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The Ohio Valley Region (OVR), Inc. is one of the largest of the 40 regional volleyball associations (RVAs) of USA Volleyball (USAV). Our main purpose as an amateur athletic sports association is to promote and establish quality volleyball through participation by both adults and juniors, according to the standards set forth by USA Volleyball and the Amateur Sports Act of 1978. Geographically, the Ohio Valley Region includes the states of Ohio and West Virginia, and bordering counties (Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence, Beaver, Washington, Green) of Western Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement: The Ohio Valley Region, Inc. (OVR), a non-profit Corporation, is a member of USA Volleyball, the sports governing body for volleyball, as authorized by the United States Olympic Committee, consistent with the Amateur Sports Act of 1978. The Corporation shall have the responsibility to:
a. Promote and develop the sport of volleyball.
b. Register teams, administrators and officials for all sanctioned volleyball competitions within the Ohio Valley Region.
c. Conduct regional championships and other competitions within the Ohio Valley Region.

The OVR provides opportunities for our members to participate at local, regional, zonal, and national competitions. Our large and active membership (22,557 for the 2016 season) grants us the flexibility to offer exceptional opportunities such as holding Junior Regional Championships in a metropolitan convention center. We also sponsor High Performance teams for elite juniors and coaches who wish to excel and to challenge their abilities at a highly competitive level of play. The OVR offers many educational avenues to our members who wish to become more effective club directors, coaches, officials, and clinicians. Beyond those immediately tangible benefits, we cannot ignore the physical fitness, health, and social opportunities that our lifetime sport provides.

The OVR is a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Ohio. Its elected board of directors and officers carry out the numerous duties and responsibilities that go with their offices on a voluntary or largely pro bono basis.

Our website, www.ovr.org, delivers comprehensive information, updated daily, on activities in the Ohio Valley Region.

Through our activities and publications we hope to promote the fantastic sport of volleyball to all wishing to join us.

Ronald J. Wyzynski, Chief Executive Officer

Brian Hofman, Commissioner / President

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