Sudden Cardiac Arrest Law Information

The information below pertains to the Sudden Cardiac Awareness (SCA) training now required by Ohio law. The law itself is commonly referred to as "Lindsay's Law". This law applies to all parents, players, coaches, club staff, tournament directors and professional officials that participate in athletic competitions in Ohio regardless of state/country of residence.

Links to relevant information

Lindsay's Law/Ohio Department of Health website

Lindsay's Law Frequently Asked Questions

For parents/guardians and youth athletes

Required video

Required SCA Informational Handout

Required Signature Form to be signed and given to your club.

For Coaches/Club Directors

Required video

Required SCA Informational Handout

Required club signature Document

For Tournament Directors (including those not associated with a Juniors' Club) and Officials

Required video

All Tournament Directors and Professional Officials will watch a video (18 min.) then enter your Sudden Cardiac Arrest certification by completing the following steps below. This certification is good for one (1) year and requires annual renewal.

  1. Login to the OVR website:
  2. OVR login (top right corner)
  3. Login to your account: "My account" (top right corner)
  4. Select "View my Profile - Update Certifications"
  5. Scroll down to "Manage Certifications" and select
  6. Here you can enter SafeSport, Concussion and LINDSAY'S LAW / SUDDEN CARDIAC ARREST information.
  7. Select "Back to My Profile Page" (top left) to verify.