OVR Juniors Beach Tournament Schedule

Exclusive use of the court and spectator areas for juniors' warm-ups: The rule in the USAV 2015-2017 DCR about juniors' warm-ups prohibits the team off the court from using balls both in the playing area and spectator areas. See the letter from Kevin Weldelboe, Chair-RVA/USAV Insurance Committee, for additional information.

Coolers and food: Keep all coolers in cars. Coolers (including soft sided) are prohibited in and outside facilities hosting OVR-sanctioned events. Setting up tables and/or cooking by teams or their support staff, fans, coaches, or parents are prohibited at OVR-sanctioned events. Tournament directors and site managers do not have the discretion to grant permission. Tournament directors can permit teams to bring food into a designated area of the tournament facility. Some facilities do not permit outside food to be brought in to a tournament site. This is also allowed and will be enforced. If a club does not comply amicably with a tournament director's or site director's request, an Incident Report will be sent to Bob Price, OVR Commissioner, resulting in up to a $250 fine and a team/club suspension.

Club staff and officials: Due to concerns members have expressed regarding privacy, tournament directors' and officials assigners' phone numbers are available only to registered OVR club staff and officials. Log in to access phone numbers and (on the Registation/Tournament Info pages) addresses.

Tournament Directors: Applications for Sanction for Beach Tournaments are accepted beginning March 1. Instructions and forms are available in the Juniors' Beach Tournament Packet. Visit www.ovr.org/beach/juniors/sanction/ to have your tournament(s) sanctioned.

Every team and individual must be registered before participating in a USAV-OVR tournament. No one will be permitted to play without a valid registration number. Club directors, team reps, and tournament directors are all responsible for ensuring compliance. Violations will result in sanctions to individuals, teams and/or clubs.

DRESS CODE/ATTIRE: Uniforms are not required. However, matching color bottoms and tops are encouraged. All athletes are REQUIRED to wear a top, for girls it must cover your midsection when standing, and bottoms such as spandex, shorts or leggings. No bikinis will be permitted for any team. Boys must wear tank tops or t-shirts that cover their midsection when standing and bottoms such as swim trunks, surf shorts, or volleyball shorts. No brief type swim trunks.

The OVR Juniors Beach Tournament Schedule is a vehicle for the advertisement of OVR- and selected USA Volleyball-sanctioned events. The OVR itself is not the promoter of these events unless listed as such. Tournaments hosts are solely responsible for the events they have had sanctioned through the OVR. See also: OVR Data Services Terms of Use.

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OVR Juniors' Beach Tournament Director:
David Chapman (Chapman@ovr.org, 614-625-0850 /h)

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