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The American Sport Education Program's volleyball course is a very useful tool for all club directors as well as for coaches and parents. It covers issues such as club philosophy, coaches, parents, risk, finances, and events. There will be round table discussion and the sharing of ideas between established and new clubs. We will discuss region-specific issues such as OVR Championship format, tryout issues, recruiting, and more. All club directors must be ASEP-accredited.

ASEP Accreditation Required for Club Directors

Club directors who are not ASEP-accredited must take it online prior to January 1, 2020. New directors that register their clubs after January 1, 2020 must sign up for and complete the course within 30 days of registration. The OVR will not sanction tryouts for club directors unless they are signed up to attend the OVR course or at least submitted their $75 fee to receive the online course. Associate Director price is $50.

Taking the ASEP Course Online

To receive the course online, send a check for $75, payable to "OVR", to:
(Make sure to incluce your name and email address.)

Bill Zehler
1376 Trenton Oxford Rd.
Hamilton, OH 45013

Duration of Accreditation

An individual's ASEP accreditation does not expire. Each club director must be ASEP-accredited. ASEP-accredited individuals in the Ohio Valley Region are listed in the Certification Database.

For Additional Information

Direct all inquiries regarding ASEP to Bill Zehler (asep@ovr.org, 513-726-6739).