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OVR Clubs Offering Juniors' Volleyball Programs

The following list reflects registrations for the 2019-2020 season, which will continue to change through early 2020. A comprehensive list of clubs and teams registered last season, most of which will return, is available in the OVR Archives. For advice on finding a club, see our Frequently Asked Questions. The first column contains links to sanctioned tryouts. Grade-level teams are also indicated. For example, "G 14R/8G" indicates a girls' 14 Regional, 8th-grade team. Definitions for age-level and grade-level teams are available at
See also: [ Juniors' Registration Packet | Letter to club directors ]

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2 Girls Volleyball
Columbus, OHDanielle Benson-Robinson, Director 
614 VBC
Columbus, OHTodd Zickafoose, Director 
  13 NavyB 13sMJ3-614VB1-OVOV-MJ-57
  16 BlueB 16s/10GMJ6-614VB1-OVOV-MJ-40
  18 NavyB 18sMJ8-614VB1-OVOV-MJ-84
A2 Velocity Volleyball Club
Lancaster, OHRyan Wheatley, Director 
Newark, OHSharon Adams, Director 
Academy Volleyball Cleveland
Valley View, OHBrian Highfield, Director 
Meredith Gromala, Asst. Director 
Maria Prcela-Jackson, Asst. Director 
Jeffrey Reaser, Asst. Director 
Paul Schiffer, Asst. Director 
Brian Scipione, Asst. Director 
Granville, OHJoseph Johnson, Director 
  13 EvenerG 13R/7GFJ3-ACESC1-OVOV-FJ-73
  14 JacksonG 14R/8GFJ4-ACESC1-OVOV-FJ-48
adidas Advancement Academy East
Lewis Center, OHShaun Servick, Director 
adidas Advancement Academy Volleyball Club
Westerville, OHShaun Servick, Director 
Salomon Gicherman, Asst. Director 
Katelyn Henry, Asst. Director 
  11 GreenG 11R/5GFJ1-AAVBC1-OVOV-FJ-302
  12 RedB 12s/6GMJ2-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-23
  13 RedB 13s/7GMJ3-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-22
  14 RedB 14s/8GMJ4-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-20
  14 ScarletB 14s/8GMJ4-AAVBC2-OVOV-MJ-21
  14 CardinalB 14sMJ4-AAVBC3-OVOV-MJ-32
  16 RedB 16sMJ6-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-19
  17 RedB 17sMJ7-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-16
  17 ScarletB 17s/11GMJ7-AAVBC2-OVOV-MJ-17
  17 CardinalB 17s/11GMJ7-AAVBC3-OVOV-MJ-18
  18 RedB 18sMJ8-AAVBC1-OVOV-MJ-14
  18 ScarletB 18sMJ8-AAVBC2-OVOV-MJ-15
Adrenaline Volleyball Club
Grove City, OHPeggy Ripley, Director 
Advance Volleyball Club
Lorain, OHMarc Pogachar, Director 
Bob Eis, Asst. Director 
Robert Kenska, Asst. Director 
  14 BlackG 14RFJ4-ADVNC1-OVOV-FJ-77
  15 BlackG 15RFJ5-ADVNC1-OVOV-FJ-98
  16 BlackG 16RFJ6-ADVNC1-OVOV-FJ-97
  17 BlackG 17RFJ7-ADVNC1-OVOV-FJ-78
Springboro, OHTina Jasinowski, Director 
Stephanie Reveal, Asst. Director 
Air City VBC
Kettering, OHMonte Moser, Director 
  12 BlackB 12sMJ2-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-77
  13 BlackB 13sMJ3-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-76
  14 BlackB 14sMJ4-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-75
  16 BlackB 16sMJ6-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-68
  16 GreenB 16sMJ6-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-69
  16 GoldB 16sMJ6-AIRVB3-OVOV-MJ-74
  17 BlackB 17sMJ7-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-67
  18 BlackB 18sMJ8-AIRVB1-OVOV-MJ-64
  18 GreenB 18sMJ8-AIRVB2-OVOV-MJ-65
  18 GoldB 18sMJ8-AIRVB3-OVOV-MJ-66
Athens, OHKevin Gwinn, Director 
Laken Shook, Asst. Director 
  RGwinnG 12RFJ2-ALETA1-OVOV-FJ-416
  KidderG 13A/7GFJ3-ALETA1-OVOV-FJ-70
  HuppG 13R/7GFJ3-ALETA2-OVOV-FJ-100
  JohnsonG 13R/7GFJ3-ALETA3-OVOV-FJ-239
  SantosG 14A/8GFJ4-ALETA1-OVOV-FJ-69
  HartG 14RFJ4-ALETA2-OVOV-FJ-110
  LanningG 14R/8GFJ4-ALETA3-OVOV-FJ-240
  McKibbenG 15RFJ5-ALETA1-OVOV-FJ-273
  LackeyG 16RFJ6-ALETA1-OVOV-FJ-278
  GwinnG 17NFJ7-ALETA1-OVOV-FJ-150
Appalachian Volleyball Academy
Charleston, WVPaul Claridades, Director 
Arsenal Volleyball Academy
Fairfield, OHRusty Opper, Director 
Kellie Barnhart, Asst. Director 
Arsenal Volleyball Club
Rossford, OHDave Conley, Director 
Athlete HQ
Perrysburg, OHJeremy Reinhart, Asst. Director 
Cincinnati, OHNicholas Iredale, Director 
  Fusion 15AG 15AFJ5-ATVBC1-OVOV-FJ-5
Barbour Elite
Philippi, WVRochelle Carpenter, Director 
BCRampage Volleyball Club
Fredericktown, PAPaige Butka, Director 
Beaver County Volleyball Club
Beaver Falls, PATara Jones, Director 
Beaver Valley Premier
Baden, PAGlenn Freed, Director 
  BVP 16B 16sMJ6-BVPVA1-OVOV-MJ-30
  BVP 18B 18sMJ8-BVPVA1-OVOV-MJ-29
Black Swamp VBC
Tiffin, OHJason Miller, Director 
Borderline Jr Volleyball
Oxford, OHBill Zehler, Director 
Buckeye VBC
Columbus and Newark, OHStephen Yates, Director 
  Buckeye 16A RedG 16A/10GFJ6-BKEYE1-OVOV-FJ-673
  Buckeye 16A BlackG 16A/10GFJ6-BKEYE2-OVOV-FJ-674
  Buckeye 17A RedG 17AFJ7-BKEYE1-OVOV-FJ-595
Macedonia, OHGrant Roberts, Director 
David Watroba, Asst. Director 
  Startfire 13A PerneyG 13AFJ3-BFIRE1-OVOV-FJ-475
  Dragonfire 14A SmergliaG 14A/8GFJ4-BFIRE1-OVOV-FJ-406
  Spitfire 14A PerneyG 14A/8GFJ4-BFIRE2-OVOV-FJ-474
  Surefire 15A AdamsG 15A/9GFJ5-BFIRE1-OVOV-FJ-316
  Sparkfire 15A SmolenyG 15AFJ5-BFIRE2-OVOV-FJ-440
  Retrofire 16A McKnightG 16A/10GFJ6-BFIRE1-OVOV-FJ-322
  Wildfire 16A VertockG 16AFJ6-BFIRE2-OVOV-FJ-482
  Maxfire 17A VaskoG 17AFJ7-BFIRE1-OVOV-FJ-408
  Crossfire 17A SmolenyG 17AFJ7-BFIRE2-OVOV-FJ-439
  Rapidfire 18 SpilkerG 18RFJ8-BFIRE1-OVOV-FJ-309
  Redfire 18 RobertsG 18RFJ8-BFIRE2-OVOV-FJ-311
Jackson Center, OHKimberly Metz, Director 
Lima, OHJohn Zell, Director 
CATZ Volleyball Club
Buckhannon, WVNancy Wheeler, Director 
Jennifer Hefner, Asst. Director 
  CATZ CougarsG 13RFJ3-CATZV1-OVOV-FJ-231
  CATZ WildcatsG 14RFJ4-CATZV1-OVOV-FJ-228
  CATZ LeopardsG 15RFJ5-CATZV1-OVOV-FJ-227
  CATZ CheetahsG 16RFJ6-CATZV1-OVOV-FJ-225
  CATZ JaguarsG 18RFJ8-CATZV1-OVOV-FJ-224
Celtic Volleyball Club
Canton, OHPamela Moody, Director 
  green13G 13RFJ3-CELTC1-OVOV-FJ-536
  Orange14G 14R/8GFJ4-CELTC1-OVOV-FJ-531
Champaign County VBC
Urbana, OHGaye Roebuck-Carafa, Director 
Karen Roebuck, Asst. Director 
Cincinnati Volleyball Academy
Mason, OHJames Conley, Director 
Michael Cohen, Asst. Director 
  10-1G 10UFJ0-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-390
  11-1G 11RFJ1-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-387
  11-2G 11RFJ1-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-388
  11-3G 11RFJ1-CINVA3-OVOV-FJ-389
  12-1G 12NFJ2-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-385
  12-2G 12RFJ2-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-386
  13-1G 13NFJ3-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-382
  13-2G 13AFJ3-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-383
