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Preble County Volleyball Club

OVR licensure: not licensed

Tournament Entry for OVR Girls' Championships

Follow these simple steps to register for the Ohio Valley Region - Mizuno 2024 Girls' Volleyball Championships

Read and understand the background information before entering either tournament.

The entry process will take only a few seconds if you supplied complete information for your players at registration.

  1. Club directors, please sign in using your existing username to continue. If you don't have your account information, the "Need your username and/or password?" utility on the sign-in page is the fastest way to regain that information.

  2. Select your club from www.ovr.org/dir/club.php. (You can also get there from the "My Club" link under your "My Account" link after signing in, or from the list of clubs and teams at www.ovr.org/juniors/clubs.php.

  3. Review your rosters, reassiging players, coaches, and team reps as necessary. You can change team reps, head coaches, assistant coaches, and players' teams from the links below. Roster changes consistent with restrictions for the 2023-2024 season can be made using the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name. Each team must have at least 6 players, a coach, and a team rep. If any of your players or coaches are not yet registered, register them as add-ons now. Add-on registration also allows specification of already-registered players and officials who are coaching for your club: simply supply their names and registration numbers. If you don't know someone's registration number or the name under which he or she was registered, you can find that on our list of registered members.

  4. Review your players' information, making any necessary updates. Uniform numbers are required for all players. Information which is needed but absent is highlighted in red.

  5. In the list of teams that appears below, check boxes against a green background indicated teams for which rosters and player information are complete. Simply check those you'd like to enter into the Girls' Championships click the "Enter Tournaments" button.

    No check boxes? No problem! Just fill in the needed information by clicking on the link summarizing what's missing. (Those links all go to the same page, the missing information can be provided at once.) After supplying the missing information, return to this page and you'll be greeted with ready-to-check boxes!

  6. On registration, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation and the check boxes will be replaced first by 'Entered, pending payment of fees' and then by GC2024 once your tournament entry fees are received and recorded.

  7. New for 2024 - To be eligible to participate in the OVR Junior Championships, American and Regional teams must have played in at least three OVR Tournaments. National teams must play in at least two OVR events and at least one additional OVR or USAV event (NQ).

Send your entry fees, postmarked before the indicated entry deadline, to the address designated on your confirmation. Teams entered after the deadline or with entry fees postmarked after deadline will be accepted only if space is available, regardless of standings.

[ Update players' info and uniform numbers | Update junior officials' certifications ]

To update rosters, use the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name in the list below.

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Indoor Teams
team rephead coachassistant coachteam codedivisionOVR Girls'

1Preble County Volleyball Club - PCVC 11's
Donna SittlohJessica SamsG11PREBL1OV Girls' 11 Regional 
2Preble County Volleyball Club - PCVC 13's
Donna SittlohJandee MowellG13PREBL1OV Girls' 13 Regional 
3Preble County Volleyball Club - PCVC 14's White
Donna SittlohGrace AdamsG14PREBL1OV Girls' 14 Regional 
4Preble County Volleyball Club - PCVC 14's Blue
Donna SittlohSamantha ShellG14PREBL2OV Girls' 14 Regional 
5Preble County Volleyball Club - PCVC 17's
Donna SittlohTaffie RuebushG17PREBL1OV Girls' 17 Regional 
6Preble County Volleyball Club - PCVC 18's
Donna SittlohParker FieldsG18PREBL1OV Girls' 18 Regional 

Club Directorreg numcertifications

1Donna SittlohOV319463FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac; Lacks ASEP

Assistant Directorsreg numcertifications

1Gerald CornettOV306846MO24ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

Coachesreg numcertifications

1Grace AdamsOV401976FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
2Elizabeth FieldsOV365646FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
3Parker FieldsOV319464MO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
4Mary JohnsonOV352854FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
5Jandee MowellOV338327FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
6Taylor MowellOV400850FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
7Hallie PickensOV404280FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
8Taffie RuebushOV402440FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
9Jessica SamsOV319396FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
10Cassidy ShellOV329337FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
11Samantha ShellOV376743FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

