USA Volleyball Grants

USA Volleyball Molten Diversity Grant (PDF)

The Molten Diversity Grant was initiated by Molten Volleyball in 2004 with the intention of funding diversity programs and increasing diversity in the sport of Volleyball. In partnership with USA Volleyball the program began in 2005. Generally successful grants have been in the $500- $1,000 range.

Subsidy Grant (PDF)

This grant is available to USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Associations that have a strong desire to create and / or expand programming for youth boys’ volleyball within their region. Through this grant program, USA Volleyball continues to prioritize and support initiatives for the development of boys’ volleyball programming across the United States. Successful grant awardees will be selected through an application process. Regions are allowed to apply to receive this grant multiple times; however, priority will be given to first time applicants and the applications that demonstrate the greatest breadth of program impact.

Boys Scholastic Grants (PDF)

The USAV Boys Scholastic Volleyball Grant Program is intended to provide an incentive and financial support to schools interested in starting a boys’ volleyball team. The funding from the grants is expected to be used to assist the school in starting a new program or save an existing program from being eliminated. The funding will be provided for a single year. Schools must apply annually. The maximum number of years that a school may be awarded funding is three years. The funds are intended to be used by the individual school in any manner that promotes and supports the creation and operation of a boys’ volleyball team within their school, primary schools that feed into their school, and other schools within their establish conference/league, or geographical area. The application, selection and compliance process of the grant will be overseen by USA Volleyball.

Boys 12U and 13U Incentive Program (PDF)

Select boys 12U and 13U teams will be eligible for a 50% rebate on their entry fee(s) to the USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships.

Membership Drive Incentive (DOC)

This grant is being made available to USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Associations (RVAs). We know that each Region has unique wants and different approaches to meeting the needs of their membership and growing the sport of volleyball in their areas.

GrassRoots Outreach Clinic Grants (DOCX)

This grant is available to USA Volleyball Regional Volleyball Associations (RVAs), clubs, grassroots programs or individuals that wish to further training of coaches, players and/or parents through clinics or various programming.


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