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Tournament Entry for OVR Girls' Championships

Follow these simple steps to register for the Ohio Valley Region - Mizuno 2024 Girls' Volleyball Championships

Read and understand the background information before entering either tournament.

The entry process will take only a few seconds if you supplied complete information for your players at registration.

  1. Club directors, please sign in using your existing username to continue. If you don't have your account information, the "Need your username and/or password?" utility on the sign-in page is the fastest way to regain that information.

  2. Select your club from www.ovr.org/dir/club.php. (You can also get there from the "My Club" link under your "My Account" link after signing in, or from the list of clubs and teams at www.ovr.org/juniors/clubs.php.

  3. Review your rosters, reassiging players, coaches, and team reps as necessary. You can change team reps, head coaches, assistant coaches, and players' teams from the links below. Roster changes consistent with restrictions for the 2023-2024 season can be made using the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name. Each team must have at least 6 players, a coach, and a team rep. If any of your players or coaches are not yet registered, register them as add-ons now. Add-on registration also allows specification of already-registered players and officials who are coaching for your club: simply supply their names and registration numbers. If you don't know someone's registration number or the name under which he or she was registered, you can find that on our list of registered members.

  4. Review your players' information, making any necessary updates. Uniform numbers are required for all players. Information which is needed but absent is highlighted in red.

  5. In the list of teams that appears below, check boxes against a green background indicated teams for which rosters and player information are complete. Simply check those you'd like to enter into the Girls' Championships click the "Enter Tournaments" button.

    No check boxes? No problem! Just fill in the needed information by clicking on the link summarizing what's missing. (Those links all go to the same page, the missing information can be provided at once.) After supplying the missing information, return to this page and you'll be greeted with ready-to-check boxes!

  6. On registration, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation and the check boxes will be replaced first by 'Entered, pending payment of fees' and then by GC2024 once your tournament entry fees are received and recorded.

  7. New for 2024 - To be eligible to participate in the OVR Junior Championships, American and Regional teams must have played in at least three OVR Tournaments. National teams must play in at least two OVR events and at least one additional OVR or USAV event (NQ).

Send your entry fees, postmarked before the indicated entry deadline, to the address designated on your confirmation. Teams entered after the deadline or with entry fees postmarked after deadline will be accepted only if space is available, regardless of standings.

[ Update players' info and uniform numbers | Update junior officials' certifications ]

To update rosters, use the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name in the list below.

Indoor Teams
team rephead coachassistant coachteam codedivisionOVR Girls'

1S-MAQ - 11 White
Andrea StegmaierRebecca OliverG11SMAQC1OV Girls' 11 RegionalGC 2024
2S-MAQ - 12 White
Andrea StegmaierRebecca OliverG12SMAQC1OV Girls' 12 RegionalGC 2024
3S-MAQ - 13 Silver
Andrea StegmaierMakenzie CoughlinG13SMAQC1OV Girls' 13 AmericanGC 2024
4S-MAQ - 14 Silver
Andrea StegmaierMcKenna MullenaxG14SMAQC1OV Girls' 14 AmericanGC 2024
5S-MAQ - 14 White
Andrea StegmaierStephanie WhitlockG14SMAQC2OV Girls' 14 RegionalGC 2024
6S-MAQ - 15 Blue
Andrea StegmaierAli GendronG15SMAQC1OV Girls' 15 AmericanGC 2024
7S-MAQ - 15 Silver
Andrea StegmaierJulia GolubskiG15SMAQC2OV Girls' 15 AmericanGC 2024
8S-MAQ - 15 Black
Andrea StegmaierCierah JacksonG15SMAQC3OV Girls' 15 AmericanGC 2024
9S-MAQ - 16 Blue
Andrea StegmaierAli GendronG16SMAQC1OV Girls' 16 AmericanGC 2024
10S-MAQ - 16 Silver
Andrea StegmaierGrace BiehlG16SMAQC2OV Girls' 16 AmericanGC 2024
11S-MAQ - 17 Blue
Andrea StegmaierBrianne SchmanskyG17SMAQC1OV Girls' 17 AmericanGC 2024
12S-MAQ - 17 Silver
Andrea StegmaierJessica WeaverG17SMAQC2OV Girls' 17 AmericanGC 2024

