Sanctioned: 2023-07-01

Tournament/Site Director

Brittany Stegmaier

[OVR officials, club directors, assistant directors, coaches, and staff: log in for complete contact information.]

Team Entry Fee


Club Directors: Make entry fee check payable to:


Spectator Admission Fee

$ 10.00/day (19 years of age or older)19 years of age
or older


March 2, 2024

End Date

March 3, 2024



Cedar Point Sports Center
2700 Cleveland Rd W
Sandusky, OH 44870

Web page:

Online Check-In

This tournament is using Online Check-In (available 5 days prior to tournament).
Head Coaches must use the Online Check-In.
Use the OVR Login > Continue > My Account > My Team(s)
Go to Tournament Schedule at the bottom of the team page.
Select "Online Check-In"
Make sure your roster/certifications are complete, using link on that page.

If you need to add a player or coach temporarily for this tournament,
print out the Roster for Tournament Check-In and write the additions and
submit to Tournament Director / Site Director when you arrive at the tournament.

Specific tournament details may be distributed
at the tournament, if the Tournament Director feels that it is necessary.

Tournament Information

Finalized Waves:
-Morning Wave will consist of 17N, 12U, 14R, 18R
-Afternoon Wave will consist of 11U, 15R, 13R, 16R


Info about 17 National Division:
-A truly 1st of its kind local event for the National division 

-Top clubs registered will be notified by December 1st of their acceptance

-Event will include College coaches in attendance, player profile bio packet, championship court play with college coach dedicated viewing sections

-1st place finisher will receive medals and trophy along with a full reimbursement of 2024 tournament Fee. 2nd place will receive medals and a free entry to 2025 event

-Colleges Attending (and still counting):  Hiram. Indiana University East, Richard Bland, Ursuline, Lakeland Community College,  Hesston College, Morgan State, Heidelberg, Rivier, Monroe, Campbellsville, Allegheny, Chatham, Mars Hill, Le Moyne, Ohio Christian, Capital, North Park, Glenville State, Wooster, Vincennes


Spectator admission:
$10/day for all individuals 19 years and older. Admission tickets
can be purchased on site.

Payment Deadline: 02/17/2023

Make checks payable to: MVC
Mail To:
Attn: Brittany Stegmaier
12359 Abbey Rd. Bldg. A
North Royalton, OH. 44133

-Hotel information link:

-AES Court Schedule: Will Go Live on Wednesday 2/28
-The format and time schedule will be based on number of teams
-Ball Tv:


Tentative Time Schedule:
-Door opens at 7:00AM. Saturday and Sunday.
-Saturday Morning Wave check-in begins at 7AM. Pool play starts
at 8AM.
-Saturday Afternoon Wave check-in begins at 2PM. Pool play
starts at 3PM.
-Sunday Morning Wave play begins at 8AM.
-Sunday Afternoon Wave play begins at TBD.

Coaches Meeting:
There will NOT be a coaches; meeting prior to the start of the
tournament. Coaches will verify team rosters online at the OVR
website or also Saturday at their respective wave check ins. If a
change needs to be made to the roster, a coach can provide an
updated roster when they check-in Saturday, the first day of the
tournament. Upon check-in, wrist bands will be given to coaches
and their staff. Roster changes cannot be made once a team
starts their first match. The use of AES providing the schedule
means a tournament handout to coaches is not necessary.

Pool Brackets:
-2 rounds, 3 team Pool Play Procedures for 13R, 14R, 15R, 16R, 18R, 17N (number of teams entered may affect this format).
-1 round, 4 team Pool Play Procedures 11U, 12U (number of teams entered may affect this format).

-Pool play is the best of three sets with rally scoring. Each non-
deciding set will be to 25 points with a minimum two-point
advantage (no scoring cap.) The deciding set, if needed, will be to
15 points with a minimum two-point advantage (no scoring cap.)
All warm-ups will use the 2-4-4 format; 2-minutes shared court,
4-minutes Serving Team, 4-minutes Serve Receiving team.
Teams may request the referee to tell them when to serve,
usually one minute. 
-Based on the first round results, teams (except for 11U & 12U) will immediately be
reseeded into a second three team pool and play their two
matches. Teams will play on the same court side for each set of a
match. At the end of the second round of pool play, teams are
done for the day.
Tie Breaker Procedure will use head to head results (2 teams
same pool), set percentage, points, then coin toss.