  13-3G 13RFJ3-CINVA3-OVOV-FJ-384
  14-1G 14NFJ4-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-379
  14-2G 14NFJ4-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-380
  14-3G 14AFJ4-CINVA3-OVOV-FJ-381
  15-1G 15NFJ5-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-375
  15-2G 15NFJ5-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-376
  15-3G 15NFJ5-CINVA3-OVOV-FJ-377
  15-4G 15AFJ5-CINVA4-OVOV-FJ-378
  16-1G 16NFJ6-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-372
  16-2G 16NFJ6-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-374
  17-1G 17NFJ7-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-362
  17-2G 17NFJ7-CINVA2-OVOV-FJ-368
  18-1G 18NFJ8-CINVA1-OVOV-FJ-370
Cincinnati Volleyball Academy Boys
Cincinnati, OHWesley Meyer, Director 
  14 GreenB 14sMJ4-CVABV1-OVOV-MJ-56
  15 BlackB 15sMJ5-CVABV1-OVOV-MJ-53
  15 WhiteB 15sMJ5-CVABV2-OVOV-MJ-54
  17 GreenB 17s/11GMJ7-CVABV1-OVOV-MJ-55
Cincy Crush Volleyball Club
Amelia, OHBrian Charles, Director 
Shannon Charles, Asst. Director 
Douglas Marion, Asst. Director 
Joel Rivas, Asst. Director 
  11 OrangeG 11R/5GFJ1-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-407
  11 BlackG 11RFJ1-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-691
  12 OrangeG 12AFJ2-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-64
  12 GrayG 12R/6GFJ2-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-409
  13 GrayG 13R/7GFJ3-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-280
  13 WhiteG 13RFJ3-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-410
  13 BlackG 13A/7GFJ3-CCRSH3-OVOV-FJ-692
  14 OrangeG 14NFJ4-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-74
  14 BlackG 14A/8GFJ4-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-75
  14 GrayG 14RFJ4-CCRSH3-OVOV-FJ-411
  14 WhiteG 14RFJ4-CCRSH4-OVOV-FJ-693
  15 OrangeG 15NFJ5-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-103
  15 WhiteG 15RFJ5-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-412
  16 OrangeG 16A/10GFJ6-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-147
  16 BlackG 16RFJ6-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-279
  17 OrangeG 17A/11GFJ7-CCRSH1-OVOV-FJ-413
  17 BlackG 17R/11GFJ7-CCRSH2-OVOV-FJ-694
Cincy East VBC
Cincinnati, OHLindsey Webb, Director 
  11-1 CoyneG 11RFJ1-CEAST1-OVOV-FJ-483
  11-2 ZeilmanG 11R/5GFJ1-CEAST2-OVOV-FJ-484
  12-1 DurhamG 12NFJ2-CEAST1-OVOV-FJ-485
Cleveland Volleyball Company
Fairview Park, OHDana Artman, Director 
Jill Pompei, Asst. Director 
North Ridgeville, OHBojan Miocinovic, Director 
Kelly Fieseler, Asst. Director 
Sheree Harvey, Asst. Director 
  12.1NG 12NFJ2-PRIME1-OVOV-FJ-452
  13.1NG 13NFJ3-PRIME1-OVOV-FJ-444
  13.1RG 13RFJ3-PRIME2-OVOV-FJ-453
  14.1NG 14NFJ4-PRIME1-OVOV-FJ-445
  14.1AG 14A/8GFJ4-PRIME2-OVOV-FJ-456
  14.1RG 14R/8GFJ4-PRIME3-OVOV-FJ-460
  15.1NG 15NFJ5-PRIME1-OVOV-FJ-446
  16.1NG 16NFJ6-PRIME1-OVOV-FJ-450
  16.1AG 16AFJ6-PRIME2-OVOV-FJ-486
Club Ashtabula Volleyball
Geneva, OHStephanie Kubec, Director 
Club Attack
Crab Orchard, WVMandy Bloomfield, Director 
  11U BlackG 11RFJ1-CLATK1-OVOV-FJ-404
  14UG 14RFJ4-CLATK1-OVOV-FJ-435
  15UG 15RFJ5-CLATK1-OVOV-FJ-477
  16UG 16RFJ6-CLATK1-OVOV-FJ-437
  17UG 17RFJ7-CLATK1-OVOV-FJ-476
  18UG 18RFJ8-CLATK1-OVOV-FJ-301
Club Extreme
Massillon, OHKathleen Lightfoot, Director 
Lori Cole, Asst. Director 
William Gill, Asst. Director 
Robert Mohr, Asst. Director 
Jeremy Neco, Asst. Director 
  Sapphire 12RG 12R/6GFJ2-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-76
  Diamond 12RG 12RFJ2-CXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-80
  Sapphire 13AG 13AFJ3-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-86
  Diamond 13AG 13AFJ3-CXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-87
  Onyx 13RG 13R/7GFJ3-CXTRM3-OVOV-FJ-88
  Sapphire 14AG 14A/8GFJ4-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-89
  Diamond 14RG 14R/8GFJ4-CXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-90
  Onyx 14RG 14R/8GFJ4-CXTRM3-OVOV-FJ-91
  Sapphire 15AG 15AFJ5-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-92
  Diamond 15RG 15R/9GFJ5-CXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-93
  Sapphire 16AG 16AFJ6-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-142
  Diamond 16RG 16RFJ6-CXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-143
  Sapphire 17AG 17AFJ7-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-144
  Diamond 17RG 17RFJ7-CXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-145
  Sapphire 18RG 18RFJ8-CXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-146
Club Focus
Marengo, OHDerek Bower, Director 
  13 OrangeG 13RFJ3-FOCUS1-OVOV-FJ-55
  OrangeG 14RFJ4-FOCUS1-OVOV-FJ-54
  14 TealG 14R/8GFJ4-FOCUS2-OVOV-FJ-56
  15 TealG 15R/9GFJ5-FOCUS1-OVOV-FJ-57
Club Gold South
St. Clairsville, OHLindsay Piccolini, Director 
Lisa Mick, Asst. Director 
Joyce Piccolini, Asst. Director 
Club Hollywood VBC
Canfield, OHRichard Wyman Jr., Director 
Charles Daub, Asst. Director 
Daisy Davidson, Asst. Director 
Kevin McKinstry, Asst. Director 
Robert Theiss, Asst. Director 
Club O.N.E. (Ohio North East)
Girard, OHPhillip Walters, Director 
Columbiana County Outlaws
Hammondsville, OHAmanda Mayfield, Director 
Columbus Volleyball Academy-Pickerington
Pickerington, OHLori Sanders, Director 
Cincinnati, OHKelsea Schloemer, Director 
  12 BlueG 12RFJ2-CLIPP1-OVOV-FJ-289
  12 GreyG 12R/6GFJ2-CLIPP2-OVOV-FJ-290
  12 WhiteG 12R/6GFJ2-CLIPP3-OVOV-FJ-291
  13 BlueG 13A/7GFJ3-CLIPP1-OVOV-FJ-292
  13 GreyG 13R/7GFJ3-CLIPP2-OVOV-FJ-293
  13 WhiteG 13RFJ3-CLIPP3-OVOV-FJ-294
  13 BlackG 13R/7GFJ3-CLIPP4-OVOV-FJ-296
  14 BlueG 14A/8GFJ4-CLIPP1-OVOV-FJ-297
  14 GreyG 14R/8GFJ4-CLIPP2-OVOV-FJ-298
  14 WhiteG 14R/8GFJ4-CLIPP3-OVOV-FJ-299
  15 BlueG 15AFJ5-CLIPP1-OVOV-FJ-1
  15 GreyG 15AFJ5-CLIPP2-OVOV-FJ-295
  15 WhiteG 15RFJ5-CLIPP3-OVOV-FJ-3
  16 BlueG 16AFJ6-CLIPP1-OVOV-FJ-2
  16 GreyG 16RFJ6-CLIPP2-OVOV-FJ-4
Darke County Volleyball Club
New Madison, OHTamara Foreman, Director 
David and Goliath(DG) Warriors
Cleveland, OHBrittany Centorbi, Director 
  DG Warriors-10-FordG 10UFJ0-DANDG1-OVOV-FJ-623
  DG Warriors-11-1HowellG 11R/5GFJ1-DANDG1-OVOV-FJ-606
  DG Warriors-11-2-Pyzik/LuttnerG 11RFJ1-DANDG2-OVOV-FJ-619
  DG Warriors -12-1-FordG 12A/6GFJ2-DANDG1-OVOV-FJ-639
  DG Warriors-12-2-CupachG 12RFJ2-DANDG2-OVOV-FJ-640
  DG Warriors-12-3-ManciniG 12R/6GFJ2-DANDG3-OVOV-FJ-641
  DG Warriors-13-1-EdwardsG 13AFJ3-DANDG1-OVOV-FJ-642
  DG Warriors- GrossG 13RFJ3-DANDG2-OVOV-FJ-594
  DG Warriors-14-1-JennyG 14R/8GFJ4-DANDG1-OVOV-FJ-643
  DG Warriors-14-2-AikenG 14RFJ4-DANDG2-OVOV-FJ-644
  DG Warriors-14-3-DuhnG 14RFJ4-DANDG3-OVOV-FJ-645
Dayton Jrs.
