USA Volleyball Background Screening Policy

Additional OVR Policy

USA Volleyball has mandated that all Regional Volleyball Assocations, including the OVR, require background screening for individuals who will interact with juniors in any sanctioned activity.

All individuals registering with the Ohio Valley Region, Inc. of USA Volleyball who will interact with juniors in any sanctioned activity must agree to background screening.

The following individuals who intend to register, affiliate, and/or participate with a juniors' volleyball club or team in the Ohio Valley Region will be screened:

Background screens are valid for 1 season. Coaches who turn 18 during the season must be screened within 30 days of turning 18.

Out-of-region officials who work OVR juniors' events must complete background screening prior to working OVR events. Background screening takes approximately one week (but may run longer), so plan accordingly. If an out-of-region official's background screening is not completed before the date of his or her assignment, he or she may not work in the OVR.

Junior members are any members under the age of 18. A background screen will not be required for those individuals who will be classified as junior players or those members not associated with junior activities. Members who are subject to background screening will be screened every two years. The Ohio Valley Region, Inc. retains the right to require additional background screens at any time.

Clubs and teams must enforce the penalties resulting from a negative background screening report. Failure to do so is grounds for automatic suspension of membership privileges to participate in sanctioned junior events and/or activities.

If a Region is made aware of infractions that would disqualify an individual from any duties that currently require background screens, the Region should request the individual in question resubmit to a background screen before his or her duties are reinstated. If the individual refuses to be re-screened, then he or she should not be allowed to continue performing in that capacity.

All registered individuals of USAV and each RVA have the Right of Due Process. The RVAs (Regional Volleyball Associations) of USAV will not register, or allow to be registered, any individual who refuses to consent to a background screen if they intend to participate in RVA-sanctioned events with registered junior members.

If you are in doubt about whether you must agree to background screening, contact