FAQ: OVR Junior and Provisional Referee Ratings

What is a Junior rating?

A Junior regional's rating is the entry-level USA Volleyball certification for referees. This rating is given to a person who has exhibited officiating skills but needs additional experience before progressing to the Provisional referee certification level.

What is a Provisional rating?

A Provisional referee rating is also an entry-level USA Volleyball certification for referees. This rating is given to a person who has passed the initial OVR official's certification process by exhibiting solid competency in all phases (R1, R2 and scorekeeping).

What scorekeeper rating does a Junior or Provisional referee have?

Upon successfully completing the initial certification process, both Junior and Provisional referees also earn a Provisional scorekeeper rating. Unlike referee certifications, there is only a Provisional scorekeeper rating, not Junior scorekeeper rating.

What levels of play can a Junior Regional officiate?

A Junior Regional may only officiate the following levels: boys' or girls' 10s, 12s, 13s and 14s and girls' 15 Regional competitions in the OVR. This isn't to imply that any of these levels aren't tight, competitive or challenging! It is best for less experienced referees to work at this level in order to become familiar with rules, mechanics and tournament protocols.

What levels of play can a Provisional referee officiate?

A Provisional referee may officiate the following levels: girls' 10s, 12s, 13s, 14s, 15s, 16 Regional/American, 17 Regional/American, and 18 Regional/American; boys' 10s, 12s, 14U, and 16U; women's B/BB/A, and men's B/BB. If there is a shortage of officials in some areas, Provisional referees may sometimes be asked to work higher levels of competition. This requires approval from the Referee Chair.

How do I upgrade to a Provisional referee?

After your first season of competition, a Junior Regional may request an evaluation to upgrade to Provisional. The request must be submitted to the Referee Chair at the beginning of the season. These evaluations will take place at designated rating tournaments and will be conducted by members of the OVR Rating and Training Team.

What does the Provisional upgrade evaluation entail?

The evaluation will take place at a designated rating tournament and will include at least one pass/fail evaluation as both first and second referee. A scorekeeping review may also be required by the Scorekeeper Chair.

Do I have to upgrade to Provisional (or higher), or can I remain a Junior Regional?

It is surely acceptable to remain a Junior official for the duration of your USAV officiating career! There is no requirement for any certification to upgrade to the next level.

Are there requirements to maintain a Junior or Provisional referee rating in good standing?

Yes, and it is easy to maintain good standing in the OVR! The following four steps are the minimum requirements for all certification levels:

  1. Pay the OVR-USAV dues by October 31st of each year;
  2. Attend a pre-season OVR Officiating Clinic;
  3. Take the Form A USAV rules test, and correct it to 100%;
  4. Officiate a minimum of two OVR local tournaments each season.

Can I retire from my Junior or Provisional referee status?

There is no formal process to retire as a Junior or Provisional referee. Simply notify the OVR Referee Chair of your decision to retire. To resume your certification in a subsequent year(s), you must go through the evaluation, clinic and testing process.

Can I receive my Junior and Provisional ratings in the same year?

No. An official can only upgrade a certification level in the season(s) following the year in which the initial certification was earned.

How long must I be a Provisional before I can upgrade to Regional?

As a rule of thumb, an official should work as a Provisional for two complete seasons before requesting an upgrade to Regional referee. In cases where an official has shown significant ability and competence, she/he may request the OVR Referee Chair to approve their application for a Regional rating after only one complete season as a Provisional.

How do I upgrade my Provisional scorekeeper rating?

Please see the FAQ for upgrading your scorekeeper rating!


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