Fairborn, OHDerek Benson, Asst. Director 
Garrettsville, OHDeborah Wordell, Director 
East Ohio Force VBC
Kimbolton, OHMichael Booth, Asst. Director 
  10 BlackG 10UFJ0-EFORC1-OVOV-FJ-610
  11 BlackG 11R/5GFJ1-EFORC1-OVOV-FJ-616
  11 YellowG 11R/5GFJ1-EFORC2-OVOV-FJ-654
  13 BlackG 13R/7GFJ3-EFORC1-OVOV-FJ-655
  13 YellowG 13R/7GFJ3-EFORC2-OVOV-FJ-656
  15 BlackG 15RFJ5-EFORC1-OVOV-FJ-701
  18 BlackG 18RFJ8-EFORC1-OVOV-FJ-702
East Ohio Volleyball Club
Warren, OHBart Gensburg, Director 
Eastside Cleveland Juniors
Mentor, OHRob Cline, Director 
Glen Conley, Asst. Director 
  10-1G 10U/4GFJ0-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-422
  11-1G 11R/5GFJ1-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-423
  11-2G 11RFJ1-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-426
  12-1G 12A/6GFJ2-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-200
  12-2G 12A/6GFJ2-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-427
  12-3G 12A/6GFJ2-ECLVJ3-OVOV-FJ-449
  12-4G 12RFJ2-ECLVJ4-OVOV-FJ-451
  13-1G 13NFJ3-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-457
  13-2G 13AFJ3-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-463
  14-1G 14NFJ4-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-615
  14-2G 14NFJ4-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-625
  15-1G 15NFJ5-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-199
  15-2G 15NFJ5-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-203
  15-3G 15AFJ5-ECLVJ3-OVOV-FJ-205
  15-4G 15AFJ5-ECLVJ4-OVOV-FJ-632
  16-1G 16NFJ6-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-198
  16-2G 16AFJ6-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-208
  16-3G 16A/10GFJ6-ECLVJ3-OVOV-FJ-498
  16-4G 16RFJ6-ECLVJ4-OVOV-FJ-505
  17-1G 17NFJ7-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-197
  17-2G 17A/11GFJ7-ECLVJ2-OVOV-FJ-636
  17-3G 17AFJ7-ECLVJ3-OVOV-FJ-637
  18-1G 18NFJ8-ECLVJ1-OVOV-FJ-153
Eastside Volleyball
Canal Winchester, OHLisa Young, Director 
Glenn Ferrone, Asst. Director 
  10U HamptonG 10U/4GFJ0-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-212
  11 HerronG 11R/5GFJ1-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-420
  11 HannahG 11RFJ1-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-421
  12 S. HerronG 12R/6GFJ2-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-213
  12 CurryG 12R/6GFJ2-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-464
  12 JacksonG 12R/6GFJ2-ESVC13-OVOV-FJ-465
  13 KaylorG 13A/7GFJ3-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-214
  13 MillerG 13A/7GFJ3-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-215
  13 GrossmanG 13RFJ3-ESVC13-OVOV-FJ-509
  13 SeberigG 13RFJ3-ESVC14-OVOV-FJ-510
  14 TuckerG 14A/8GFJ4-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-216
  14 CurryG 14AFJ4-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-217
  14 PlymaleG 14R/8GFJ4-ESVC13-OVOV-FJ-512
  14 SteeleG 14RFJ4-ESVC14-OVOV-FJ-515
  15 HayekG 15A/9GFJ5-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-317
  15 MashG 15A/9GFJ5-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-320
  15 RossG 15A/9GFJ5-ESVC13-OVOV-FJ-323
  15 GainesG 15RFJ5-ESVC14-OVOV-FJ-424
  15 AlbrechtG 15R/9GFJ5-ESVC15-OVOV-FJ-425
  16 DoschG 16AFJ6-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-326
  16 BrightG 16AFJ6-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-328
  16 HennosyG 16R/10GFJ6-ESVC13-OVOV-FJ-517
  17 FerroneG 17A/11GFJ7-ESVC11-OVOV-FJ-332
  17 HennosyG 17AFJ7-ESVC12-OVOV-FJ-336
  17 VanoverG 17R/11GFJ7-ESVC13-OVOV-FJ-520
Mason, OHJohn Paul Case, Director 
Lisa Schaad, Asst. Director 
  11 RoseG 11NFJ1-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-506
  11 CourtneyG 11NFJ1-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-507
  11 FryG 11R/5GFJ1-ELEVA3-OVOV-FJ-508
  12 BerghegerG 12NFJ2-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-502
  12 StephensG 12NFJ2-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-503
  12 BrashearG 12RFJ2-ELEVA3-OVOV-FJ-504
  13 LippertG 13NFJ3-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-497
  13 EliasG 13NFJ3-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-500
  13 MiddyG 13NFJ3-ELEVA3-OVOV-FJ-501
  14 CroftonG 14NFJ4-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-489
  14 FarleyG 14NFJ4-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-490
  14 AbbyG 14NFJ4-ELEVA3-OVOV-FJ-491
  15 ChicasG 15NFJ5-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-487
  15 HessG 15NFJ5-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-488
  16 O'KeefeG 16NFJ6-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-472
  16 CollinsG 16NFJ6-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-473
  17 GollerG 17NFJ7-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-469
  17 BaldrickG 17NFJ7-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-470
  17 PevelerG 17NFJ7-ELEVA3-OVOV-FJ-471
  18 ButcherG 18NFJ8-ELEVA1-OVOV-FJ-467
  18 ConnorG 18NFJ8-ELEVA2-OVOV-FJ-468
Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company
Uniontown, OHLaurie Thewes, Director 
Alyssa Thewes, Asst. Director 
Brandon Thewes, Asst. Director 
Elite Volleyball Training Center
Columbus, OHJaclyn Cline, Director 
Sandra Borer, Asst. Director 
Randy Cline II, Asst. Director 
  EliteVBTC 10 BlackG 10UFJ0-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-617
  EliteVBTC 11 BlackG 11RFJ1-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-620
  EliteVBTC 11 BlueG 11RFJ1-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-622
  EliteVBTC 12 BlackG 12NFJ2-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-539
  EliteVBTC 12 BlueG 12NFJ2-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-540
  EliteVBTC 12 PinkG 12AFJ2-EVBTC3-OVOV-FJ-542
  Elite Juniors 12-1G 12RFJ2-EVBTC4-OVOV-FJ-492
  Elite Juniors 12-2G 12R/6GFJ2-EVBTC5-OVOV-FJ-543
  EliteVBTC 13 BlackG 13NFJ3-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-527
  EliteVBTC 13 BlueG 13NFJ3-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-466
  EliteVBTC 13 PinkG 13A/7GFJ3-EVBTC3-OVOV-FJ-528
  Elite Juniors 13-1G 13RFJ3-EVBTC4-OVOV-FJ-529
  Elite Juniors 13-2G 13RFJ3-EVBTC5-OVOV-FJ-530
  EliteVBTC 14 BlackG 14NFJ4-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-493
  EliteVBTC 14 BlueG 14NFJ4-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-494
  EliteVBTC 14 PinkG 14A/8GFJ4-EVBTC3-OVOV-FJ-495
  Elite Juniors 14-1G 14R/8GFJ4-EVBTC4-OVOV-FJ-526
