The OVR has been asked to contribute to a national movement to promote a high standard for operation and management of juniors' clubs. Introduced for 2006-2007 OVR/USAV season, OVR clubs may apply for licensure, documenting their practices that are considered conducive to running a high-quality program. Those clubs that do apply for and are granted a license may advertise that fact and will be recognized as licensed on the OVR website.

Licensure criteria include adequate documentation of the following:

  1. The club's administrative structure (club director, officers, staff, etc.). Please include name, club position, address, home phone, work phone, cell phone, and e-mail address.
  2. Verification of director's ASEP certification, if obtained outside the OVR
  3. Due Process/Grievance procedures
  4. Player selection process
  5. Player contract
  6. Financial obligations and club fee payment schedule

To apply for licensure, the club director must complete the following form and send it, along with supporting documentation, to the address indicated on the form. Hardcopies are required.

Any questions should be directed to Brian Hofman (419-905-6414),