How To Find A Club

Thank you for your interest in getting your child involved with club volleyball.

The Ohio Valley Region (OVR) is a member Region of USA Volleyball (the governing organization for volleyball in the US). The OVR is comprised of the states of Ohio and West Virginia as well as the western bordering counties of Pennsylvania.

Last season there were about 180 clubs in the OVR. Each is an independent organization but agreeing to abide by the policies developed by the OVR and USA Volleyball.

To see a list of clubs for the 2023-2024 season, you can go to this page.

In the top of that page you can put in a search criteria like "25 miles from your zip code". That will list the clubs in your area. Below their name you might see the link: "Club website (external)". That will take you to their own club's web pages. These pages typically will include more information like where do they practice, what programs they offer and how much they may cost. There is typically contact information like phone number and/or email address.

But many clubs have not registered for the 2023-2024 season yet because registration does not open until September 6th.

To see a complete list of last season's clubs, view this page.

One thing to look at is the types of teams each club offered last season. Team divisions like: G 13N are Girls 13s and younger National Division teams. These are the higher level players. G 13A are American Division teams and are the next level of players. G 13R are Regional Division teams and are more developmental.

USA Volleyball uses the age of the player at the END of the season. So whatever age your child will be on June 30, 2024 is the age division they will play in for the 2023-2024 season.

Clubs with boys teams will begin starting to hold tryouts in September.

Clubs with girls teams can start holding tryouts for girls on July 7th. And again in the Fall girls 10-12 on October 20. Tryouts for girls 13-14 can start October 27. This is after the junior high school volleyball season is over. Clubs can start holding tryouts for girls 15-18 on November 12th. This is after the high school season is over.

Clubs with boys teams will be publishing their tryouts in early September. Clubs with girls teams will start publishing their tryout dates, times, locations, etc. around the middle of September. To see a list of tryouts, follow this link.

For your child to attend a tryoutin July or even later in the Fall, you will need to purchase a Tryout Membership with the USAV and the OVR ($5 for USAV and $5 for the OVR for a total of $10). That will cover them with secondary medical insurance and cover the club with liability insurance. This Tryout Membership is good for up to 5 different club tryouts. The clubs will also typically charge a tryout fee of their own to cover their cost of running the tryout (like renting the facility, etc.). So you pay for the OVR Tryout Membership once but an addition $15 or $25 per tryout which the club will collect. When you are ready to purchase a Tryout Membership, click here.

Regular Season Menbership registration for the 2023-2024 season will open about September 5th.

Once you sign with a club for the coming season, then you will Upgrade their OVR Tryout Membership to Full USAV and OVR Memberships. This will cost $57 ($20 to USAV and $37 to the OVR). The normal Full Membership is $67 but you have already paid $10 so you just pay the difference. This covers them with the secondary medical insurance for the entire season as well as supports our organization for things like our web site costs, cost of training officials, etc.

The club will have their own club fee which will go towards uniforms, tournament entries fees, coaches stipends, renting practice facilities, etc.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to drop me a note at Al Herbert: