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For registration questions, please contact Al Herbert at or 330-354-5332.

Welcome to another year of volleyball in the Ohio Valley Region.

Membership registration is being done online by each individual with USA Volleyball's registration system called Webpoint. If you do not remember your Webpoint Username and/or password, use the "Did you forget your User Name or Password?" link to recover them. If the link does not work for you for some reason (like you don't know the answer to the security question) then send an email to with your name and date of birth. We will send to you your Username and password within 24 hours.

If you participated in the OVR in the past, the first thing you need to do is "Renew" your membership. We offer paying immediately by credit card. Or, you can still send a check but that will delay your registration until we receive your payment.

If you just need to "Print Member Card" so you can attend a tryout on or before October 31, 2020, then follow the first 5 steps in the "Renewing Female (or Male) Junior Member" instructions. You will then see a menu option on the left for: "Print Member Card".

If you participated in a different Region (like Keystone, Pioneer, Lakeshore, etc.) and have now moved into the OVR, please send an email to with your name, date of birth and the name of the Region in which you participated most recently. We will transfer your previous membership to the OVR within 24 hours. We need to complete the transfer before you Renew for the coning season.

If you are new to participating in USA Volleyball and the Ohio Valley Region, just follow the "New..." instructions. This will help you create a Webpoint Username and password.

Please print and read (Don't just look at the pictures!! ) the associated document on the following web page pertaining to your classification of Male, Female, Junior or Adult membership. It includes the various steps that you need to finish in order to participate this coming year. Once you have completed your Webpoint registration, you will be able to print your USAV/OVR Membership Card. You should carry a copy with you.

The important thing is DON'T PANIC!! Just read through the document and take your time. We also changed our tryout attendance policy. Players used to be able to just show up at a tryout. Unfortunately, the insurance company no longer allows this flexibility. Anyone attending a tryout that is listed on this web site must be a member (with at least our $10 Tryout Membership). The clubs will probably charge their own Tryout Fee to cover the expenses of running the tryout. This is different from the Tryout Membership.

If you have questions, just drop me a note,
Al Herbert (

Choose one of the links below for the type of membership best suited for your needs.

The Ohio Valley Region would like to thank the Great Lakes Region and in particular Donna Smith for allowing us to steal/borrow their document templates.


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