  Elite Juniors 14-2G 14R/8GFJ4-EVBTC5-OVOV-FJ-496
  EliteVBTC 15 BlackG 15NFJ5-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-499
  EliteVBTC 15 BlueG 15NFJ5-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-524
  EliteVBTC 15 PinkG 15AFJ5-EVBTC3-OVOV-FJ-525
  EliteVBTC 15 WhiteG 15R/9GFJ5-EVBTC4-OVOV-FJ-511
  EliteVBTC 16 BlackG 16NFJ6-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-514
  EliteVBTC 16 BlueG 16NFJ6-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-523
  EliteVBTC 16 PinkG 16AFJ6-EVBTC3-OVOV-FJ-516
  EliteVBTC 17 BlackG 17NFJ7-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-513
  EliteVBTC 17 BlueG 17NFJ7-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-521
  EliteVBTC 17 NationalG 17NFJ7-EVBTC3-OVOV-FJ-522
  EliteVBTC 18 BlackG 18NFJ8-EVBTC1-OVOV-FJ-518
  EliteVBTC 18 BlueG 18NFJ8-EVBTC2-OVOV-FJ-519
Empire Volleyball Club
East Liverpool, OHRebecca Jordan, Director 
Taylar Jordan, Asst. Director 
Edinboro, PAFrancis Herrmann, Director 
Kelly Goodsel, Asst. Director 
LeAnn Johnson, Asst. Director 
  Corry Little BeaversG 12RFJ2-EPICV1-OVOV-FJ-85
  Corry BeaversG 13RFJ3-EPICV1-OVOV-FJ-84
  Corry BlackG 14RFJ4-EPICV1-OVOV-FJ-83
  Corry OrangeG 15RFJ5-EPICV1-OVOV-FJ-82
  EPIC--HendricksenG 15R/9GFJ5-EPICV2-OVOV-FJ-226
  EPIC MeadvilleG 16RFJ6-EPICV4-OVOV-FJ-237
  CorryG 17RFJ7-EPICV1-OVOV-FJ-81
  WhiteoutG 18RFJ8-EPICV1-OVOV-FJ-79
Everest Volleyball Club
Hiram, OHKyle Mars, Director 
  13 SmackB 13sMJ3-EVERE1-OVOV-MJ-26
  14 SmackB 14sMJ4-EVERE1-OVOV-MJ-25
  17 SmackB 17s/11GMJ7-EVERE1-OVOV-MJ-24
Evolution Ohio Volleyball Club
Reynoldsburg, OHCaitlin Harper, Director 
  14 AmericanG 14AFJ4-EVOLU1-OVOV-FJ-102
  14 RegionalG 14R/8GFJ4-EVOLU2-OVOV-FJ-646
  15 AmericanG 15AFJ5-EVOLU1-OVOV-FJ-699
  16 AmericanG 16AFJ6-EVOLU1-OVOV-FJ-698
  17G 17R/11GFJ7-EVOLU1-OVOV-FJ-700
EXCEL Volleyball Club
Northwood, OHTamara Kaseman, Director 
Michael Kaseman, Asst. Director 
  14 YellowG 14R/8GFJ4-EXCVC1-OVOV-FJ-672
  15 BlackG 15AFJ5-EXCVC1-OVOV-FJ-661
Exile VBC
Finleyville, PADavid Golupski, Director 
John Lawrence, Asst. Director 
Kevin Walters, Asst. Director 
  Exile 16 RedB 16sMJ6-EXILE1-OVOV-MJ-72
  Exile 16 BlueB 16sMJ6-EXILE2-OVOV-MJ-73
  Exile 16 WarriorsB 16sMJ6-EXILE4-OVOV-MJ-86
  Exile 18 RedB 18sMJ8-EXILE1-OVOV-MJ-62
  Exile 18 BlueB 18sMJ8-EXILE2-OVOV-MJ-63
  Exile18 EastB 18sMJ8-EXILE3-OVOV-MJ-70
  Exile 18 WarriorsB 18sMJ8-EXILE4-OVOV-MJ-71
Flash VBC
Centerville, PASheila Bancroft, Director 
Force Volleyball Club
Chesterland, OHColleen Nero, Director 
Four1Nine Xtreme
Leipsic, OHBrent Newell, Director 
Steven Yarnell, Asst. Director 
Full Force VBC
Springfield, OHSydney Peters, Director 
  15A Full ForceG 15AFJ5-FFORC1-OVOV-FJ-689
  16R Full ForceG 16R/10GFJ6-FFORC1-OVOV-FJ-690
Glass City Volleyball Company
Toledo, OHDana Hooper, Director 
  Glass City 11 EliteG 11RFJ1-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-242
  Glass City 12 EliteG 12R/6GFJ2-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-243
  Glass City 11/12 BlackG 12R/6GFJ2-GCVCO2-OVOV-FJ-244
  Glass City 13 EliteG 13RFJ3-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-245
  Glass City 14 EliteG 14A/8GFJ4-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-246
  Glass City 14 BlackG 14R/8GFJ4-GCVCO2-OVOV-FJ-247
  Glass City 14 LimeG 14R/8GFJ4-GCVCO3-OVOV-FJ-248
  Glass City 15 NationalG 15NFJ5-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-249
  Glass City 15 AmericanG 15AFJ5-GCVCO2-OVOV-FJ-250
  Glass City 15 BlackG 15R/9GFJ5-GCVCO3-OVOV-FJ-251
  Glass City 16 NationalG 16NFJ6-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-252
  Class City 16 AmericanG 16A/10GFJ6-GCVCO2-OVOV-FJ-253
  Glass City 16 Early BirdG 16R/10GFJ6-GCVCO3-OVOV-FJ-255
  Glass City 17 NationalG 17NFJ7-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-256
  Glass City 18 Early BirdG 18RFJ8-GCVCO1-OVOV-FJ-257
Grandlake VBC
Celina, OHTodd Henkle, Director 
  10 KramerG 10U/4GFJ0-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-310
  11R LammersG 11RFJ1-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-312
  11R VickG 11R/5GFJ1-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-313
  11R WendelG 11R/5GFJ1-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-314
  12R BrunsG 12RFJ2-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-315
  12R ClaybaughG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-318
  12R CollinsG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-319
  12R CraftG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVC4-OVOV-FJ-321
  12R DirksenG 12RFJ2-GRLVC5-OVOV-FJ-324
  12R HuelsmanG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVC6-OVOV-FJ-325
  12R SchwietermanG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVC7-OVOV-FJ-327
  12R SmithG 12RFJ2-GRLVC8-OVOV-FJ-329
  12R ThobeG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVC9-OVOV-FJ-330
  12R TriplettG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVCA-OVOV-FJ-331
  12R WinnerG 12R/6GFJ2-GRLVCB-OVOV-FJ-333
  13R BangeG 13R/7GFJ3-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-334
  13R HenschenG 13R/7GFJ3-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-335
  13R HowellG 13RFJ3-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-337
  13R KeberG 13RFJ3-GRLVC4-OVOV-FJ-338
  13R LammersG 13R/7GFJ3-GRLVC5-OVOV-FJ-339
  13R MeleG 13R/7GFJ3-GRLVC6-OVOV-FJ-340
  13R SmithG 13R/7GFJ3-GRLVC7-OVOV-FJ-341
  13R WilkerG 13R/7GFJ3-GRLVC8-OVOV-FJ-342
  14A ArlingG 14A/8GFJ4-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-343
  14R EtzlerG 14R/8GFJ4-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-344
  14R EvansG 14R/8GFJ4-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-345
  14R HorstmanG 14R/8GFJ4-GRLVC4-OVOV-FJ-346
  14R KirtleyG 14RFJ4-GRLVC5-OVOV-FJ-347
  14R MillerG 14R/8GFJ4-GRLVC6-OVOV-FJ-348
  14R StrousG 14R/8GFJ4-GRLVC7-OVOV-FJ-349
  14R Van GundyG 14R/8GFJ4-GRLVC8-OVOV-FJ-350
  15R M CollinsG 15RFJ5-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-351
  15R S CollinsG 15R/9GFJ5-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-353
  15R DuesG 15R/9GFJ5-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-354
  15R EvansG 15R/9GFJ5-GRLVC4-OVOV-FJ-355
  15R HenkleG 15RFJ5-GRLVC5-OVOV-FJ-356
  15R KramerG 15R/9GFJ5-GRLVC6-OVOV-FJ-357
  15R SpauldingG 15RFJ5-GRLVC7-OVOV-FJ-358
  15R SteiningerG 15RFJ5-GRLVC8-OVOV-FJ-359
