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OVR Tournament Results for East Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic [G15ECPAG1OV]

Results for East Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic are highlighted in the following 2 tournament results.

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Tournament:North Coast Power League #2
Tournament date:3/27-28/21
Location:Game Time Sports Center (Urbana, OH)
Director:Tonya Thompson
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 16 American   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG16NOVAJ2OVNOVA Juniors – 16s Gold [16A]
2.16.6002ndGoldG16SWVBC2OVSouthwest VBC – 16E Lannan [16A]
3.15.2003rdGoldG16IGNIT1OVIGNITE – 16 Black Elite [16A]
4.13.8004thGoldG16HSHOT1OVHot Shots – 16A Black [16A]
5.12.4001stSilverG16GCBUS2OVGreater Columbus Volleyball Club – GCVC 16 Blue [16A]
6.11.0002ndSilverG16BSVBC2OVBlack Swamp VBC – 162 [16A]
7.9.6003rdSilverG16SPIRT2OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 16 BLUE ELITE [16A]
8.8.2004thSilverG16CHAMP2OVChampaign County VBC – 16Blue [16N]
9. 1stBronzeG16RENAS2KE
10.5.4002ndBronzeG16MAVRK2OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 16 Lader [16A]
11.4.0003rdBronzeG16ROCKC3OVRockCity Volleyball Club – 16-3 [16A]
Girls' 15 American   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG15NOVAJ2OVNOVA Juniors – 15s Gold [15A]
2.16.7272ndGoldG15ROCKC2OVRockCity Volleyball Club – 15-2 [15A]
3.15.4553rdGoldG15ECJRV3OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 15.3A Stapleton [15A]
4.14.1824thGoldG15SWVBC2OVSouthwest VBC – 15E Matt [15A]
5.12.9091stSilverG15BSVBC2OVBlack Swamp VBC – 152 [15A]
6.11.6362ndSilverG15MAVRK2OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 15 Lader [15A]
7.10.3643rdSilverG15NEOVC3OVNortheast Ohio Volleyball Club – NEOVC 15-3 [15A]
8. 4thSilverG15RENAS2KE
9.7.8181stBronzeG15ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic [15A]
10.6.5452ndBronzeG15CHAMP3OVChampaign County VBC – 15Silver [15R]
11.5.2733rdBronzeG15GCBUS2OVGreater Columbus Volleyball Club – GCVC 15 Blue [15A]
12.4.0004thBronzeG15TOLVC3OVToledo Volleyball Club – TVC 15-Silver [15A]

Tournament date:5/02/21
Location:Goodyear Hall at the East End (Akron, OH)
Director:Corey Verchio
Tournament Info Page
Girls' 16 and Under   [ points: 2‑12 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.12.0001stGoldG16ZEROG1OVZero Gravity Jrs. – 16 Black [16A]
2.10.8892ndGoldG16THNDR2OVThunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC HAYDEN 16'S [16R]
3.9.7783rdGoldG15ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic [15A]
3.9.7783rdGoldG15SPIRT3OVSpirit VBC – Spirit 15 American orange [15A]
5.7.5565thGoldG15SPIRT2OVSpirit VBC – Spirit 15 Elite Blue [15A]
5.7.5565thGoldG16ESVBC3OVElite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 16 SELECT [16R]
7.5.3331stSilverG16ROUND1OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown Andrew 16's [16R]
8.4.2222ndSilverG16ROUND2OVRoundtown Volleyball – Roundtown 16's Debbie [16R]
9.3.1113rdSilverG14SPIRT2OVSpirit VBC – SPIRIT 14 Elite Blue [14A]
9.3.1113rdSilverG16VIPER1OVVipers Volleyball – Vipers 16U [16R]

Out-of-Region Results for G15ECPAG1OV

3 out-of-region results have been recorded

2021 MLK Kickoff Challenge
Spooky Nook, PA
5th / 204-1613.474G15ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic
NorthEast Qualifier: American Division (Am & Reg Teams)
Philadelphia, PA
29th / 7810-2418.909G15ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic
NorthEast Qualifier: American Division (Am & Reg Teams)
Philadelphia, PA
29th / 7010-2418.319G15ECPAG1OVEast Coast Power Allegheny – EC Power AG 15-Magic



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