FAQ: Regional Referee Upgrade Process

When can I request an upgrade to Regional referee?

You must hold a Provisional rating for at least one season, preferably two seasons, before requesting an upgrade to Regional.

How do I become a Regional Referee?

The OVR Training/Rating Team will offer feedback and instruction to Regional candidates at a designated tournament in January or February. These evaluations will take place at an adult tournament, or at a high level junior's tournament. Candidates will receive training as first referee and second referee, as well as a re-evaluation as a scorekeeper. (See also Upgrading to Regional Scorekeeper.)

At a subsequent tournament that season, Regional candidates will complete the upgrade process by being evaluated, pass/fail, at a tournament designated by the Referee Chair. In most cases, the OVR Regional Championships will be the site for these final evaluations.

Candidates must have also attained an uncorrected score of at least 80 on the current year's USA Volleyball rules exam. If 80% was not scored, the Form B test must be taken at a time arranged with the OVR Referee Chair.

Are there requirements to maintain good standing as a Regional Referee?

Yes. Once you have attained a Regional rating in the OVR, the following requirements will apply:

  1. Pay the OVR-USAV dues by October 31st of each year;
  2. Attend a pre-season OVR Officiating Clinic;
  3. Attain a minimum score of 80% on the Form A USAV rules exam, and correct it to 100%;
  4. Officiate a minimum of two local OVR tournaments each season;
  5. Be active at OVR regional events (Boys', Girls', or Adults' Championships; Bid Tournaments; Power Challenges; and others as declared by the OVR Referee Chair);
  6. Attend one of these events during two years of every four-year period since receiving this rating. You may have two "off" years during any four-year period;
  7. Uphold the highest standards of professionalism!

You may also be asked to mentor new officials, and to assist with the training of junior officials.

Are there other responsibilities for Regional referees?

It is a good idea for Regional referees to begin keeping a log of their officiating activities, including significant tournaments and any collegiate experiences. This log will prove useful for a Regional referee who later elects to pursue a Junior National rating. (See Junior National Upgrade FAQ.)

Can I retire from my Regional referee status?

There is no formal process to retire as a Regional referee. Simply notify the OVR Referee Chair of your decision to retire. To resume as a Regional referee in a subsequent year(s), an official must go through the evaluation, clinic and testing process. A Provisional rating may be granted if the returning official does not meet OVR Regional referee standards.


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