FAQ: Becoming a USA Volleyball Official in the OVR

The following FAQ addresses new officials. If you are a returning official, renew your membership online, which includes updating your profile and signing up for a clinic.

Welcome to the Ohio Valley Region (OVR) of USA Volleyball, and thank you for expressing interest in becoming a USAV certified official! The following information will help you as you take on this task!

The following resources are of primary importance to prospective officials:

You may find additional background information useful...

  1. Pre-register: You should pre-register online for one of the OVR New Officials' Clinics. Our website address is The following link will take you directly to the pre-registration page (, which is linked from our Officiating section.

  2. Clinic: At each clinic, you will be given a wealth of information about becoming certified as a USAV official. This includes the testing and evaluation process, officiating philosophies, "How To" FAQ, as well as rule comparisons between high school, collegiate and USAV, and the USAV rulebook. We well also take you through a scoring example. There is a $25 registration fee for the New Officials' Clinic.

  3. Testing: The USA Volleyball rules and scorekeeping exams are important parts of this process! Since our clinics are day-long events, we strongly encourage you to take the exams online instead of at a clinic site. You may take these exams at the time of your choosing; however, they must be completed by the time you attend your practical on-court training and evaluation. If you have specific questions about testing, feel free to notesend an e-mail to Brian Hemelgarn, OVR Referees' Chair ( Instructions are located on the OVR website, and you will need a password from Brian to enter the testing website.

  4. Practical evaluations: At your clinic, you will sign up to be a candidate at a practical, on-court evaluation tournament. The fee for the training/evaluation process is $75. There are various dates (all weekends) from December through February throughout the region. Although the final evaluations are pass/fail, we do our best to make these hands-on learning and training sessions, as we want you to be prepared to begin the season. You will work as the first referee (on the stand), second referee (on the floor), and scorekeeper. You must successfully pass all three phases. If time allows, you may be evaluated in any/all of the phases a second time to help insure that you're prepared! A re-evaluation is not guaranteed, however, depending upon the number of candidates at each evaluation site.

  5. Registration: Once you have attended a clinic, successfully completed the evaluation process, and passed the USAV rules and scorekeeping exams, you must register as a member of the Ohio Valley Region - USA Volleyball. This fee is $60, plus $20 for background screening (required once every two years). If you are already a member (coach, club director, player, etc.), you do not need to pay the fees again; however, you will need a new registration number that reflects your status as a certified official. And now, you are a certified USAV referee in the OVR! Congratulations and good luck!


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