  16R EtzlerG 16R/10GFJ6-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-360
  16R HenkleG 16RFJ6-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-361
  16R KunklerG 16RFJ6-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-363
  16R MarbaughG 16R/10GFJ6-GRLVC4-OVOV-FJ-364
  17A- RammelG 17AFJ7-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-50
  17A HenkleG 17A/11GFJ7-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-365
  17R BinkleyG 17R/11GFJ7-GRLVC3-OVOV-FJ-366
  17R HardestyG 17RFJ7-GRLVC4-OVOV-FJ-367
  17R SchwietermanG 17RFJ7-GRLVC5-OVOV-FJ-369
  18R HardestyG 18RFJ8-GRLVC1-OVOV-FJ-371
  18R MarbaughG 18RFJ8-GRLVC2-OVOV-FJ-373
Greater Cincinnati Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHJulie Williamson, Director 
Erica Thomas, Asst. Director 
Stephanie Werner, Asst. Director 
Greater Columbus Volleyball Club
Columbus, OHChris Vondran, Director 
Tracy Vondran, Asst. Director 
  GCVC11SilverG 11R/5GFJ1-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-178
  GCVC12SilverG 12NFJ2-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-182
  GCVC 13RedG 13A/7GFJ3-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-628
  GCVC14SilverG 14NFJ4-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-167
  GCVC14BlueG 14A/8GFJ4-GCBUS2-OVOV-FJ-176
  GCVC15SilverG 15NFJ5-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-169
  GCVC16SilverG 16NFJ6-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-171
  GCVC16BlueG 16A/10GFJ6-GCBUS2-OVOV-FJ-156
  GCVC17SilverG 17NFJ7-GCBUS1-OVOV-FJ-155
Griffin Volleyball Club
Columbus, OHDavid Keefe, Director 
  12 BlueG 12RFJ2-GRIFF1-OVOV-FJ-428
  12 LimeG 12R/6GFJ2-GRIFF2-OVOV-FJ-432
  13 BlackG 13AFJ3-GRIFF1-OVOV-FJ-586
  13 BlueG 13R/7GFJ3-GRIFF2-OVOV-FJ-585
Hawks VBC
Marion, OHRandy Haas, Director 
  11R AppelfellerG 11RFJ1-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-184
  11R CraycraftG 11RFJ1-HAWKV2-OVOV-FJ-185
  12R StoutG 12RFJ2-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-186
  13R DonnerG 13RFJ3-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-187
  14R HaasG 14RFJ4-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-188
  14R C CraycraftG 14RFJ4-HAWKV2-OVOV-FJ-189
  15R CraycraftG 15RFJ5-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-190
  15R Fillar/RichardsonG 15RFJ5-HAWKV2-OVOV-FJ-191
  16R SniderG 16RFJ6-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-192
  16R Richardson/HaasG 16RFJ6-HAWKV2-OVOV-FJ-193
  17A HaasG 17AFJ7-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-194
  17A M HaasG 17AFJ7-HAWKV2-OVOV-FJ-195
  18U CraycraftG 18RFJ8-HAWKV1-OVOV-FJ-196
High Street Athletics OH - Toledo
Sylvania, OHCaden Irwin, Director 
Highland Juniors Volleyball Club
Prospect, OHHeather Barbour, Director 
Hot Shots
Marysville, OHAllison Gorton, Director 
Hudson, OHHeather Piccone, Director 
Sharon Durdel, Asst. Director 
Tyler Price, Asst. Director 
Impact Sports Academy
Akron, OHAireka Wright, Director 
Marlene Kirker, Asst. Director 
  12R BlackG 12RFJ2-IMPCT1-OVOV-FJ-597
  15N WhiteG 15NFJ5-IMPCT1-OVOV-FJ-352
  15EA CamoG 15A/9GFJ5-IMPCT2-OVOV-FJ-576
  16A CamoG 16A/10GFJ6-IMPCT1-OVOV-FJ-596
  17N WhiteG 17NFJ7-IMPCT1-OVOV-FJ-577
Impact VBC
Antwerp, OHJay Golsteyn, Director 
Infinity Volleyball Club
Salem, OHCurtis Conser, Director 
Brittany Smith, Asst. Director 
Jackson Volleyball Club
Jackson, OHTheresa Evans, Director 
  DombrowG 14RFJ4-JACKS1-OVOV-FJ-128
  YouseG 14RFJ4-JACKS2-OVOV-FJ-149
  HemsleyG 15RFJ5-JACKS1-OVOV-FJ-148
  RobertsG 17RFJ7-JACKS1-OVOV-FJ-127
Kid's America
Coshocton, OHCari Bahmer, Director 
Kidron Volleyball Club
Wooster, OHMichael Crawford, Director 
  Hicks-13RG 13RFJ3-KIDVC1-OVOV-FJ-134
  BrookoverBoyd-13RG 13RFJ3-KIDVC2-OVOV-FJ-657
  Heck-14RG 14R/8GFJ4-KIDVC1-OVOV-FJ-133
  FinnDrost-14RG 14RFJ4-KIDVC2-OVOV-FJ-202
  CrawfordNussbaum-15RG 15RFJ5-KIDVC1-OVOV-FJ-132
  JohnsonWebster-16RG 16RFJ6-KIDVC1-OVOV-FJ-131
  Burgess-17RG 17RFJ7-KIDVC1-OVOV-FJ-130
  Crawford-18RG 18RFJ8-KIDVC1-OVOV-FJ-129
Kokoro Jrs
Mc Murray, PATed Nagao, Director 
Yoko Nagao, Asst. Director 
Ladies of Southern Ohio
South Webster, OHBrandi Zimmerman, Director 
Lake Effect Volleyball
Harmonsburg, PAJennifer Lipps, Director 
  18 KTG 18RFJ8-EFFCT1-OVOV-FJ-593
Latitude 41
Bowling Green, OHNicholas Niceley, Director 
Legacy Elite VBC
Northwood, OHAngela Hierholzer, Director 
Cierra Dempsey, Asst. Director 
  11 EliteG 11RFJ1-LEGAC1-OVOV-FJ-67
  12 EliteG 12RFJ2-LEGAC1-OVOV-FJ-51
  15 EliteG 15RFJ5-LEGAC1-OVOV-FJ-66
  16 EliteG 16RFJ6-LEGAC1-OVOV-FJ-68
Legacy Volleyball Club (LVC)
Tipp City, OHAngela Strong, Director 
Lineshot Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHGretchen Niebling, Director 
London Elite
London, OHRuth Ernst, Director 
Magic Volleyball Club
Xenia, OHSarah Roush, Director 
Sarah Roush, Asst. Director 
  Magic 14G 14R/8GFJ4-MAGVB1-OVOV-FJ-61
  Magic 15G 15RFJ5-MAGVB1-OVOV-FJ-415
  Magic 17G 17R/11GFJ7-MAGVB1-OVOV-FJ-101
  Magic 18G 18RFJ8-MAGVB1-OVOV-FJ-99
Mahoning Valley Premier VBC
Hermitage, PATyler Allen, Director 
  GreeniesG 14R/8GFJ4-MAHON1-OVOV-FJ-414
  Green MachineG 16RFJ6-MAHON1-OVOV-FJ-96
  VipersG 18RFJ8-MAHON1-OVOV-FJ-653
Maverick Volleyball Club
Parma, OHJames Beharry, Director 
Tonya Thompson, Asst. Director 
  Maverick 10 BelzG 10UFJ0-MAVRK1-OVOV-FJ-37
  Maverick 11 NationalG 11NFJ1-MAVRK1-OVOV-FJ-38
  Maverick 11 PatrickG 11RFJ1-MAVRK2-OVOV-FJ-39
  Maverick 12 Elite- SmackG 12NFJ2-MAVRK1-OVOV-FJ-40
  Maverick 14 Elite-SmackG 14NFJ4-MAVRK1-OVOV-FJ-41
  Maverick 16 Elite-SmackG 16NFJ6-MAVRK1-OVOV-FJ-42
Miami Valley Phoenix
Dayton, OHLori Smith, Director 
Mintonette Sports
Columbus, OHMaxwell Miller, Director 
Katherine Butz, Asst. Director 
Stephanie Grieshop, Asst. Director 
Dylan Johnson, Asst. Director 
Morgantown Volleyball Club
Morgantown, WVPaige Bragg, Director 
  12 WhiteG 12RFJ2-MORGN1-OVOV-FJ-589
  12 BlueG 12RFJ2-MORGN2-OVOV-FJ-590
  13 WhiteG 13RFJ3-MORGN1-OVOV-FJ-582
  13 BlueG 13RFJ3-MORGN2-OVOV-FJ-583
  13 GrayG 13RFJ3-MORGN3-OVOV-FJ-584
  14 WhiteG 14RFJ4-MORGN1-OVOV-FJ-591
  14 BlueG 14RFJ4-MORGN2-OVOV-FJ-592
  15 WhiteG 15AFJ5-MORGN1-OVOV-FJ-391
  15 BlueG 15RFJ5-MORGN2-OVOV-FJ-587
  16 WhiteG 16RFJ6-MORGN1-OVOV-FJ-588
Mountain Monsters Volleyball Club
Charleston, WVTeresa Morgan, Director 
  Monsters 16AG 16AFJ6-MMVBC1-OVOV-FJ-600
  Monsters 18NG 18NFJ8-MMVBC1-OVOV-FJ-599
Mountain RAGE Volleyball Club
Bridgeport, WVRoger Freedman, Director 
Daniel Fischer, Asst. Director 
