
  7. The Ohio Valley Region will accept prospective officials as candidate referees based upon those who have attended one of the mandatory, new officials' clinics; completed the Prospective Official's Data Sheet; and submitted the $95 fee as indicated above. The $95 application/training/evaluation fee will be returned to any applicant not accepted for any reason. (Note: The $30 clinic fee is non-refundable.)
  8. Candidate referees will receive at least two referee training matches and one scorer training match at their assigned tournament. They will subsequently be evaluated on at least two matches (R1/R2), and also a match as scorer (all three are pass/fail), to determine their competency to receive a USAV Junior Regional or Provisional referee rating.
  9. Candidates who successfully complete the evaluation process will then need to register as OVR-USAV members ($62) and submit to the USAV background screening process ($30). These fees must be paid at the conclusion of the training/evaluation tournament. The background screening process requires at least 5 business days to complete. For more information on the background screening process, see the Background Screening Overview.
  10. The USAV Form C rules exam, scoring exam, and various other online training modules will need to be completed prior to each new refereeā€™s first officiating assignment. Details will be provided at the training/evaluation tournament in January.
  11. Upon verification of the background check, candidates will become a fully certified USAV referees, and only at that time will they be permitted to accept USAV tournament officiating assignments in the OVR. Candidates who do not satisfy the background screening process will be refunded only the $62 USAV-OVR registration fee. The $30 clinic fee, $95 training/evaluation fee and $30 background screening fee are not refundable after the background screen has been completed.
  12. If you have specific questions about officiating in the Ohio Valley Region, contact: Josh Hall, OVR New Official Development Coordinator ( or Brian Hemelgarn, OVR Officials Chair (


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