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Tournament Entry for OVR Girls' Championships and OVR National Bid Qualifier

Follow these simple steps to register for the Ohio Valley Region - Mizuno 2021 Girls' Volleyball Championships and the Ohio Valley Region-Molten® 2021 National Bid Qualifier.

Read and understand the background information before entering either tournament. In particular, note that participation in the Bid tournament requires a commitment to go to Nationals if you succeed at the Bids.

The entry process will take only a few seconds if you supplied complete information for your players at registration.

  1. Club directors, please sign in using your existing username to continue. If you don't have your account information, the "Need your username and/or password?" utility on the sign-in page is the fastest way to regain that information.

  2. Select your club from www.ovr.org/dir/club.php. (You can also get there from the "My Club" link under your "My Account" link after signing in, or from the list of clubs and teams at www.ovr.org/juniors/clubs.php.

  3. Review your rosters, reassiging players, coaches, and team reps as necessary. You can change team reps, head coaches, assistant coaches, and players' teams from the links below. Roster changes consistent with restrictions for the 2020-2021 season can be made using the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name. Each team must have at least 6 players, a coach, and a team rep. If any of your players or coaches are not yet registered, register them as add-ons now. Add-on registration also allows specification of already-registered players and officials who are coaching for your club: simply supply their names and registration numbers. If you don't know someone's registration number or the name under which he or she was registered, you can find that on our list of registered members.

  4. Review your players' information, making any necessary updates. Uniform numbers are required for all players. Information which is needed but absent is highlighted in red.

  5. In the list of teams that appears below, check boxes against a green background indicated teams for which rosters and player information are complete. Simply check those you'd like to enter into the Girls' Championships or Bid Tournament click the "Enter Tournaments" button.

    No check boxes? No problem! Just fill in the needed information by clicking on the link summarizing what's missing. (Those links all go to the same page, the missing information can be provided at once.) After supplying the missing information, return to this page and you'll be greeted with ready-to-check boxes!

  6. On registration, you'll receive an e-mail confirmation and the check boxes will be replaced first by 'Entered, pending payment of fees' and then by GC2021 and/or BID2021 once your tournament entry fees are received and recorded.

Send your entry fees, postmarked before the indicated entry deadline, to the address designated on your confirmation. Teams entered after the deadline or with entry fees postmarked after deadline will be accepted only if space is available, regardless of standings.


To update rosters, use the CHANGE TEAMS links below each player's name in the list below.

Indoor Teams [SCHEDULED OVR TOURNAMENTS]team rephead coachassistant coachteam codedivisionOVR Girls'
OVR Bid National

1Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 10 Red
Brian ScipioneDawn DoranKristen Mihacevich
Kelly Selby
G10ACAVC1OVGirls' 10 and UnderGC 2021n/a
2Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 10 White
Brian ScipioneJennifer PhillipsKristen Mihacevich
Dariusz Sierko
G10ACAVC2OVGirls' 10 and UnderGC 2021n/a
3Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 11 Red
Paul SchifferMarci ZoecklerKristen Mihacevich
Erick Sopata
G11ACAVC1OVGirls' 11 NationalGC 2021Bid 2021
4Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 11 White
Brian ScipioneMary DuffyDwayne Lemmer
Kristen Mihacevich
G11ACAVC2OVGirls' 11 Regional
(5th grade)
GC 2021n/a
5Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 11R Linda
Brian ScipioneLinda Honey-DixonKristen MihacevichG11ACAVC3OVGirls' 11 Regional
(5th grade)
GC 2021n/a
6Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 12 Red
Paul SchifferMary LombardiG12ACAVC1OVGirls' 12 NationalBid 2021
7Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 12 White
Paul SchifferAmanda HultShari Hansen
Kimberly Hult
G12ACAVC2OVGirls' 12 NationalBid 2021
8Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 12R Liz
Brian ScipioneElizabeth GeorgeCarisa TannerG12ACAVC3OVGirls' 12 RegionalGC 2021n/a
9Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 12R Erika
Brian ScipioneErika SnyderKaleigh CourtockG12ACAVC4OVGirls' 12 RegionalGC 2021n/a
10Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 12R Milly
Brian ScipioneMilagros LauryG12ACAVC5OVGirls' 12 RegionalGC 2021n/a
11Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 12R Jeff
Brian ScipioneJeffrey ShaferG12ACAVC6OVGirls' 12 RegionalGC 2021n/a
12Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13 Red
Paul SchifferBrian ScipioneDelaney Bentley
Michael Hanzak
G13ACAVC1OVGirls' 13 NationalBid 2021
13Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13 White
Paul SchifferRobert BurrowsDelaney Bentley
Casey Timko
G13ACAVC2OVGirls' 13 NationalBid 2021
14Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13 Blue
Paul SchifferJason BednarMaddie BednarG13ACAVC3OVGirls' 13 NationalBid 2021
15Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13A Olivia
Brian ScipioneOlivia Van De MotterTara PokersnikG13ACAVC4OVGirls' 13 AmericanGC 2021n/a
16Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13A Julia
Brian ScipioneJulia WrightIris WhedbeeG13ACAVC5OVGirls' 13 AmericanGC 2021n/a
17Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13A Heather
Brian ScipioneHeather ZehelDariusz SierkoG13ACAVC6OVGirls' 13 AmericanGC 2021n/a
18Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 13R Kendall
Brian ScipioneKendall WerscheyGeorge Kambic
Erika Snyder
G13ACAVC7OVGirls' 13 RegionalGC 2021n/a
19Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14 Red
Paul SchifferThomas RayShelby Hostetler
Jeffrey Reaser
G14ACAVC1OVGirls' 14 National
20Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14 White
Paul SchifferMichael MaurerNicolette MaurerG14ACAVC2OVGirls' 14 NationalBid 2021
21Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14 Blue
Paul SchifferDawn DoranMarci ZoecklerG14ACAVC3OVGirls' 14 NationalBid 2021
22Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14A Erika
Brian ScipioneErika SnyderG14ACAVC4OVGirls' 14 AmericanGC 2021n/a
23Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14A McKenzie
Brian ScipioneMcKennzie PappOlivia YeeG14ACAVC5OVGirls' 14 AmericanGC 2021n/a
24Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14A Cassandra
Brian Scipionecierra trippSabrina GrivasG14ACAVC6OVGirls' 14 AmericanGC 2021n/a
25Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14R Mike
Brian ScipioneMichael HansonG14ACAVC7OVGirls' 14 RegionalGC 2021n/a
26Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 14R Shanyla
Brian ScipioneShanyla JohnsonAntonae JacksonG14ACAVC8OVGirls' 14 Regional
(8th grade)
GC 2021n/a
27Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15 Red
Paul SchifferMegan GreenWill Green
Kara Oster
G15ACAVC1OVGirls' 15 NationalBid 2021
28Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15 White
Paul SchifferKelly ChristyKelly Pem-ChristyG15ACAVC2OVGirls' 15 NationalBid 2021
29Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15 Blue
Paul SchifferKevin TroyerG15ACAVC3OVGirls' 15 NationalBid 2021
30Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15A Jessica
Maria Prcela-JacksonJessica McCabeJon McCabe
Madison Morley
G15ACAVC4OVGirls' 15 AmericanGC 2021n/a
31Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15A Briana
Maria Prcela-JacksonBriana BengeKate BentleyG15ACAVC5OVGirls' 15 American
(9th grade)
GC 2021n/a
32Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15A Sean
Maria Prcela-JacksonSean HayesDuane WilsonG15ACAVC6OVGirls' 15 AmericanGC 2021n/a
33Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 15R Marissa
Maria Prcela-JacksonMarissa LopezCassandra OwensG15ACAVC7OVGirls' 15 RegionalGC 2021n/a
34Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16 Red
Paul SchifferDaniel MihacevichMichael AntonucciG16ACAVC1OVGirls' 16 NationalBid 2021
35Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16 White
Paul SchifferBrian GoldTimothy FrederickG16ACAVC2OVGirls' 16 NationalBid 2021
36Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16 Blue
Paul SchifferElizabeth GeorgeMary Duffy
Andrea Orosz
G16ACAVC3OVGirls' 16 NationalGC 2021Bid 2021
37Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16A Mary
Maria Prcela-JacksonMary VincentAllison VincentG16ACAVC4OVGirls' 16 American
(10th grade)
GC 2021n/a
38Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16A Amanda
Maria Prcela-JacksonAmanda HultKimberly HultG16ACAVC5OVGirls' 16 AmericanGC 2021n/a
39Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16A Dave
Maria Prcela-JacksonDave OlsonMelissa McClellandG16ACAVC6OVGirls' 16 AmericanGC 2021n/a
40Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16R Matthew
Maria Prcela-JacksonMatthew SnyderMarissa LopezG16ACAVC7OVGirls' 16 RegionalGC 2021n/a
41Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 16R Cassie
Maria Prcela-JacksonCassandra OwensMarissa Lopez
Matthew Snyder
G16ACAVC8OVGirls' 16 RegionalGC 2021n/a
42Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 17 Red
Paul SchifferMeredith GromalaKara Schiffer
Paul Schiffer
G17ACAVC1OVGirls' 17 National
43Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 17 White
Paul SchifferErick SopataJason SchellenbergerG17ACAVC2OVGirls' 17 NationalBid 2021
44Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 17 Blue
Paul SchifferBrian GoldErica DenalloG17ACAVC3OVGirls' 17 NationalBid 2021
45Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 17A Michael
Maria Prcela-JacksonMichael JacksonThomas KellerG17ACAVC4OVGirls' 17 AmericanGC 2021n/a
46Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 17A Mckenzie
Maria Prcela-JacksonMcKennzie PappBethany SugarG17ACAVC5OVGirls' 17 AmericanGC 2021n/a
47Academy Volleyball Cleveland - AVC ROX 18 Red
Paul SchifferPaul SchifferBrian Ford
Meredith Gromala
Kristen Mihacevich
Kara Schiffer
G18ACAVC1OVGirls' 18 National

Club Directorreg numdobcertificationsaction

1Brian HighfieldOV306566MO2112/21/71ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, CAP I: Indoor (Inactive), Concussion, CAP II: Indoor (Inactive), SafeSport 

Assistant Directorsreg numdobcertificationsaction

1Meredith GromalaOV306423FO2112/24/86IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport 
2Maria Prcela-JacksonOV306602FO2111/11/65ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport 
3Jeffrey ReaserOV306425MO215/20/78IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport 
4Paul SchifferOV306428MO214/2/59IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport 
5Brian ScipioneOV306982MO214/26/76ASEP, IMPACT: Indoor, Concussion, SafeSport 

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