Nathan Haught, Asst. Director 
Steven Richards, Asst. Director 
Mountaineer Elite Volleyball Academy
Morgantown, WVJeffrey Carter, Director 
Moxie Volleyball
Akron, OHChristine Walker, Director 
North Royalton, OHBrittany Stegmaier, Director 
  15 AmericanG 15A/9GFJ5-MAQVB1-OVOV-FJ-277
New Wave VBC
Newark, Zanesville, and Morgan County, OHJeri Helfer, Director 
  11-HillG 11RFJ1-NEWAV1-OVOV-FJ-667
Northcoast Showtime Volleyball
Fremont, OHConstance Cahill, Director 
  10 - CahillG 10UFJ0-NSHOW1-OVOV-FJ-113
  11 BerlieG 11RFJ1-NSHOW1-OVOV-FJ-254
  12 SartorG 12R/6GFJ2-NSHOW1-OVOV-FJ-443
  14AG 14A/8GFJ4-NSHOW1-OVOV-FJ-114
  14 SartorG 14R/8GFJ4-NSHOW2-OVOV-FJ-442
  16 FelbingerG 16RFJ6-NSHOW1-OVOV-FJ-151
  17 MullinsG 17RFJ7-NSHOW1-OVOV-FJ-115
Northeast Ohio Volleyball Club
Wickliffe, OHJeff George, Director 
NorthShore VBC
Huron, OHGrace Hutchinson, Director 
  HotzG 10UFJ0-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-266
  KalizewskiG 11RFJ1-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-138
  Hamilton - 11'sG 11R/5GFJ1-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-267
  WhittG 11R/5GFJ1-NSVBC3-OVOV-FJ-268
  RhodeG 11RFJ1-NSVBC4-OVOV-FJ-567
  MuenzG 12RFJ2-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-137
  HolemanG 12R/6GFJ2-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-269
  MaldonadoG 12R/6GFJ2-NSVBC3-OVOV-FJ-270
  RinglerG 12R/6GFJ2-NSVBC4-OVOV-FJ-429
  RiceG 13NFJ3-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-116
  KippG 13A/7GFJ3-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-117
  DeWittG 13R/7GFJ3-NSVBC3-OVOV-FJ-436
  FellG 13R/7GFJ3-NSVBC4-OVOV-FJ-566
  HamiltonG 14AFJ4-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-104
  HohlerG 14RFJ4-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-105
  Windau - 14'sG 14R/8GFJ4-NSVBC3-OVOV-FJ-106
  FrederickG 14RFJ4-NSVBC4-OVOV-FJ-107
  BondG 15A/9GFJ5-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-275
  WindauG 15R/9GFJ5-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-276
  AlbertG 15RFJ5-NSVBC3-OVOV-FJ-565
  MillerG 16AFJ6-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-431
  ColvinG 16A/10GFJ6-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-433
  BartlettG 16RFJ6-NSVBC3-OVOV-FJ-564
  RedG 17AFJ7-NSVBC1-OVOV-FJ-271
  GrendowG 17RFJ7-NSVBC2-OVOV-FJ-563
Northwest Ohio Volleyball Club
Van Wert, OHJami Coler, Director 
NOVA Juniors
Cuyahoga Falls, OHCorey Verchio, Director 
Scott Nickol, Asst. Director 
  12s NavyG 12R/6GFJ2-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-532
  12s GoldG 12RFJ2-NOVAJ2-OVOV-FJ-533
  13s NavyG 13A/7GFJ3-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-534
  13s GoldG 13A/7GFJ3-NOVAJ2-OVOV-FJ-535
  13s MaroonG 13RFJ3-NOVAJ3-OVOV-FJ-537
  14s NavyG 14NFJ4-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-538
  14s GoldG 14AFJ4-NOVAJ2-OVOV-FJ-541
  14s MaroonG 14A/8GFJ4-NOVAJ3-OVOV-FJ-544
  14s WhiteG 14R/8GFJ4-NOVAJ4-OVOV-FJ-545
  15s NavyG 15NFJ5-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-546
  15s GoldG 15AFJ5-NOVAJ2-OVOV-FJ-547
  15s MaroonG 15A/9GFJ5-NOVAJ3-OVOV-FJ-548
  16s NavyG 16NFJ6-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-549
  16s GolG 16AFJ6-NOVAJ2-OVOV-FJ-550
  16s MaroonG 16A/10GFJ6-NOVAJ3-OVOV-FJ-551
  17s NavyG 17NFJ7-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-552
  17s GoldG 17NFJ7-NOVAJ2-OVOV-FJ-553
  17s MaroonG 17A/11GFJ7-NOVAJ3-OVOV-FJ-554
  18s NavyG 18NFJ8-NOVAJ1-OVOV-FJ-557
Olmsted Falls, OHKimberly Urban, Director 
Ohio Premier Volleyball Club
Cincinnati, OHGinger Hineline, Director 
Ohio Premier Volleyball Club Boys
Cincinnati, OHAnitra Brockman, Director 
Michael Berkemeier, Asst. Director 
Gina Boothe, Asst. Director 
  12-1 TaggartB 12s/6GMJ2-OPVCB1-OVOV-MJ-2
  13-1 BrockmanB 13s/7GMJ3-OPVCB1-OVOV-MJ-3
  13-2 BrickingB 13s/7GMJ3-OPVCB2-OVOV-MJ-31
  14-1 BerkemeierB 14s/8GMJ4-OPVCB1-OVOV-MJ-1
  14-2 GeselbrachtB 14s/8GMJ4-OPVCB2-OVOV-MJ-27
  16-1 McCormickB 16sMJ6-OPVCB1-OVOV-MJ-6
  16-2 BoeingB 16sMJ6-OPVCB2-OVOV-MJ-7
  16-3 CallahanB 16s/10GMJ6-OPVCB3-OVOV-MJ-28
  17-1 SchloemerB 17sMJ7-OPVCB1-OVOV-MJ-8
  17-2 BootheB 17sMJ7-OPVCB2-OVOV-MJ-9
  17-3 MillerB 17sMJ7-OPVCB3-OVOV-MJ-12
  18-1 GustelyB 18sMJ8-OPVCB1-OVOV-MJ-10
  18-2 BrockmanB 18sMJ8-OPVCB2-OVOV-MJ-11
  18-3 MillerB 18sMJ8-OPVCB3-OVOV-MJ-13
Ohio Valley Volleyball Academy
Bethany, WVRosemary Williams, Director 
  10 GreenG 10U/4GFJ0-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-684
  11 GreenG 11R/5GFJ1-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-683
  12 GreenG 12RFJ2-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-682
  12 Blue NorthG 12RFJ2-OVVBA2-OVOV-FJ-688
  13 GreenG 13RFJ3-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-679
  13 BlueG 13RFJ3-OVVBA2-OVOV-FJ-680
  13 WhiteG 13RFJ3-OVVBA3-OVOV-FJ-681
  13 Gray NorthG 13R/7GFJ3-OVVBA4-OVOV-FJ-687
  14 GreenG 14R/8GFJ4-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-677
  14 BlueG 14R/8GFJ4-OVVBA2-OVOV-FJ-678
  14 White NorthG 14R/8GFJ4-OVVBA3-OVOV-FJ-685
  14 Gray NorthG 14R/8GFJ4-OVVBA4-OVOV-FJ-686
  15 EliteG 15RFJ5-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-669
  15 GreenG 15RFJ5-OVVBA2-OVOV-FJ-675
  15 BlueG 15R/9GFJ5-OVVBA3-OVOV-FJ-676
  16 EliteG 16RFJ6-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-660
  16 GreenG 16R/10GFJ6-OVVBA2-OVOV-FJ-664
  16 BlueG 16RFJ6-OVVBA3-OVOV-FJ-666
  18 EliteG 18RFJ8-OVVBA1-OVOV-FJ-658
  18 GreenG 18RFJ8-OVVBA2-OVOV-FJ-659
Ohio Xtreme Volleyball
Canal Fulton, OHAdam Evans, Director 
James Angelo, Asst. Director 
  Ohio Xtreme 12 ROX BeckyG 12R/6GFJ2-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-303
  Ohio Xtreme 13 ROX MelissaG 13AFJ3-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-210
  Ohio Xtreme 13 ROX Kayla/AmberG 13R/7GFJ3-OXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-211
  Ohio Xtreme 14 ROX LeeG 14A/8GFJ4-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-306
  Ohio Xtreme 14 ROX JennaG 14R/8GFJ4-OXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-307
  Ohio Xtreme 14 ROX GinaG 14RFJ4-OXTRM3-OVOV-FJ-308
  Ohio Xtreme 15 ROX JodiG 15A/9GFJ5-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-274
  Ohio Xtreme 15 ROX MikeG 15A/9GFJ5-OXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-304
  Ohio Xtreme 15 ROX AdamG 15RFJ5-OXTRM3-OVOV-FJ-209
  Ohio Xtreme 16 ROX AlexG 16R/10GFJ6-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-305