Club Directorreg numcertifications

1Andrea StegmaierOV352490FO24ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

Coachesreg numcertifications

1Michelle AnthonyOV397069FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
2Grace BiehlOV331873FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
3Heather CentorbiOV306541FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
4Makenzie CoughlinOV329050FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
5Martin CoughlinOV317862MO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
6Ali GendronOV333050FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
7Julia GolubskiOV378926FR24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
8Lisa GrossOV312374FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
9Cierah JacksonOV351802FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
10McKenna MullenaxOV375348FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
11Rebecca OliverOV323887FJR24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
12Brianne SchmanskyOV323228FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
13Jessica WeaverOV306895FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
14Matthew WeaverOV402328MO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac
15Stephanie WhitlockOV397179FO24IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport, Lindsays Law/Cardiac

Indoor Players   
reg numteam#off

1Sienna Jameson OV380702FJ2411 White#4
2Megan Larion OV377699FJ2411 White#7
3Quinn O\'Brien OV397995FJ2411 White#8
4Penelope Payamgis OV380705FJ2411 White#12
5Phoebe Payamgis OV380706FJ2411 White#5
6Isabella Rice OV397215FJ2411 White#10
7Jayne Smith OV380707FJ2411 White#11
8Ellie Stepanik-Haws OV380708FJ2411 White#29
9Rylan Young OV380709FJ2411 White#2
10Braxton Bonilla OV380691FJ2412 White#22
11Amalia Dages OV380692FJ2412 White#5
12Betsy Dopoulos OV380693FJ2412 White#18
13Reese Hamad OV380686FJ2412 White#16
14Stella Jacko OV380696FJ2412 White#47
15Madelyn Kolesar OV397611FJ2412 White#1
16Margaret Richard OV380697FJ2412 White#15
17Cassidy Rubin OV380698FJ2412 White#13
18Addyson Shull OV380699FJ2412 White#42
19Callie Young OV380700FJ2412 White#11
20Ava Costanzo OV380683FJ2413 Silver#10
21Molly DeGeeter OV396951FO2413 Silver#99
22Avery Dolsak  OV396823FO2413 Silver#25
23Autumn Estep OV380684FJ2413 Silver#7
24Mackenzie Gallagher OV380685FJ2413 Silver#11
25Olivia Haggerty OV391649FJ2413 Silver#12
26Cathryn Harris OV380687FJ2413 Silver#18
27Blakely Herman OV384219FJ2413 Silver#15
28Olivia Kalinowski OV380688FJ2413 Silver#1
29Sophie Kessler OV384247FJ2413 Silver#13
30Ileana Agnew OV380665FJ2414 Silver#22
31Alivia Connelly OV396739FJ2414 Silver#15
32Grace Dawson OV392320FJ2414 Silver#6
33Kristen Giuliano OV375081FO2414 Silver#25
34Addison Hayest OV391683FJ2414 Silver#3
35Taylor Heisler OV391711FJ2414 Silver#45
36Skylar Hildebrand OV380670FJ2414 Silver#7
37Alyssa Lally OV396740FJ2414 Silver#10
38Sophia Stricklett OV380674FJ2414 Silver#13
39Gabriel Bumbrey OV397189FJ2414 White#3
