Sanctioned Beach Tryouts in the Ohio Valley Region

Applications for Sanction of Beach Tryouts are accepted on April 1st for boys' and April 1st for girls'. Tryouts are published as club directors apply for and receive sanction. If you don't see the tryouts for which you're looking, check again later, or contact the club director. Contact information is available for both clubs registered this season and clubs registered last season.

See the Athletes' Bill of Rights for ranges of tryout dates, acceptance deadlines, and policies for offers and acceptance.

Tryout procedures (signup, forms, arrival time, etc.) vary by club. Carefully read the listings of those clubs for which you will try out, consulting their websites and contacting the individual listed if you have any questions about the tryouts. All OVR clubs must follow the tryout policies that are detailed in the OVR Athletes' Bill of Rights and in the OVR Procedures and Rules for Juniors' Clubs.

Verbal commitments by players or parents to clubs are not binding. Commitments must be in writing: e-mail, written note, payment by check or cash (receipt required), or signed contract are binding to both parties for that season. A player contract is one requirement for club licensure.

Relevant forms include:

Tryout sites, dates, and times occasionally may be revised. Before attending any tryout, please check again closer to the tryout date, and if the club has its own website, verify your plans there also.


Any player wishing to attend one of these tryouts MUST be a member of the Ohio Valley Region/USA Volleyball (or another USA Volleyball Region like: Keystone, Pioneer, etc.). We offer a $5 OVR Junior One-Day Membership which allows the participant to attend on tryout. To sign up for the Junior One-Day Membership, please visit the following pages:

Registration for the OVR Summer 2017 season opens on May 1, 2017.

If you played indoor volleyball in the Ohio Valley Region this year, you do not need to do anything. That membership is good for Summer also.

If you have not played club volleyball before, you are a "New Female (or Male) Junior Member".

This $5 One-Day Membership covers the player with secondary medical insurance in case of an injury and helps to cover the facility/host club with liability insurance. This is in addition to any tryout fee the club themselves may charge. That fee goes towards their costs of running the tryout, like renting the facility, etc. Later when you sign a contract with a club, you will "Upgrade" your Tryout Membership to a full Summer Membership for an additional $15.

To see a list of tryouts, please click on the link below. You do not need to be a member yet to see the listing. But you do need to have at least a One-Day Membership to attend one of the tryouts listed.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: The Region sanctions tryouts so they may appear on the OVR website at no charge to clubs. It is each club's responsibility to registered its director, assistant directors (if any), coaches, and other staff who will run their tryouts. Only registered members are covered by USA Volleyball's secondary sports accident or liability coverage. If an unregistered person accidentally injures a participant, the Region is not responsible. Note: tryout participants are often not registered at the time of tryouts. If clubs want coverage for tryout participants and the registered members they may contact, the club must register the participants.

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