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Officiating in the Ohio Valley Region

OVR Officials' Handbook

Professional officials: the Ohio Valley Region Officials' Handbook covers all aspects of officiating in the Ohio Valley Region. Please direct any questions or feedback to Brian Hemelgarn, OVR Referees' Chair (hemelgarn@ovr.org).

Officiating in the Ohio Valley Region

If you would like to become certified as a new USA Volleyball Official, sign up for information and to attend a clinic. This is for new officials only! Renewing officials must register.

The Ohio Valley Region supports development of officials at all levels to ensure a high standard for OVR-sanctioned events. Visit any or all of the following sections for information on requirements and certification.

Officials who work at OVR sanctioned events are working as Independent Contractors and not as employees. This is true if the OVR is running the event or another organization is running it. Here is a sample Independent Contractor contract that each tournament director will request each official to sign before the official works at the event: Volleyball Officiating Contract

Professional Officials  Junior Olympic, Provisional, Regional, Junior National, National, and International officials certified to work USAV events
Junior Officials Junior players competent to serve as second referee and scorer


Pre-Season Officiating Clinics

Below are the officiating clinic dates for the 2014-15 season. Clinic attendance is required for all referees each season. Specific times and location details are published on the OVR website in the Clinics & Camps section.

Professional officials' clinics are not yet announced for the 2017 season. Please direct any inquiries to Brian Hemelgarn, OVR Referees' Chair, at hemelgarn@ovr.org or 419-410-2291.

Online Rules and Scoring Exams

See Officiating Professionally in the OVR, section Online Rules and Scoring Exams.

For Additional Information

If you have any questions about this information or any other topics, don't hesitate to drop me a note. I'll reply to all e-mails as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for your hard work this season, and I'll look forward to working with you this season.


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