40Olivia Cimino OV380667FJ2414 White#12
41Hayley Cooper OV397194FJ2414 White#11
42Addie Gibb OV380668FJ2414 White#23
43Lilly Goodman OV380669FJ2414 White#13
44Kallie Konecsni OV380671FJ2414 White#25
45Lindsay Meerdink OV380672FJ2414 White#21
46Renna Morrow OV377751FJ2414 White#18
47Marie Stransky OV380673FJ2414 White#8
48London Carrington OV380632FJ2415 Blue#13
49Mia Catanzarite OV397231FJ2415 Blue#11
50Giada Cline OV397636FJ2415 Blue#8
51Madison Gross OV377955FJ2415 Blue#3
52Chloe Hamad OV380636FJ2415 Blue#4
53Alayna Konopinski OV385053FJ2415 Blue#1
54Gianna Mutch OV394470FJ2415 Blue#24
55Ella O\'Malley OV398722FJ2415 Blue#9
56Julia Ridel OV380640FJ2415 Blue#27
57Aubrey Welsh OV403483FJ2415 Blue#2
58Logan Zawie OV386164FJ2415 Blue#22
59Claire Anderson OV380649FJ2415 Silver#25
60McKenna Buie OV377953FJ2415 Silver#31
61Alison Chrysanthus OV398707FJ2415 Silver#21
62Marissa Haugh OV377956FJ2415 Silver#14
63Brooke Mattern OV380638FJ2415 Silver#5
64Ashlynn May OV386161FJ2415 Silver#10
65Madison Miller OV377958FJ2415 Silver#18
66Chloe Mouzaya OV398332FJ2415 Silver#19
67Mallory Short OV377980FJ2415 Silver#13
68Sophia Yonan OV380641FJ2415 Silver#1
69Ella Betlejewski OV380650FJ2415 Black#21
70Sophia Cirino OV398029FJ2415 Black#10
71Makayla Gorey OV380652FJ2415 Black#16
72Brynn Haberny OV380635FJ2415 Black#18
73Isabella Mckim OV380653FJ2415 Black#17
74Elise Muth OV380654FJ2415 Black#15
75Melissa Preseren OV380655FJ2415 Black#3
76Ava Rupp OV380656FJ2415 Black#9
77Mylie Swift OV380657FJ2415 Black#7
78Chloe Bene OV384767FJ2416 Blue#22
79Felicia Fellenstein OV377997FJ2416 Blue#17
80Gabriella Gove OV385096FJ2416 Blue#13
81Emma Long OV380424FJ2416 Blue#14
82Melanie Lyons OV380605FJ2416 Blue#16
83Grace McAleer OV380606FJ2416 Blue#3
84Aubree OBrien OV385100FJ2416 Blue#26
85Camryn Shamp OV380609FJ2416 Blue#4
86Bridget Campbell OV380612FJ2416 Silver#7
87Rylee Cosic OV380613FJ2416 Silver#12
88Olivia DiPaolo OV397644FJ2416 Silver#27
89Emerson Dolsak OV380614FJ2416 Silver#16
90Abigail Fry OV380615FJ2416 Silver#1
91Casey Pate OV385101FJ2416 Silver#6
92Evelyn Poloha OV380618FJ2416 Silver#19
93Gabrielle Rodriguez OV380619FJ2416 Silver#11
94Mia Salgado OV380620FJ2416 Silver#73
95Madeline Schuett OV380608FJ2416 Silver#13
96Emma Burdorff OV380435FJ2417 Blue#33
97Moira Burke OV375739FJR2417 Blue#67
98Meadow Firem OV380436FJ2417 Blue#9
99Abby Keating OV380437FJ2417 Blue#6
100Briana Kiernozek OV380438FJ2417 Blue#1
101Grace Padavick OV380439FJ2417 Blue#13
102Taylor Reinholz OV380440FJ2417 Blue#26
103Marrisa Savron OV380441FJ2417 Blue#12
104Chloe Smith OV380442FJ2417 Blue#22
105sofia berkheimer OV397413FJ2417 Silver#16
106Jenna Higginbotham OV380423FJ2417 Silver#18
107Samantha Kilgore OV390427FJ2417 Silver#2
108Grace Miller OV385108FJ2417 Silver#1
109Madilyn Niehaus OV378093FJ2417 Silver#17
110Emily Pisarcik OV380425FJ2417 Silver#13
111Camie Satow OV380426FJ2417 Silver#14
112Addison Stopa OV380427FJ2417 Silver#21
113Nicole Vorell OV380428FJ2417 Silver#10

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