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Indoor Referee Certifications (R) Beach Referee Certifications (Rb)
JRJunior Regional
JJunior National
J/rRetired Junior National
N/rRetired National
Scorekeeper Certifications (S)Available For (AF)
JAJuniors or Adults
AAdults only (no bkgd screen)
xNeither (registration pending)
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State: year:
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Availability: on date
Adinaro, Joseph TomRPJADayton, OH
Albert, Tammy PPJACharleroi, PA
Allen, Gary TJRPJ15Toledo, OH
Allison, Jane PPJABowing Green, OH
Ammons, David RJRPJ15Aliquippa, PA
Bahmer, Austin RPJACoshocton, OH
Barnes, David L.NNNJAWalton Hills, OH
Beam, Steven WesleyPPJAGreenville, OH
Beamer, Connie JRPJ15Willard, OH
Belt, John SRPJAKettering, OH
Bielby, Christopher (Chris) RPNJAWESTERVILLE, OH
Black, Joyce PPJAEATON, OH
Blevins, Robert JRJAMansfield, OH
Bray, Meredith PPJAColumbus, OH
Brooks, Mark JRPJ15Maumee, OH
Buck, Brandy PPJAArcanum, OH
Buehner, Janice LPPJAEATON, OH
Bush, Terry LNNJAMount Vernon, OH
Buttermore, Neil JamesPPJATOLEDO, OH
Calton, Jr., George NNJAToledo, OH
Carter, Donae JRPJ15Bedford, OH
Cavanaugh, Carey RPJASunbury, OH
Cavanaugh, Curran R.PPJACanal Fulton, OH
Cavanaugh, Diane E.RPJACanal Fulton, OH
Chandler, Michael DRNJAPowell, OH
Chesonis, Greg PPJAMartins Ferry, OH
Clark, Margaret (Peggy) ARPJANorth Olmsted, OH
Cline II, Clark (Randy) LJAWest Liberty, OH
Cochran, Ronald DeanPPJAWellsville , OH
Colchagoff, Wick R.RRJAFindlay, OH
Cosart, Barbara PPJAFindlay, OH
Craig, Linda PPJABoardman, OH
Craker, Clinton JRPJ15NEW BRIGHTON, PA
Cummings, Roger PPJAAURORA, WV
Curry, John MichaelRPJADublin, OH
Dallas, Renee PPJAToledo, OH
DiBacco, Steven NNJAHuber Heights, OH
Dickey, Jean ERRJACuyahoga Falls, OH
Dobrosielski, Steve PPJAPittsburgh, PA
Eilenfeld, Kaitlyn RPJANewark, OH
Elder, Glenn PPLJAColumbus, OH
Ellerbrock, Ann M.PPJAOttawa, OH
Elliott, Diane RPJACanal Winchester, OH
Evans, Jim RRJABowling Green, OH
Fenn, Robert JRPJ15Canton, OH
Foreman, James APPJANew Madison, OH
Freed, Glenn RPJABaden, PA
Freson, Lindsey RPZJACincinnati, OH
Froelich, Clark PPJACANTON, OH
Gallatin, Cliff PPZJAPowell, OH
Gallo, Kenneth JRPJ15West Chester, OH
Gardella Jr, William JRPJ15Tallmadge, OH
Garnett, Jill LynetteRNJAColumbus, OH
Gentile, Mary MPPJAMentor, OH
Gibbs, Kady JRPJ15Sheffield Village, OH
Grant, Cynthia LJRPJ15FINDLAY, OH
Greene, Danny Steven JRPJ15London, OH
Gregory, Sarah PPJAHilliard, OH
Grieger, Alan RRJAPARMA, OH
Haislup, Mark RRZJAMoon Township, PA
Hall, Joshua (Josh) NRJABrunswick, OH
Hallauer, Timothy RPJATipp City, OH
Hammar, James (Jim) JNLJAColumbus, OH
Hampton, Stephanie JRPJ15Coshocton., OH
Harker, Tristan RPJAStrongsville, OH
Hasselbach, Ashley PPJAGibsonburg, OH
Hauptstueck, Nicholas NPJANew Albany, OH
Heffner, Roger JRJALima, OH
Heidecker, Ray PPJARock Creek , OH
Hemelgarn, Brian INJALa Salle, MI
Hendricks, Jeffrey PPJAUrbana, OH
Herbert, Alan (Al) J/rRJAUniontown, OH
Herceg, Michael J.RPJALakewood, OH
Hill, Rebecca AnnRPJAZanesville, OH
Hine, Edward RRJAcolumbus, OH
Hitchens, Shelby PPJAChillicothe, OH
Hoehne, Candy PPJAMaplewood, OH
Hofacker, Evan RPZJAAkron, OH
Hofman, Brian PPJAHarrod, OH
Hood, Diane MNNJALancaster, OH
Horton, Mark PPJAHuber Heights, OH
Horwatt, Charlene PPPJAAliquippa, PA
Huber, Emily JRPJ15Troy, OH
Ickes, Lindsay JRPJ15Gibsonburg , OH
Iquina, Gerald PPJAWesterville, OH
Jackson, Richard PPJAMassillon, OH
Jager, Andrew RPLJAAKRON, OH
Johnson, LeAnn RPPJAWaterford, PA
Kaminski, Rich PPJAWexford , PA
Kaseman, Michael JRPJ15Northwood, OH
