Juniors' Registration Packet

The OVR Juniors' Registration Packet contains information and forms for directors of juniors' volleyball clubs in the Ohio Valley Region. You can access documents individually, or you can efficiently download the full packet as a zipped collection.

Registration opens on September 2.

 Cover Page2017   
1.Bill Zehler's Letter to Club Directors2018 217kB
2.OVR Girls' Club Recruiting Policy2018 102kB
3.OVR Boys' Club Recruiting Policy 2016   
4.Procedures and Rules for Juniors' Club Directors2018 692kB
5.Age Classification (USAV)2018 110kB
6.Age Definitions (OVR)2018 35kB
7.USA Volleyball Age Falsification Policy2018 27kB
8.USA Volleyball Juniors' Club Personnel Code of Ethics2018 45kB
9.Athletes' Bill of Rights2018 192kB
10.Girls' Early-Signing Period2018 329kB
11.Boys' Early-Signing Period2017   
12.How to Export Your Club Members2018 287kB
13.How to Build a Team Roster2018 397kB
14.Tournament Entry Form2018 52kB
15.Medical History and Release Form2018 220kB
16.Club License Application2018 44kB
17.Waiver and Release of Liability / Code of Conduct2017   
18.Chaperone Responsibilities Form2018 90kB
19.OVR Incident Report (Conduct Report)2018 98kB
20.Injury or Property Damage Report2018 205kB
21.Medical Claim Form2017   
22.Medical Claim Filing Instructions2017   
23.Certificate of Insurance Request
Complete the request form and send to Stephen Donahue, 5401 Rochelle Drive, Stow, OH 44224‑5512 (donahue@ovr.org)
2018 50kB


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