Indoor Players   
reg numteam#off

1Alexis Brown OV401465FJ24PCVC 11's#4
2Ariana DeBoo OV401744FJ24PCVC 11's#5
3Miranda Derringer OV401648FJ24PCVC 11's#59
4Ava Elliott OV376483FJ24PCVC 11's#15
5Bostynn Focht OV401654FJ24PCVC 11's#16
6Kennedy Harvey OV388157FJ24PCVC 11's#11
7Annie Jane Johnson OV399094FJ24PCVC 11's
8Kerigann Martin OV401682FJ24PCVC 11's#62
9Kilee Miracle OV401544FJ24PCVC 11's#14
10Roslyn Sams OV376485FJ24PCVC 11's#9
11Riley Ashworth OV401844FJ24PCVC 13's#54
12Leiloni Davis OV401871FJ24PCVC 13's#8
13Emma Helsinger OV377565FJ24PCVC 13's#3
14Kamryn Howard OV401513FJ24PCVC 13's#49
15Allison Kiracofe OV401528FJ24PCVC 13's#72
16Lilly Osswald OV401556FJ24PCVC 13's#53
17Hailey Shillingburg  OV402068FJ24PCVC 13's#7
18Emma Sidaras OV401583FJ24PCVC 13's#52
19Madelyn Ashworth OV378106FJ24PCVC 14's White#57
20Presley Black OV401460FJ24PCVC 14's White#44
21Hannah Bowling OV401463FJ24PCVC 14's White#24
22Jimma Caudill OV401469FJ24PCVC 14's White#47
23kendal harvey OV401663FJ24PCVC 14's White#25
24Mykah Longley OV401534FJ24PCVC 14's White#46
25Lyvia Mayl OV382110FJ24PCVC 14's White#26
26Scarlett Robbins OV401573FJ24PCVC 14's White#45
27Lacey Slack OV401585FJ24PCVC 14's White#48
28Alyza Cooper OV401479FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#60
29Jacie Hartmier OV396333FO24PCVC 14's Blue#27
30Ella Kreitzer OV396331FO24PCVC 14's Blue#31
31Avah Leach OV401674FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#29
32Brianna Montgomery OV376497FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#30
33Ruby Moore OV401547FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#6
34Lillian Rossi OV377580FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#28
35Eva Swartsell OV401597FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#61
36Alexi Ward OV401604FJ24PCVC 14's Blue#50
37Piper Blakley OV401633FJ24PCVC 17's#40
38Madison Bondurant OV401852FJ24PCVC 17's#70
39Avery Hammond OV401890FJ24PCVC 17's#39
40Mya Hundley OV378065FJ24PCVC 17's#71
41Makayla King OV404470FJ24PCVC 17's#65
42Charlotte Nickell OV402491FJ24PCVC 17's#42
43Charlee Ruebush OV378098FJ24PCVC 17's#43
44Abigail Schmidt OV378063FJ24PCVC 17's#21
45Kylie Schul OV401576FJ24PCVC 17's#41
46Lucy Shell OV401702FJ24PCVC 17's#20
47Taylor Thompson OV378066FJ24PCVC 17's#23
48Kaitlyn Waller OV378097FJ24PCVC 17's#22
49Katie BryantSafeSport completedOV376465FJ24PCVC 18's#38
50Jillian Ditmer OV376457FJ24PCVC 18's#35
51Evie Hoffman OV391884FJ24PCVC 18's#32
52Clara Meyers OV376468FJ24PCVC 18's#34
53Madison Morgan OV378101FJ24PCVC 18's#56
54Jayce Mowell OV376467FJ24PCVC 18's#19
55Ella Phillips OV382181FJ24PCVC 18's#17
56Kaitlyn Schweizer OV376469FJ24PCVC 18's#18
57Baylie Snyder OV383864FJ24PCVC 18's#36
58Addison SparksNeeds SafeSport soonOV401806FJ24PCVC 18's#37
59Daisy Suggs OV385889FJ24PCVC 18's#33
60Ellie WilsonLacks SafeSport
Manage Cert
OV383886FJ24PCVC 18's#55

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