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Indoor Referee Certifications (R) Beach Referee Certifications (Rb)
JRJunior Regional
JJunior National
J/rRetired Junior National
N/rRetired National
Scorekeeper Certifications (S)Available For (AF)
JAJuniors or Adults
AAdults only (no bkgd screen)
xNeither (registration pending)
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namereg. numyearRSRbAFaddresse-mail, phone
Barabas, Daniel OV237340MPO172017PPLJAAkron,
330‑322‑1356 /h
330‑322‑1356 /m
330‑322‑1356 /w
Barnes, David L.OV48062MJN172017JPZJAWalton Hills,
216‑376‑0366 /m
216‑376‑0366 /w
440‑252‑7053 /f
Bielby, Christopher (Chris) OV147942MRO172017RPZJAWesterville,
614‑208‑9441 /m
Bissell, Melisa OV243806FJR172017JRPLJ14Dublin,
937‑838‑2272 /h
937‑838‑2272 /m
Buerge, Kevin OV186639MRO172017RPZJAPlain City,
317‑626‑6686 /m
614‑733‑0427 /h
317‑626‑6686 /w
Colegrove, Steve OV166503MPO172017PPLJABrookpark,
216‑926‑6779 /h
216‑926‑6779 /m
Deuber, Robert OV165748MRO172017RPZJABlacklick,
614‑214‑9977 /m
614‑864‑6062 /h
614‑863‑0648 /w
Elder, Glenn RobertOV217846MPO172017PPLJAColumbus,
614‑271‑7122 /h
614‑271‑7122 /m
614‑387‑0815 /w
Frizell, John DarrinOV80805MNO172017NRNJAEnglewood,
937‑271‑7660 /m
Gallatin, Cliff OV111843MPO172017PPZJAPowell,
614‑282‑7180 /m
Grennan, Zachary E.OV243803MJR162017LJAColumbus,
614‑657‑3236 /h
614‑218‑8777 /m
614‑260‑7777 /w
Haislup, Mark OV213MRO172017RRLJAMoon Twp,
412‑496‑8256 /m
724‑457‑3682 /h
Julian, Abigail OV209498FJR172017JRPLJ14Lewis Center,
740‑548‑6974 /h
614‑578‑5270 /m
Lotycz, Krissy AnnOV165900FPO172017PPZJAGibsonburg,

419‑307‑1642 /m
Love, John OV140MJN172017JRLJACincinnati,
513‑659‑5278 /m
513‑659‑5278 /h
513‑659‑5278 /w
513‑851‑1350 /f
Ostkar, Gary JOV46568MPO172017PPZJABroadview Heights,
440‑666‑9448 /m
Pedtke, Karen OV244478FJR172017PLJABrookville,

937‑581‑1125 /m
Petroff, Jeremy LeeOV93501MPO172017PRZJAToledo,
419‑917‑3909 /m
419‑279‑8179 /h
419‑917‑3909 /w
Rakay, Dave OV62243MRO172017RPLJAToledo,
419‑389‑4922 /h
Rife, Brien OV148MJN172017JRLJAMassillon,
Salak Jr, Joseph OV14MNO172017NNNJAAkron,
330‑338‑1602 /m
Salvatore, Patricia (Patty) A.OV3911FNO172017INIJAMedina,
440‑552‑2072 /m
440‑552‑2072 /h
Sanders, Lisa OV109FJN172017JPZJAParma,

216‑346‑0575 /m
Sarisky, Shelby OV259220FJR172017JRPLJ14westerville,
614‑849‑8051 /h
614‑849‑8051 /m
614‑849‑8051 /w
Vishoot, Emi TakashimaOV3912FNO172017NNNJADayton,
937‑231‑2385 /m
937‑236‑1554 /h
937‑236‑1554 /f
Zickafoose, Todd OV224903MPO172017PPLJAColumbus,

614‑570‑3315 /m
614‑921‑0188 /w
26 officials listed.


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