Team registration

Team name:Eclipse VBC – EVC JUSTICE
Team type:Girls' 15 Regional / 9th grade
Team code:G15ECLPS1OV
Registration number:OV-G-1036
Current OVR seeding:#118[ results | seeding ]


role memberreg. num.#certifications
Team Rep1Dennis JusticeOV351775MO24  

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Tournament Schedule

The following schedule is based on tournament data provided by tournament directors, using team codes provided by club directors. The OVR-Sports Imports Girls' Volleyball Championships will appear when those events are pooled. Until then, see Girls' Championship Entries. Future out-of-region tournaments are not listed. Report any errors or omissions to the relevant tournament director(s) and/or club director(s), whose contact information you can find on the OVR Juniors' Tournament Schedule and list of OVR Juniors' Clubs and Teams, respectively. OVR staff, unless they happen to be a tournament director or club director, do not add to or correct the team entries from which the following schedule is built.

status date tournament type division place points results
  2/11/24 Eastern Ohio Sports Complex OVR 15 Regional #5/7 4.667 tournament results
  2/18/24 Eastside Cleveland Juniors OVR 15 Regional #9/16 7.600 tournament results
  3/10/24 Kids America OVR 15 Regional #9/12 4.727 tournament results
  3/17/24 Highland High School OVR 15 Regional #13/15 3.714 tournament results
  3/30/24 Goodyear Hall at the East End OVR 15 Regional #5/13 10.000 tournament results
accepted 4/14/24 WoosterHS OVR 15 Regional n/a   tournament info 
accepted 4/28/24 T3 OVR 15 Regional n/a   tournament info 
accepted 5/11/24 AllProSpiritE OVR 15 Regional n/a   tournament info 
  5/18/24 GCCC
 REG 15 Regional n/a   tournament info