  Ohio Xtreme 17 ROX DerekG 17AFJ7-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-204
  Ohio Xtreme 17 ROX CoreeG 17R/11GFJ7-OXTRM2-OVOV-FJ-207
  Ohio Xtreme 18 ROX MattG 18RFJ8-OXTRM1-OVOV-FJ-206
Oiler Attack Club
Findlay, OHWick Colchagoff, Director 
Scott Monroe, Asst. Director 
Taryn Monroe, Asst. Director 
  12 BlackG 12R/6GFJ2-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-168
  12 OrangeG 12R/6GFJ2-OACZZ2-OVOV-FJ-220
  12 WhiteG 12RFJ2-OACZZ3-OVOV-FJ-221
  13 BlackG 13R/7GFJ3-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-158
  13 OrangeG 13R/7GFJ3-OACZZ2-OVOV-FJ-159
  13 RedG 13RFJ3-OACZZ3-OVOV-FJ-160
  13 WhiteG 13R/7GFJ3-OACZZ4-OVOV-FJ-162
  13 GreyG 13R/7GFJ3-OACZZ5-OVOV-FJ-163
  14 BlackG 14R/8GFJ4-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-170
  14 OrangeG 14RFJ4-OACZZ2-OVOV-FJ-172
  14 RedG 14R/8GFJ4-OACZZ3-OVOV-FJ-218
  14 WhiteG 14R/8GFJ4-OACZZ4-OVOV-FJ-219
  14 GreyG 14RFJ4-OACZZ5-OVOV-FJ-260
  15 BlackG 15R/9GFJ5-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-164
  15 OrangeG 15R/9GFJ5-OACZZ2-OVOV-FJ-165
  15 WhiteG 15R/9GFJ5-OACZZ3-OVOV-FJ-222
  16 BlackG 16AFJ6-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-173
  16 OrangeG 16R/10GFJ6-OACZZ2-OVOV-FJ-174
  17 BlackG 17R/11GFJ7-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-175
  18 BlackG 18RFJ8-OACZZ1-OVOV-FJ-177
Old Fort Volleyball Club
Green Springs, OHShelby Ortiz, Director 
Nancy Hoover, Asst. Director 
Patriot Volleyball Club
Mansfield, OHJeff Moore, Director 
Penn-Ohio Volleyball Club
Vienna, OHCarole O'Dell, Director 
Marisa O'Dell, Asst. Director 
Phoenix Boys Volleyball
Medina, OHWilliam Hoshaw, Director 
  14 GoldB 14sMJ4-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-48
  14 MaroonB 14s/8GMJ4-PHOEN2-OVOV-MJ-49
  14 NavyB 14s/8GMJ4-PHOEN3-OVOV-MJ-50
  15 GoldB 15sMJ5-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-47
  16 GoldB 16sMJ6-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-44
  16 MaroonB 16sMJ6-PHOEN2-OVOV-MJ-85
  17 GoldB 17sMJ7-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-43
  18 GoldB 18sMJ8-PHOEN1-OVOV-MJ-41
  18 MaroonB 18sMJ8-PHOEN2-OVOV-MJ-42
Pioneer Volleyball Club
Elyria, OHJennifer Shouse, Director 
  Shouse 12'sG 12RFJ2-PINER1-OVOV-FJ-44
Pittsburgh Juniors Volleyball Academy
Houston, PASean Cleary, Director 
Harry Humphrey III, Asst. Director 
  Juniors 14U-1G 14RFJ4-PJVBA1-OVOV-FJ-45
  Juniors 15U-1G 15RFJ5-PJVBA1-OVOV-FJ-46
  Juniors 18U-1G 18RFJ8-PJVBA1-OVOV-FJ-47
Pittsburgh Point Volleyball Club
Bethel Park, PARyan Busch, Director 
Thomas Kurtz, Asst. Director 
Players Choice VBC
Brunswick, OHMark Uhrich, Director 
  PCVC RevereG 12R/6GFJ2-PCVBC1-OVOV-FJ-696
  CupcakesG 13R/7GFJ3-PCVBC1-OVOV-FJ-650
  SharksG 14R/8GFJ4-PCVBC1-OVOV-FJ-649
  PiratesG 16RFJ6-PCVBC1-OVOV-FJ-651
  ThunderG 16AFJ6-PCVBC2-OVOV-FJ-652
  RagersG 16AFJ6-PCVBC3-OVOV-FJ-662
  BlackG 17RFJ7-PCVBC1-OVOV-FJ-648
Positively Charged Volleyball Club
cincinnati, OHJoseph Chaney, Director 
  12 BlueG 12AFJ2-PCHRG1-OVOV-FJ-394
  12 BlackG 12AFJ2-PCHRG2-OVOV-FJ-395
  12 YellowG 12RFJ2-PCHRG3-OVOV-FJ-396
  13 BlueG 13AFJ3-PCHRG1-OVOV-FJ-397
  13 BlackG 13RFJ3-PCHRG2-OVOV-FJ-398
  13 YellowG 13RFJ3-PCHRG3-OVOV-FJ-399
  14 BlueG 14RFJ4-PCHRG1-OVOV-FJ-400
  15 BlueG 15AFJ5-PCHRG1-OVOV-FJ-392
  15 BlackG 15RFJ5-PCHRG2-OVOV-FJ-393
  16 BlueG 16AFJ6-PCHRG1-OVOV-FJ-401
  16 BlackG 16RFJ6-PCHRG2-OVOV-FJ-402
  18 BlueG 18RFJ8-PCHRG1-OVOV-FJ-403
Preble County Volleyball Club
Somerville, OHGerald Cornett, Director 
Precision Volleyball Academy
Cleveland, OHKyra Gates, Director 
PRIDE Volleyball Club
Elyria, OHThomas Price, Director 
Putnam VBC
Winfield, WVAngela Higginbotham, Director 
Michael Black, Asst. Director 
Todd Higginbotham, Asst. Director 
  FlashG 12R/6GFJ2-PUTVC1-OVOV-FJ-663
  FlamesG 13RFJ3-PUTVC1-OVOV-FJ-665
  BlazeG 14R/8GFJ4-PUTVC1-OVOV-FJ-668
  InfernoG 15RFJ5-PUTVC1-OVOV-FJ-670
  HeatG 17R/11GFJ7-PUTVC1-OVOV-FJ-671
Quicksilver VBC
Brunswick and Medina Area, OHJeffrey Harrah, Director 
Rogue Volleyball
Worthington, OHJoshua Chiero, Director 
Roundtown Volleyball
Circleville, OhDeborah Wipert, Director 
  Roundtown 13ís KathyG 13R/7GFJ3-ROUND1-OVOV-FJ-478
  Roundtown 14ís AndrewG 14R/8GFJ4-ROUND1-OVOV-FJ-479
  Roundtown 14ís DebbieG 14RFJ4-ROUND2-OVOV-FJ-480
  Roundtown 15ís DesaraeG 15RFJ5-ROUND1-OVOV-FJ-481
Strongsville, OHRachele Fitz, Director 
  12 BlackG 12RFJ2-SMAQC1-OVOV-FJ-454
  13 BlackG 13A/7GFJ3-SMAQC1-OVOV-FJ-458
  14 BlackG 14AFJ4-SMAQC1-OVOV-FJ-459
  15 BlackG 15AFJ5-SMAQC1-OVOV-FJ-461
  17 BlackG 17RFJ7-SMAQC1-OVOV-FJ-462
S.K.Y. Elite VBC
wexford, paThomas Schrecengost, Director 
Alyssa Bryant, Asst. Director 
  14 BlackG 14RFJ4-SKYEL1-OVOV-FJ-261
  15 BlackG 15R/9GFJ5-SKYEL1-OVOV-FJ-263
  16 BlackG 16R/10GFJ6-SKYEL1-OVOV-FJ-262
  17 BlackG 17AFJ7-SKYEL1-OVOV-FJ-264
  17 GoldG 17RFJ7-SKYEL2-OVOV-FJ-265
S.O.S. (Southern Ohio Spikers)
Franklin Furnace, OHDevan Scarberry, Director 
  Emilee Cochran- 13'sG 13RFJ3-SOSVB1-OVOV-FJ-607
  Maddie & Alexa- 14'sG 14RFJ4-SOSVB1-OVOV-FJ-608
  Maria Kolinoff- 15'sG 15RFJ5-SOSVB1-OVOV-FJ-609
  Sydney Seth- 17'sG 17RFJ7-SOSVB1-OVOV-FJ-611
  Devan Scarberry- 18'sG 18RFJ8-SOSVB1-OVOV-FJ-614
Southeast Volleyball Club
Albany, OHJody Hart, Director 
Southwest VBC
North Olmsted, OHLoren Paulozzi, Director 
Joseph Gonzalez, Asst. Director 
Tristan Harker, Asst. Director 
Amy Paulozzi, Asst. Director 
  12A Elite AmyG 12AFJ2-SWVBC1-OVOV-FJ-94
  16A Elite JordanG 16A/10GFJ6-SWVBC2-OVOV-FJ-152
SOVC (Southern Ohio VC)
Clarksburg, OHLaura Smith, Director 
Sparks Volleyball
Slippery Rock, PABryan Mong, Director 
  Sparks Gold 15G 15RFJ5-SPARK1-OVOV-FJ-556
  Sparks Gold 16G 16RFJ6-SPARK1-OVOV-FJ-555
  Sparks GoldG 17RFJ7-SPARK1-OVOV-FJ-455
Spiketown Volleyball Club
Chillicothe, OHJordan Ritenour, Director 
Lori Dresbach, Asst. Director 
  FliehmanG 17RFJ7-SPIKE1-OVOV-FJ-281
  PoseyB 14sMJ4-SPIKE1-OVOV-MJ-83
Spirit VBC
Elyria, OHTony Tahan, Director 
Tamara Langston, Asst. Director 
  Spirit 14 EliteG 14A/8GFJ4-SPIRT1-OVOV-FJ-282
Steel Valley VBC
Hubbard, OHJeremy Porter, Director 
Ronald Slipkasky, Asst. Director 
Tandem Volleyball Club
Lodi, OHLinnea Wolf, Director 
  10s PiratesG 10U/4GFJ0-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-17
  11s PiratesG 11R/5GFJ1-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-18
  11s BeesG 11RFJ1-TANDM2-OVOV-FJ-20
  11s HiveG 11R/5GFJ1-TANDM3-OVOV-FJ-21
  11s NavyG 11RFJ1-TANDM4-OVOV-FJ-24