Tournament Brackets: 
-Sunday tournament brackets are based on pool play results

Work Team Protocols:
Teams will have to supply a down official, 2 line judges, an official
scorer, a Libero tracker and score flipper for the matches they are
required to officiate. A coach must be present at the Scorer’s
table. Please have the work team available court side at the coin
toss for the next match. Each work team is to provide a whistle
for the down official, pens and pencils for score table duties. At
the completion of the match, please remove all pens and pencils.
Be sure the coaches pickup their lineup sheets. Teams are
responsible for clean-up of their bench area. The court official and
/or Tournament assistants will be responsible for any match
papers. All spectators are to leave the viewing area unless their
team is playing in the next match.



Note: OVR rankings appearing in the following listings are intended only as a helpful tool for tournament directors. They are subject to frequent change, including after the pools are set, and other factors may also be considered when determining pools and order of play.

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships. [OVR Juniors' Seeding System]

Girls' 11 and Under: 6 pools
sod: 1.000
 Max. teams: 24, Registered: 25, Accepted: 24, Pending: 0, Waitlist: 1
team name
  83 Brunswick Volleyball Club – BVC 11s Blue (11R) accepted paid
  50 David and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 11W White - Jenny (11R) accepted paid
  21 Southwest VBC – 11 Elite - Amy (11R) accepted paid
  7 David and Goliath(DG) Warriors – 11E -White - Rodhouse (11A) accepted paid
  21 Spirit VBC – Spirit 11-2 Blue (11A) accepted paid
  16 Spirit VBC – Spirit 11-1 Black (11A) accepted paid
  32 Rise Volleyball Academy – Rise 11.1 Regional (11R) accepted paid
  63 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 10 - Lake (10s) accepted paid
  97 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 11- Bay (11R) accepted paid
  97 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 11- Lake (11R) accepted paid
  67 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 11 - Shore (11R) accepted paid
  44 Legacy Elite VBC – 11 Yellow (11R) accepted paid
  9 Legacy Elite VBC – 11 Gray (11R) accepted paid
  97 NorthShore VBC – Scherrer (11R) accepted paid
  1 Cleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 11 Black (11N) accepted paid
  27 NorthShore VBC – Fields (11R) accepted paid
  12 Academy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 11R Jessica (11R) accepted paid
  65 Academy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 11R Linda (11R) accepted paid
  51 IGNITE – IGNITE11 Black (11R) accepted paid
  9 Next Volleyball – 11xBlue (11A) accepted paid
  81 Team ECV  – 11 R Steible (11R) accepted paid
  5 Cleveland Wave Volleyball Club – CWAVE Pinney (11A) accepted paid
  12 Maverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 11 National (11N) accepted paid
  25 Morgantown Volleyball Club – 11R - Cole (11R) accepted unpaid
  41 Academy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 11R Lucija (11R) waitlist unpaid
  59 NorthShore VBC – ZZZZ (11R) dropped unpaid
  22 Maverick Volleyball Club – NA (11A) dropped unpaid

Girls' 12 and Under: 6 pools
sod: 1.000
 Max. teams: 24, Registered: 24, Accepted: 24, Pending: 0, Waitlist: 0
team name
  42 RockCity Volleyball Club – RockCity 12-3 (12A) accepted paid
  41 Maverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 12 Tim (12A) accepted paid
  3 IGNITE – IGNITE 12 Black (12A) accepted paid
  47 Spirit VBC – Spirit 12-2 Blue (12A) accepted paid
  10 Spirit VBC – Spirit 12-1 Black (12A) accepted paid
  152 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 12 - Bay (12R) accepted paid
  152 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 12 - Shore (12R) accepted paid
  79 Team ECV  – 12.2 R Fracci (12R) accepted paid
  33 The Tribe VBC – 12R Summers (12R) accepted paid
  32 Phoenix Volleyball Club – Phoenix G12R-Thomas (12R) accepted paid
  123 NorthShore VBC – JP (12R) accepted paid
  49 Spirit VBC – Spirit 12-3 Grey (12A) accepted paid
  58 HOVA – HOVA 12R White (12R) accepted paid
  78 HOVA – HOVA 12R Red (12R) accepted paid
  75 NorthShore VBC – Rudolph (12R) accepted paid
  83 IGNITE – IGNITE 12 Red (12R) accepted paid
  18 Rise Volleyball Academy – Rise 12.1 American (12A) accepted paid
  21 Maverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 12 National (12N) accepted paid
  16 Cleveland Wave Volleyball Club – CWAVE Naymik (12A) accepted paid
  152 NorthShore VBC – Saki (12R) accepted paid
  31 Cleveland Volleyball Company – CVC 12 Grey (12A) accepted paid
  15 West Virginia Galaxy  – GALAXY 12U (12R) accepted paid
  37 Academy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 12R Cecelia (12R) accepted paid
  46 RockCity Volleyball Club – RockCity 12-2 (12A) dropped paid
  152 Hawks VBC – Hawks 12R+ (12R) accepted unpaid
  13 NorthShore VBC – KD (12R) dropped unpaid
  77 Blue Crush – Blue Crush 12 Hess (12R) dropped unpaid
  87 Spirit VBC – Spirit 12-5 South Black (12R) dropped unpaid
  55 NorthShore VBC – Kali (12R) dropped unpaid