Kaseman, Tamara JRPJ15Northwood, OH
Keim, Neil PPJALakewood, OH
Kembre, Alyssa PPJAWest Carrollton, OH
Kennedy, Anne JRPJ15Cleveland, OH
Kerchevall, Jason JRPJ15Sylvania, OH
Klintworth, Lucy JRPJ15WATERFORD, OH
Knollman, Joanne (Jodi) RPJACincinnati, OH
Kohut, Richard (Rick) PPJALouisville, OH
Kondev, Gjorgi PPJANorth Canton, OH
Konik, Mikaylah (kay) JRPJ15Norwalk, OH
Kramar, Matthew PPJAPittsburgh, PA
Kramer, Amy JJRPJ15Eaton, OH
L'Heureux, Anne PPJAAthens, OH
Leckey, Donald S.NRJADayton, OH
Lehman, Janet PPLJARossford, OH
Lehnhart, Eric T.JRPJ15Lexington, OH
Lenz, Laurie PPJAFairview Park, OH
Litman, Leigh JRPJ15Seville, OH
Lloyd , Braden JRPJ15Norwalk, OH
Lotycz, Krissy AnnPPZJACygnet, OH
Lutton, Timothy RPJADarlington, PA
Lutz, Mark JRPJ15Canton, OH
Mahaven, Nathan EINJAMurrysville, PA
Malott, James PPJACleves, OH
Malott, Jared WJRJACleves, OH
Marflak, Marty RPJACleveland, OH
Masin, Catherine PPJABowling Green, OH
McConahy, Kristin RRJAHinckley, OH
McCray, David RPJAPlain City, OH
McKinstry, Kevin JRJAEast Palestine, OH
McLane, Michael JRPJ15Columbus, OH
McSwiggen, Debra PPJApittsburgh, PA
Meyer, Mark PPJACincinnati , OH
Meyer, Timothy RPJACincinnati, OH
Milo, Jeff APPJAchesterland, OH
Molnar, Paul JRPJ15Independence, OH
Mook, Sandra PPJAWarren, OH
Mooney, Scott JRPJ15Athens, OH
Moore, Vicki PPJAburbank, OH
Moser, Monte L.RRJAKettering, OH
Mourier, Scott RJRJAElkview, WV
Myers, Dawn JRPJ15New Martinsville , WV
Niniowsky, George DRPJAPoland, OH
Oliver, Rebecca JRPJ15Valley City, OH
Ondrejko, Michael PPJADefiance, OH
Osleger, Sue RRJAMonongahela, PA
Parton, Joseph JRPJ15Morgantown, WV
Pavlik, Valerie RPJAMedina, OH
Peck, Richard T.RRJAPickerington, OH
Pillar, Rich N/rRJAmentor, OH
Polite, Tiffany RPPJALoveland, OH
Pomento, Nicholas PPJAThe Plains, OH
Price, James PPJAStow, OH
Price, Robert (Bob) RRJAWesterville, OH
Puckrin, Drew JPJAWilloughby, OH
Puckrin, Gregory RickRPJAAustinburg, OH
Purinton, John PPJAUrbana, OH
Quinlan, Michael JRPJ15RAWSON, OH
Rakay, David RPLJAPerrysburg, OH
Rice, Theresa PRRJABrook Park, OH
Rieger, Laura RRJAToledo, OH
Robison, Robert PPJAMcDonald, PA
Roble, Dean RPJANorth Royalton, OH
Rose, Mark RPPJAWheelersburg, OH
Rossler, Linda PPJACurtice, OH
Sanders, Lisa JPNJAParis, TN
Saterfield, Brian NRJAGalion, OH
Schulz, John PPJAHuntsville, OH
Setty, Gillian JRPJ15Urbana, OH
Shadburn, Daniel RPJAWOOSTER, OH
Shafer, Angela (Angie) LJACincinnati, OH
Sherman, Mason DPPABroadview Heights, OH
Shoemaker, James JRPJ15Findlay, OH
Sink, Dan PPJAArcanum, OH
Stebel, Eva RPJACincinnati, OH
Stephens, Eric JRPJ15WILLARD, OH
Stockstill, Denise SimmsPPJACincinnati, OH
Suba, Deborah PPJAFairport Harbor, OH
Suchy, Charlene PPJAPittsburgh, PA
Sullivan, Richard RPJAMayfield Heights, OH
Tabor, Kyleigh JordanJRPJ15Dunkirk, OH
Tharp, Joshua RPJAFairmont, WV
Thompson, Scott NNJABeaver, PA
Tobias, Edward ChipPPJAFranklin, OH
Tolin, Kimberly JoPPJACanton, OH
Toth, Nicholas RPJACincinnati, OH
Verhoff, Cheryl PPJAOttawa, OH
Wagner, Joseph JRPJ15Beallsville, OH
Wagner, Katie AJRJAMansfield, OH
Walker, Jennifer PPJAUrbana, OH
Walter, Jennifer JRPJ15Shelby, OH
Welz, John RPJAIronton, OH
Wessel, Carol LJRPJ15Columbus, OH
White, Shane EdwardRNJADublin, OH
Whitsel, Theodore CPPJASheffield Lake, OH
Wideman, Karl LJAGrove city, OH
Wiley, Dennis PPJABrunwick, OH
Williams, Lee (Chip) PPJAcorry, PA
Wolfe, Dan RPJAPittsburgh, PA
Wyzynski, Ronald (Ron) RRJAKent, OH
Yildiz, Vedat PPLJADublin, OH
Yildiz, Zeynep MJRPJ15DUBLIN, OH
Zicha, Elizabeth AnnRPJANew Concord, OH
Ziegler, James PPJACanton, OH
202 officials listed.


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