Ohio Valley Region - Mizuno National Bid Qualifier

New for the 2017-2018 Season:

The OVR Board of Directors have approved the following. Any OVR girls team that earns an Open or Open at-large Bid to the 2018 Girls JNC and participates at the event will have 100% of their JNC entry fee repaid to the club at the conclusion of the JNC. The same is true for any girls team that finish 1st in either the National, USA or American Division at a National Qualifier or wins their age division at the OVR National Bid Tournament and subsequently participates at the USAV Girls JNC. Teams finishing 2nd or lower but still earning a National, USA or American Bid at a National Qualifier or a National or American Bid through the OVR National Bid Tournament will receive 50% of their JNC entry fee rebated to the club after the JNC. This includes reallocated and trickle down Bids. The requirement for the rebate is that the team has to participate at the USAV Girls JNC and submit a picture of them participating in a uniform with "OVR" on their sleeve.

1  Ohio Valley Region Bid Tournaments

The Ohio Valley Region-Mizuno 2018 National Bid Qualifier Tournaments are used to award the Region's "National" and "American" bids to the 2018 USA Girls' Junior National Championships (June 25 to July 4, Detroit, MI). 2018 Girls JNC Information to follow.

USAV is considering offering an 11 National Division with up to 48 teams at the 2018 Girls JNC. So we may have to offer an 11 National Division at our Bid Tournament.

The tournaments for 11s through 17s will be held as follows: April 7 & 8 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The 18s will play Sunday, March 18th at the Buckeye Sports Center - Newark.

2  Eligibility

All Ohio Valley Region teams declared "National" as of February 28, 2018 will be eligible to participate. Due to court constraints the region may be forced to limit the tournament to the top teams in each age group. Our goal would be to host all those that want to play; however, if teams are omitted from the tournament it will be by strength of the team entered.

Each player must be age eligible for her team's level of competition, as defined in the USA Volleyball Age Divisions. Players are not eligible to compete in more than one age group. Age waivers are not applicable for Bid or National competition. All coaches and clubs must meet IMPACT, SafeSport, concussion and ASEP requirements.

Teams that earn an Open or American Bid at a USAV National Qualifier prior to the OVR Bid Tournament will not be eligible to participate at OVR Bid Tournament, and their entry fee check will be shredded. Teams earning a bid at our regional Bid Tournament event that do not participate in the USAV Girls Junior National Championships will cause all team members and coaches in their club to be sanctioned for two years, during which they will not be allowed to participate in the OVR Bid Tournament.

3  Schedule

The tentative schedule, based on expected numbers of entries and subject to change, is as follows:

division date maximum
# of teams
bids (estimates)
11 National April 7-8, 2018201 National Bid only
12 National April 7-8, 2018201 National Bid and 2 American Bids
13 National April 7-8, 2018282 National Bid and 3 American Bids
14 National April 7-8, 2018282 National Bid and 3 American Bids
15 National April 7-8, 2018282 National Bid and 3 American Bids
16 National April 7-8, 2018282 National Bid and 3 American Bids
17 National April 7-8, 2018282 National Bid and 3 American Bids
18 National March 18, 2018 162 National Bid and 3 American Bids

The maximum number of teams depends on court availability.

4  Format

11s through 17s divisions will compete on Saturday and Sunday, April 7th and 8th at the GCCC. Teams will be seeded into 4-team pools. Any division with 16 or less teams will play on a single day.

The first round of match play will run from 8 am until approximately 2 pm on Saturday. Then the 1st and 2nd place teams from each pool as well as some 3rd place teams will advance to the upper division pools. Any ties for 3rd places may need to be played off in a single set to 25 points. Challenge matches between the 3rd place teams will be played at 2:15. The winners will advance to the upper division pools. The upper division pools will play their first two pool matches from approximately 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm. The lower division pools will begin their second round matches after the Challenge Round matches have completed.

