This procedure is for new officials only! Returning professional officials must renew through the Professional Officials' Registration. If you are a professional USA Volleyball official new to the Ohio Valley Region, contact us and we'll make the necessary preparations to get you into our system with appropriate referee and scorer ratings.

Dear Prospective Official,

Welcome to officiating in the Ohio Valley Region! Completing this form begins your journey as a professional USA Volleyball official. The process is easy:

    The 2022-2023 season clinics are slated to be in-person. State and local COVID policies may require changes to dates, sites, and/or times on short notice. Please be flexible and patient. Complete the form below. All fields are REQUIRED. Your information will allow our staff to include you on relevant communications, and we will also be able to plan accordingly for the number of participants at each clinic.

  1. Clinic Registration & Fee. The in-person clinic will last approximately five (5) hours with a lunch break included. Clinic registration must be completed online at least 48 hours prior to attendance at this link: New Official Signup Page. There is a $35 non-refundable registration fee, paid online via PayPal. Please submit the Prospective Official's Data Sheet via email to Brian Hemelgarn ( and Josh Hall ( prior to the clinic. Prospective Official Data Sheet.
  2. USAV Membership. To participate in USA Volleyball events (including our training program outlined below), USAV/OVR membership is required. USAV/OVR membership provides liability insurance and secondary medical coverage to each member, among other things. The total cost for a First Year OVR Official membership is $47 = $25 USAV +$22 OVR, plus background check (see #3 below). To purchase a First Year Official membership, use one of the two links below depending upon your age:

    If you are 18 or older, use this link.

    If you are 17 or younger, use this link. If you are going to turn 18 before the clinic, wait to purchase a membership until after you have turned 18.

  3. Background Checks. USA Volleyball conducts mandatory background checks on all adult members, 18 years of age or older. The cost is $14 and is good for one season. Regardless of any other background screen you may have, the USAV background check is required. The background check must be completed prior to attending one of our on-court practical training sessions but it does not need to be completed prior to attending the classroom clinic. When you purchase the membership, you will be sent an email with a link to the screening signup.
  4. SafeSport. In conjunction with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee, all USAV members over the age of 18, including referees, must complete SafeSport training. This program's goal is to safeguard athletes from bullying, hazing, harassment, physical/emotional/sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. General information can be found at: SafeSport - USA Volleyball , and also at: SafeSport must be completed prior to attending one of our on-court practical training sessions but it does not need to be completed prior to attending the classroom clinic. There is not cost for this training program. When you purchase the USAV/OVR membership, you will be sent an email with a link to the SafeSport course signup.

    After completing your USAV/OVR membership registration, you will immediately have access to USAV's online training modules (#6 below), even if you have not yet completed #3 and #4 (above). There are designated modules that are required to complete your certification, but they are not required to be completed prior to attending one of our clinics (#1 above). You should make every effort to complete the New Professional Referee Training course in the USAV Academy prior to participating in on-court training.

  5. USAV Academy. Being a USAV member affords all prospective and existing referees with access to USA Volleyball's online training academy, which includes rules and scoring exams. The library of training modules is extensive, and a list of required modules will be provided to you upon clinic enrollment and USAV membership registration. If possible, you should complete these modules online prior to attending an OVR clinic. Rules and scoring exam instructions will be provided at the clinic.

    Once you have attended a clinic, sign up for on-court training. You are officially an OVR-USAV referee candidate!

  6. Training Sign-Up and Fee. At the conclusion the classroom clinic (#1 above), prospective referees who wish to continue with the certification process must attend an on-court training session, typically in mid- or late January. Dates, sites, and times for the training/evaluation tournaments will be distributed in advance so that you can plan ahead. The cost for the on-court training day (8 hours) is $115 and must be paid at the conclusion of your classroom clinic or online. Refunds will not be granted to referee candidates who do not consequently fulfill their training/evaluation tournament assignment, i.e., a "no show". Withdrawal from an on-court training assignment must be done no later than Wednesday (11:59 pm ET) the week of your assignment, to receive a refund of the $115. Referee candidates who complete the on-court training but are not awarded a referee certification are not entitled to any refund.
  7. Practical On-court Training As a referee candidate, you will receive first and second referee training and scorer training during the first wave of the tournament. For the afternoon wave, you will receive observations and evaluations as R1, R2 and scorer to determine your preparedness to receive a USAV referee certification. This last step is pass/fail, but we have an overwhelming success rate!

    So, in a nutshell...

  8. Summary of Requirements & Fees.
    • $61 USAV/OVR membership registration and background screen ($25 USAV, $22 OVR, $14 background check); non-refundable; current USAV members do not need to re-pay these fees, i.e., coaches, chaperones, players
    • SafeSport training - free; must be completed prior to attending on-court session
    • Online training modules (ideally prior to attending a clinic); rules/scoring exams (after attending a clinic); modules & exams are required to complete certification process
    • $35 - New referee clinic (includes USAV Rulebook, lunch, handouts); non-refundable; submit Prospective Official Data Sheet. and choose on-court training date(s)
    • $115 - Practical on-court training; refundable for any candidate not accepted for any reason, and any candidate who withdraws as noted in #7 above
    • Referee uniform & equipment - cost varies based on items purchased; details will be provided to all prospective referee candidates in advance of on-court training session
    • State laws also require a Concussion Awareness course for sports officials; the course is free. Details will be provided at our clinics. If you have already completed this course, simply provide a copy of the certificate of completion after you have successfully completed our referee certification program.

    If you have specific questions about officiating in the Ohio Valley Region, contact: Josh Hall, OVR New Official Development Coordinator ( or Brian Hemelgarn, OVR Officials Chair (

Sign-Up for Prospective Officials is closed until fall

Thank you for your interest in USA Volleyball officiating in the Ohio Valley Region! The OVR's New Referee Program has concluded for this season, but in December 2022 and January 2023 we will host clinics and on-court training for the upcoming season. Those details will be available after September 1 at this webpage. Registration for these clinics will also re-open at that time.

Tentative clinic locations:
Toledo, OH - date & time TBA
Columbus, OH - date & time TBA
Dayton, OH - date & time TBA
Western PA or West Virginia - date & time TBA
Cuyahoga Falls/Akron, OH - date & time TBA

Basic details for our New Referee Program include:
1) attendance at one of our theoretical (classroom) clinics;
2) attendance at a practical (on-court) session during a training/evaluation tournament;
3) completion of USAV background screen and membership registration.

In the meantime, you can get ahead of the curve and prepare for USAV officiating by visiting USAV's Officials Resources page: Resources for Officials - USA Volleyball. There you will find USAV rules & interpretations, and other certification requirements. NOTE: If you are not currently a USAV member, you will not have access the training video library.

If you have specific questions about officiating in the Ohio Valley Region, contact:
Josh Hall, OVR New Official Development Coordinator(, 330-718-8417 / cell.


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