  12s PiratesG 12R/6GFJ2-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-19
  12s BeesG 12RFJ2-TANDM2-OVOV-FJ-22
  12s HiveG 12R/6GFJ2-TANDM3-OVOV-FJ-23
  12s NavyG 12RFJ2-TANDM4-OVOV-FJ-25
  13s LimeG 13A/7GFJ3-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-14
  13s NavyG 13RFJ3-TANDM2-OVOV-FJ-15
  13s WhiteG 13RFJ3-TANDM3-OVOV-FJ-16
  14s LimeG 14A/8GFJ4-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-11
  14s NavyG 14RFJ4-TANDM2-OVOV-FJ-12
  14s WhiteG 14R/8GFJ4-TANDM3-OVOV-FJ-13
  WolfG 14RFJ4-TANDM4-OVOV-FJ-135
  15s WolfpackG 15A/9GFJ5-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-9
  15s NavyG 15RFJ5-TANDM2-OVOV-FJ-10
  16s EvansG 16AFJ6-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-6
  16s WolfG 16R/10GFJ6-TANDM2-OVOV-FJ-7
  16s NavyG 16RFJ6-TANDM3-OVOV-FJ-136
  18s DerrigG 18RFJ8-TANDM1-OVOV-FJ-8
Team ACES Volleyball Club
Ansonia, OHShane Buckingham, Director 
  13-ThatcherG 13R/7GFJ3-TEAMA1-OVOV-FJ-59
  14- BuckinghamG 14R/8GFJ4-TEAMA1-OVOV-FJ-58
Team Atlantis VBC
Piqua, OHGreg Snipes, Director 
Team OVI
North Ridgeville, OHCasimiro Marcelo, Jr., Director 
  Team OVi - 12RG 12R/6GFJ2-TMOVI1-OVOV-FJ-417
  Team OVi - 13RG 13R/7GFJ3-TMOVI1-OVOV-FJ-438
  Team OVi - 15R RedG 15RFJ5-TMOVI1-OVOV-FJ-418
  Team OVi - 15R BlueG 15RFJ5-TMOVI2-OVOV-FJ-419
Tempo Volleyball Club
Columbus, OHAmanda Hubbard, Director 
  13 YellowG 13RFJ3-TEMPO1-OVOV-FJ-201
  14 PurpleG 14AFJ4-TEMPO1-OVOV-FJ-238
  14 GrayG 14RFJ4-TEMPO2-OVOV-FJ-161
  15 YellowG 15RFJ5-TEMPO1-OVOV-FJ-223
  16 PurpleG 16RFJ6-TEMPO1-OVOV-FJ-230
  18 PurpleG 18RFJ8-TEMPO1-OVOV-FJ-236
The Flatlands Volleyball Club
Bucyrus, OHDonielle Crall, Director 
The National Volleyball Academy
Elyria, OHJennifer Larrick, Director 
The Tribe VBC
Parkersburg, WVLori Richards, Director 
Thunder Volleyball Club
Youngstown, OHDavid Terzak, Director 
Toledo Volleyball Club
Oregon, OHMichelle Hills, Director 
Jessica Hohl, Asst. Director 
Jason Reilly, Asst. Director 
Michael Varn, Asst. Director 
Michael Varn, Asst. Director 
  10-BlackG 10UFJ0-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-627
  11-BlackG 11NFJ1-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-621
  11-RoyalG 11R/5GFJ1-TOLVC2-OVOV-FJ-624
  12-BlackG 12NFJ2-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-613
  12-RoyalG 12AFJ2-TOLVC2-OVOV-FJ-618
  12-SilverG 12RFJ2-TOLVC3-OVOV-FJ-635
  13-BlackG 13NFJ3-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-605
  13-RoyalG 13AFJ3-TOLVC2-OVOV-FJ-612
  13-SilverG 13RFJ3-TOLVC3-OVOV-FJ-634
  14-BlackG 14NFJ4-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-603
  14-RoyalG 14NFJ4-TOLVC2-OVOV-FJ-604
  14-SilverG 14AFJ4-TOLVC3-OVOV-FJ-631
  14-WhiteG 14RFJ4-TOLVC4-OVOV-FJ-633
  15-BlackG 15NFJ5-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-602
  16-BlackG 16NFJ6-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-629
  16-RoyalG 16NFJ6-TOLVC2-OVOV-FJ-630
  17-BlackG 17NFJ7-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-43
  18-BlackG 18NFJ8-TOLVC1-OVOV-FJ-601
Tool City
Meadville, PAJustin Johnson, Director 
  13 NavyB 13s/7GMJ3-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-39
  14 NavyB 14s/8GMJ4-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-38
  16 RedB 16s/10GMJ6-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-33
  16 BlackB 16sMJ6-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-36
  16 NavyB 16sMJ6-TLCTY3-OVOV-MJ-46
  18 RedB 18sMJ8-TLCTY1-OVOV-MJ-34
  18 BlackB 18sMJ8-TLCTY2-OVOV-MJ-35
  18 NavyB 18sMJ8-TLCTY3-OVOV-MJ-37
  18 RoyalB 18sMJ8-TLCTY4-OVOV-MJ-45
Top Spin Volleyball Club
New Castle, PAMike Dean, Director 
Trailblazers VBC
Lima, OHRon Coleman, Director 
Ginger Stahr, Asst. Director 
  12R SnearyG 12R/6GFJ2-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-568
  13R StahrG 13R/7GFJ3-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-447
  14R ChoiG 14R/8GFJ4-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-154
  15R HoffmanG 15R/9GFJ5-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-448
  16R ColemanG 16R/10GFJ6-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-181
  17R Mohler_BashG 17R/11GFJ7-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-157
  18R StahrG 18RFJ8-TRAIL1-OVOV-FJ-180
Tri-State Volleyball Academy
New Waterford, OHThomas Moore, Director 
Tropical Hurricane Volleyball Club
Willoughby, OHAmanda Hult, Director 
Kimberly Saley, Asst. Director 
Twin Rivers Volleyball Club
Point Pleasant, WVFranklin Holcomb, Director 
  Attack PackG 12RFJ2-TWINR1-OVOV-FJ-72
  ThunderG 14RFJ4-TWINR1-OVOV-FJ-71
  LightingG 17RFJ7-TWINR1-OVOV-FJ-638
Utopia Beach Volleyball
Mentor, OHHugh Daly, Director 
Vantage VBC
Charleston, WVJenna Theden, Director 
  Vantage 13-1 SmackG 13RFJ3-VANTA1-OVOV-FJ-32
  Vantage 14-1 SmackG 14RFJ4-VANTA1-OVOV-FJ-29
  Vantage 16-1 SmackG 16AFJ6-VANTA1-OVOV-FJ-26
  Vantage 18-1 SmackG 18NFJ8-VANTA1-OVOV-FJ-27
Vipers Volleyball
Chardon, OHSteven Hare, Director 
Karisca Chambers, Asst. Director 
  14UG 14RFJ4-VIPER1-OVOV-FJ-118
  15UG 15RFJ5-VIPER1-OVOV-FJ-119
  16U BlackG 16RFJ6-VIPER1-OVOV-FJ-120
  16U RedG 16A/10GFJ6-VIPER2-OVOV-FJ-121
  18UG 18RFJ8-VIPER1-OVOV-FJ-139
VolleyFreak, Jr.
Hudson, OHRachel Roukey, Director 
Western Buckeye
Springboro, OHSarah Miller, Director 
Western Pa Volleyball Club
sharpsville, PAScott Scurpa, Director 
Westlake Volleyball Academy
Westlake, OHMeghan Spriggs, Director 
  10s HurdG 10UFJ0-WESTA1-OVOV-FJ-60
  12s SmithG 12R/6GFJ2-WESTA1-OVOV-FJ-53
Xcel Volleyball Club
Marysville, OHRoy Burton, Director 
  Xcel 11 BlackG 11R/5GFJ1-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-283
  Xcel 12 BlackG 12R/6GFJ2-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-284
  Xcel 13 BlackG 13R/7GFJ3-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-285
  Xcel 14 BlackG 14A/8GFJ4-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-286
  Xcel 15 BlackG 15A/9GFJ5-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-287
  Xcel 16 BlackG 16AFJ6-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-288
  Xcel 17 BlackG 17R/11GFJ7-XCELV1-OVOV-FJ-441
Xplosion Volleyball Club
Springboro, OHKevin Sedensky, Director 
Elizabeth Brooks, Asst. Director 
  14A -CKG 14AFJ4-XPLOS1-OVOV-FJ-647
Zero Gravity Jrs.
Massillon, OHChuck Musselman, Director 
Zero Tolerance VBC
New Brighton, PAGeorge Bellinger Jr, Director 
Robert Basile, Asst. Director 
168 clubs and 773 teams listed.


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