Girls' 13 Regional: 4 pools
sod: 1.000
 Max. teams: 16, Registered: 12, Accepted: 12, Pending: 0, Waitlist: 0
team name
  16 NorthShore VBC – Tubbs (13R) accepted paid
  116 Team ECV  – 13.4 R Schudel (13R) accepted paid
  77 Millennium Volleyball Club – Millennium 13 - Bay (13R) accepted paid
  27 Spirit VBC – Spirit 13-8 South Blue (13R) accepted paid
  96 Spirit VBC – Spirit 13-7 White (13R) accepted paid
  42 Spirit VBC – Spirit 13-6 Red (13R) accepted paid
  7 The Tribe VBC – 13R Stanley (13R) accepted paid
  31 HOVA – HOVA 13R Blue (13R) accepted paid
  1 West Virginia Galaxy  – GALAXY 13U (13R) accepted paid
  101 Academy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 13R Mary Ellen (13R) accepted paid
  42 Elite Sports Ohio Volleyball Company – 13 NAVY (13R) accepted paid
  64 A.C.E. Prospects Lady Blue Knights – LBK-Kenz/Jess (13R) accepted paid
  20 The Tribe VBC – 13R Uhl (13R) dropped unpaid
  104 Apex Volleyball Academy – Munoz (13R) dropped unpaid
  81 Team ECV  – 13.3 A Gail (13A) dropped unpaid
  110 Team ECV  – 13.5 R Morbeto (13R) dropped unpaid

Girls' 14 Regional: 6 pools
sod: 1.000

Girls' 15 Regional: 6 pools
sod: 1.000

Girls' 16 Regional: 4 pools
sod: 1.000
 Max. teams: 16, Registered: 12, Accepted: 12, Pending: 0, Waitlist: 0
team name
  94 Thunder Volleyball Club – THUNDER VBC MOHR 16'S (16R) accepted paid
  n/a Niagara County VBC – NCVC 16 Blue (16U) accepted paid
  46 Eastside Volleyball – Rosenberg (16R) accepted paid
  90 Team ECV  – 16.5 R Jackson/Rose (16R) accepted paid
  75 Rogue Volleyball – Rogue 16 White (16R) accepted paid
  84 Spirit VBC – Spirit 16-5 Pink (16R) accepted paid
  70 HOVA – HOVA 16R Blue (16R) accepted paid
  94 EPIC – Epic Ambush 16R (16R) accepted paid
  9 Adrenaline Volleyball Club – Gold Diggers 16R - White (16R) accepted paid
  78 Academy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC 16R Aliza (16R) accepted paid
  94 NorthShore VBC – Bond (16R) accepted paid
  45 Griffin Volleyball Club – Griffin 16 Black (16R) accepted paid

Girls' 17 National: 4 pools
sod: 1.000
 Max. teams: 16, Registered: 12, Accepted: 12, Pending: 0, Waitlist: 0
team name
  20 MVC – 17 National (17N) accepted paid
  n/a Ballistic Volleyball – 17-1 (17U) accepted paid
  42 Buckeyefire – Maxfire - Vasko (17N) accepted paid
  19 Club Hollywood VBC – Hollywood Elite- 17's National (17N) accepted paid
  44 Cincy Classics – 17 Black (17N) accepted paid
  13 Infinity Volleyball Club – 17 Green (17N) accepted paid
  48 NorthShore VBC – Rice (17N) accepted paid
  46 Boss CLE Athletic Company – BOSSCLE 17 RED (17N) accepted paid
  24 Boss CLE Athletic Company – BOSSCLE 17 BLACK (17N) accepted paid
  n/a MSF Flight Volleyball Club – 17 Black (17U) accepted paid
  45 Cincinnati Volleyball Academy – CVA 17-1 (17N) accepted paid
  49 Team ECV  – 17.2 N Becerra (17N) accepted paid
  - G17DANDG2OV dropped paid
  67 Cincy Classics – 17 Red (17N) dropped paid
  36 TopSpin Cincinnati – Topspin Cincinnati 17-1 (17N) dropped paid

Girls' 18 Regional: 4 pools
sod: 1.000

Officials [Hired officials: sign in for more information]

The officials' assignor for this event is George Calton, Jr. (, 419‑277‑7804 /h, 419‑277‑7804 /m).

March 2

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March 3

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