Play resumes at 8 am on Sunday morning with the final four matches in each pool. This will take from 8 am until about 12 noon. Three way ties may need to be played off with single sets to 25 points. Each team's finish in the second round of pool play will determine their placement into the elimination brackets. The tournament will determine unique places 1st through at least 10th. (This format is tentative and may change depending upon court availability and registration numbers.)

The match format for all ages will be 2 sets to 25 points and, if necessary, a third set to 15 points. If a pool drops to three teams, they will play 3 sets to 25 point matches.

There will not be a 2 meter service step-in line for the 12s.

5  Seeding

Seeding will be completed by using OVR rankings as of noon, Monday, April 2nd, 2018. Club Directors of participating teams will then offer their seeding recommendations. Throughout the season, tournament directors must accurately report their tournaments' results, and coaches should check their teams' standings and results periodically for accuracy.

6 Cost and Entry Information for OVR's Bid Tournament

The cost of the OVR Bid tournament is $610.00 for the 11-17 National divisions. Tournament entry checks should be payable to "Ohio Valley Region". Mail your entry fee to:

Al Herbert
4440 Merlin Drive
Uniontown, OH 44685-9641

If a team qualifies prior to the OVR Bid Tournament or is not invited to participate in the Bid Tournament due to court limits then their entry will be refunded.

7 Entry Process: Bids and Nationals

7.1 OVR Bid entry

Entry for the Ohio Valley Region-Mizuno 2018 National Bid Qualifier will be online, similar to last year's process for our Junior Championships. Bid tournament entry will open October 4th and close on February 28. All entry fees must be postmarked by February 28. See the checklist, below, for proper entry into the tournament.

Club directors: To enter (between October 4th and February 28), sign in to the OVR website and select your club's page (www.ovr.org/dir/club.php, or click the "My club" link from your "My account" page). After verifying that the rosters for the teams you'd like to enter, simply check the boxes for those teams and click the button for entry into the Bid tournament. Promptly mail your entry fees, which must be postmarked by February 28. No OVR paper tournament entry form is required. Also, log into your AES account and register your team in that system.

7.2 Nationals

In addition to properly entering to play in the OVR Bid Tournament you must register your team online for the USAV Girls JNC by March 31st at the AES website, Procedures for doing so will be posted here when they are known.

8 Bid Checklist

  1. The cost for the tournament is as follows: $610.00 for 11s through 17s. Checks should be payable to "Ohio Valley Region". Your entry must be completed and postmarked by February 28, 2018. Mail one check per team.
  2. Complete your national tournament entry by March 31st at the AES website. Failure to register and enter your team by the March 31st deadline may cause your team to be disqualified due to incomplete entry process.
  3. Do NOT send me a check for USA Volleyball anymore!
  4. Read and understand all USA Volleyball registration procedures to protect your teams' spots and to answer your parents' questions about the process.

9 Entries

The current list of all teams entered, including status of entry fees and forms, is available on the Bid Entries page. Initially, teams are listed alphabetically for ease of finding specific entries, later, when all entries are in, they will be reordered by standing.

10 Hotels

The Hyatt is the host hotel for the event.

11 Vendor Procedures

Any individual or business wishing to make available any goods and/or services at or in connection with events hosted by the Ohio Valley Region, Inc. must contract those arrangements in advance with Ron Wyzynski, OVR CEO/Executive Director (wyzynski@ovr.org, 614-402-9445) or his designees.

This policy, necessary to protect the interests and contracts of the Ohio Valley Region, applies to all events hosted by the Ohio Valley Region, Inc., including but not limited to the Ohio Valley Region, Inc.- Sports Imports Junior Volleyball Championships, the OVR Regional Volleyball Championships, the OVR Boys' Regional Volleyball Championships, the Ohio Valley Region, Inc.-Mizuno Bid National Qualifier, and the OVR Power Challenge tournament series.

12 Contacting Us

Please direct your entry process questions to the OVR Bid Committee (bid@ovr.org) rather than contacting the national office. This will cut down on their e-mails, and we'll have or get the answers you need.


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