Male Junior Registration For 2019-2020

Registration now is only good through the end of August. If you want to register for the 2020-2021 season, wait until after September 2nd.

Online Registration System using USAV Webpoint

For registration questions, please contact Al Herbert at or 330-354-5332.

View Common Registration Questions

2019-2020 Junior Membership Options and Prices

Please read BEFORE you start the registration process. (Including how to print your membership card, how to upgrade to a full membership or how to choose a club affiliation after you've accepted an offer following tryouts and much more to help you through the registration process.)

Juniors and Adults who previously were registered in ANOTHER REGION Do Not Begin the Registration Process without contacting Al Herbert at or 330-354-5332. . Each record is associated to a particular Region. If your membership is still associated to another Region you WILL NOT be able to register in Ohio Valley Region until that record has been transferred.

NOTICE TO ALL: All individuals MUST have a CURRENT PAID membership before they can participate in ANY club activity for the 2019-2020 season. THIS INCLUDES CLINICS, TRYOUTS AND PRACTICES!! All junior players must print a copy of their confirmation page or membership card and present it, at each tryout they attend. Membership cards will be available for printing after your registration fee has been paid and your account has been activated. Those that were members of a USAV Junior Club in the 2018-2019 season are still members up until Oct 31st, 2019. Therefore, all you need to do in order to tryout for any USAV Junior Club is to show proof of last years membership. NEW members must at least have a TRYOUT membership which is offered for $10 in order to cover the individual with insurance during the tryout sessions.

Detailed Instructions (in PDF format) are available for most membership options. If you need help, find the set of instructions from the list below that best fits your situation. It is STRONGLY ADVISED that you print out the instructions prior to continuing.

To begin the registration process, go below, locate and print the OHIO VALLEY REGION Registration Instructions document for the option that best fits your situation. Then return to this page and click the associated link to start your membership process.

Look below and find the membership category that best describes you. Click on the link for a PDF document of detailed registration instructions. We strongly advise you print these out in order to follow along. Please note the following:

Renewing Male Junior Member (Tryout, Upgrade and Full Membership options)

I am a male JUNIOR age athlete and I WAS registered last season with the Ohio Valley Region. This document contains DETAILED step by step instructions with numerous screen shots. This is applicable to most everyone in the Ohio Valley Region last year!
Download Instructions (PDF)

Webpoint: Renewing Members & Account Management - Members who were previously registered in the Ohio Valley Region should use this link. Also use this link if you wish to make changes to your Webpoint account like Upgrading your membership or if you move and need to change your address, etc.

New Male Junior Member (Tryout, Upgrade and Full Membership options)

I am a male JUNIOR age athlete and I HAVE NEVER played in the Ohio Valley Region or any other Region of USAV. This document contains DETAILED step by step instructions with numerous screen shots.
Download Instructions (PDF)

Weboint: New Members - Completely new members who have never registered with USAV before should use this link to initially register, after which time you will receive your login information.

The Ohio Valley Region would like to thank the Great Lakes Region and in particular Donna Smith for allowing us to steal/borrow their document templates.


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