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Tournament Entry for OVR Girls' Championships

Follow these simple steps to register for the Ohio Valley Region - Mizuno 2024 Girls' Volleyball Championships

Read and understand the background information before entering either tournament.

The entry process will take only a few seconds if you supplied complete information for your players at registration.

  1. Club directors, please sign in using your existing username to continue. If you don't have your account information, the "Need your username and/or password?" utility on the sign-in page is the fastest way to regain that information.

  2. Select your club from www.ovr.org/dir/club.php. (You can also get there from the "My Club" link under your "My Account" link after signing in, or from the list of clubs and teams at www.ovr.org/juniors/clubs.php.

  3. Review your rosters, reassiging players, coaches, and team reps as necessary. You can change team reps, head coaches, assistant coaches, and players' teams from the links below. Roster changes consistent with restrictions for the 2023-2024 season can be made using the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name. Each team must have at least 6 players, a coach, and a team rep. If any of your players or coaches are not yet registered, register them as add-ons now. Add-on registration also allows specification of already-registered players and officials who are coaching for your club: simply supply their names and registration numbers. If you don't know someone's registration number or the name under which he or she was registered, you can find that on our list of registered members.

  4. Review your players' information, making any necessary updates. Uniform numbers are required for all players. Information which is needed but absent is highlighted in red.

  5. In the list of teams that appears below, check boxes against a green background indicated teams for which rosters and player information are complete. Simply check those you'd like to enter into the Girls' Championships click the "Enter Tournaments" button.

    No check boxes? No problem! Just fill in the needed information by clicking on the link summarizing what's missing. (Those links all go to the same page, the missing information can be provided at once.) After supplying the missing information, return to this page and you'll be greeted with ready-to-check boxes!

  6. On registration, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation and the check boxes will be replaced first by 'Entered, pending payment of fees' and then by GC2024 once your tournament entry fees are received and recorded.

  7. New for 2024 - To be eligible to participate in the OVR Junior Championships, American and Regional teams must have played in at least three OVR Tournaments. National teams must play in at least two OVR events and at least one additional OVR or USAV event (NQ).

Send your entry fees, postmarked before the indicated entry deadline, to the address designated on your confirmation. Teams entered after the deadline or with entry fees postmarked after deadline will be accepted only if space is available, regardless of standings.

[ Update players' info and uniform numbers | Update junior officials' certifications ]

To update rosters, use the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name in the list below.

Indoor Teams
team rephead coachassistant coachteam codedivisionOVR Girls'

1Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro12-Teal
Ted NagaoTed NagaoG12KOKOR1OV Girls' 12 Regional 
2Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro13-Teal
Ted NagaoGreta WinklerG13KOKOR1OV Girls' 13 Regional 
3Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro13-White
Ted NagaoAudrey WorkG13KOKOR2OV Girls' 13 Regional 
4Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro14-Teal
Ted NagaoKaley DonoghueG14KOKOR1OV Girls' 14 Regional
(8th grade)
GC 2024
5Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro14-White
Ted NagaoGreta WinklerG14KOKOR2OV Girls' 14 Regional 
6Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro15-Teal
Ted NagaoYoko NagaoG15KOKOR1OV Girls' 15 RegionalGC 2024
7Kokoro Jrs - Kokoro 17-Teal
Ted NagaoMichael SamsG17KOKOR1OV Girls' 17 Regional 

Club Directorreg numcertifications

1Ted NagaoOV306823MO24ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

Assistant Directorsreg numcertifications

1Yoko NagaoOV306461FO24IMPACT: Indoor, CAP I: Indoor (Inactive), Concussion, SafeSport

Coachesreg numcertifications

1Kaley DonoghueOV307124FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport Manage Staff Certs
2Maki MachOV375261FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport Manage Staff Certs
3Ted NagaoOV306823MO24ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
4Yoko NagaoOV306461FO24IMPACT: Indoor, CAP I: Indoor (Inactive), Concussion, SafeSport Manage Staff Certs
5Michael SamsOV342098MO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
6Greta WinklerOV399402FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport Manage Staff Certs
7Audrey WorkOV387284FR24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport Manage Staff Certs

Indoor Players   
reg numteam#off

1Meredith Browne OV388286FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#4
2Delaney Flinn OV388288FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#10
3Kenzie Leonhardt OV388289FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#9
4Veronica Mickolay OV388291FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#11
5Kyla Oluszak OV400566FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#12
6Hannah Ripley OV400729FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#13
7Anika Talla OV388292FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#15
8Jadeyn Yee OV388293FJ24Kokoro13-Teal#19
9Manuela Andrade OV395106FJ24Kokoro13-White#1
10Yar Ator OV403988FJ24Kokoro13-White#2
11Addyson Brown OV396675FJ24Kokoro13-White#3
12Gabriella Dalverny OV388287FJ24Kokoro13-White#5
13ADELYN GUENTHER OV400517FJ24Kokoro13-White#7
14Samantha Hinkofer OV400523FJ24Kokoro13-White#8
15Julia Tresch OV400617FJ24Kokoro13-White#16
16Madelyn Webb OV400624FJ24Kokoro13-White#17
17Lillian Winter OV400630FJ24Kokoro13-White#18
18Lily Grecich OV400515FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#6
19Haleigh Hvozdik OV400527FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#7
20Alayna Lavelle OV388297FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#8
21Courtney Loughney OV402985FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#9
22Mia McGee OV388299FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#12
23Aalayah Ortiz OV388300FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#15
24Addison Pysh OV388301FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#17
25Matea Suta OV400611FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#18
26Rosemary Tiriobo OV388302FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#19
27Brookelyn Walker OV400744FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#20
28Mia Warnock OV388303FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#21
29Madeline Wodarek OV400631FJ24Kokoro14-Teal#22
30Emilie Angel  OV400464FJ24Kokoro14-White#1
31Hennasey bittner OV400479FJ24Kokoro14-White#2
32Ylli Coelho OV400675FJ24Kokoro14-White#3
33Emma Crawford  OV400493FJ24Kokoro14-White#4
34Catherine Forgacs OV388295FJ24Kokoro14-White#5
35Laela Markwood OV400550FJ24Kokoro14-White#10
36Madigan McGee OV388298FJ24Kokoro14-White#11
37Jordan Mountain OV400715FJ24Kokoro14-White#13
38April Murphy OV400716FJ24Kokoro14-White#14
39Addison Pistner OV400829FJ24Kokoro14-White#16
40margaret romano OV400588FJ24Kokoro14-White#1
41Melanie Appelt OV391331FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#1
42Cameron Bowlus OV400480FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#2
43Hannah Dayoub OV391332FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#3
44Charlotte Fauls OV400506FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#4
45Aubrey Fleming OV388294FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#5
46Lidia Giammario OV388371FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#30
47Claire Kiley OV400535FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#6
48Daphne Mach OV398279FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#7
49Emma Pack OV391337FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#8
50Julianna Rush OV391338FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#9
51Caitlyn Zalar OV400638FJ24Kokoro15-Teal#10
52Madelyn Cobleigh OV388315FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#12
53Katherine Connell OV385986FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#11
54Giana Fabic OV388316FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#13
55Soleille Green OV388317FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#14
56Mia Hartman OV391309FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#15
57Sofia Heil OV389439FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#16
58Hayleigh Loeffert OV385981FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#17
59Linsie McNally OV400555FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#18
60Aubrey Nist OV386443FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#19
61Dominique Panza OV386983FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#20
62Brooklynn Pielin OV400252FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#21
63Allison Puhatch OV388318FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#22
64Jessie Yee OV388321FJ24Kokoro 17-Teal#23

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