Points for seeding OVR sanctioned events are earned only by participating in USAV-sanctioned events for American and Regional teams. At the June, 2018 Board of Directors meeting a motion was passed to allow Non-USAV sanctioned event results be used for seeding National teams only. Rational was to improve the seeding for the OVR WinterFest and National Bid Tournaments.

Teams playing in the Ohio Valley Region-Molten® National Bid Qualifier will be seeded on their best 4 results.

Seeding for the Ohio Valley Region-Kaepa® USA Girls' Volleyball Championships will be based on all tournament results reported and verified through the Tuesday preceeding each tournament. The region reserves the right to reclassify a team into the National or Regional divisions if deemed appropriate. Seeding will be based on the coefficient of the top 5 finishes for all Regional teams and the top 6 finishes for all National teams. Teams will not be placed in the Gold division of Regional Championships with fewer than 3 results. Head-to-head competition will be the first criteria for breaking ties, with the number of tournaments played the second criteria.

No points shall be awarded for OVR Championships or tournaments following the OVR Championships.

Tournaments very early in the season shall be seeded at the discretion of the tournament director, based on the previous season's final seeding, Regional Championship finish, National or Regional Challenge finish, and USAV Championship finish.

If you have any questions about the seeding system, please contact Tom Kohl (kohl@ovr.org), OVR Juniors' Tournament Director.

Seeding Point Values

Seeding points earned for a particular tournament are calculated by linear interpolation of each team's finishing place onto the following ranges:

Girls: National Level
12-30 pointsAll Open Qualifiers
10-24 pointsAll USA Qualifiers
8-21 pointsAll Liberty Qualifiers
6-18 pointsAll American Qualifiers
3-16 pointsAll Select Qualifiers
6-21 pointsLas Vegas Classic: Open Division
6-20 points OVR National Bid Tournament
4-18 points OVR National Challenge
3-15 points Shamrock Festival
2-14 points OVR National 4-court tournament
NKJV Aces Challenge
2-12 pointsOVR National 3-court tournament
2-10 pointsOVR National 2-court tournament
Girls: American/Regional/Select/& Under Level
12-26 points All Liberty Qualifiers
10-24 points All American Qualifiers
8-20 pointsAll Select Qualifiers
4-18 pointsOVR Challenge: 5 or more courts
4-16 pointsOVR Challenge: 4 or fewer courts
2-14 pointsOVR 4-court tournament
2-12 pointsOVR 3-court tournament
2-10 pointsOVR 2-court tournament
2-8 pointsOVR 1-court tournament

Points of Note

  1. If a National team plays in an American- or Regional-level tournament in their own or the next higher age division (e.g. 14 National plays in a 14 Regional or 15 Regional tournament), regardless of their finish they will receive 1 point for that tournament, which will be averaged into the National team's total points.

  2. If a team switches age divisions in the middle of the season, one of two scenarios can happen:

    1. A team moves up (e.g. 14 Regional moves to 14 National) — Any points earned in a Regional level tournament will be disregarded and thrown away for any seeding purposes. They will not be penalized, but it will be treated as they never played in it.

    2. A team moves down (e.g. 14 National moves to 14 Regional) — This usually happens because the team has not performed well. Consequently, none of their finishes or resulting points will be altered.

  3. On the Seeding page, there are two columns of points:

    1. Total points / avg. points (all tournaments) — This is mainly for the teams who play out of region, and these standings can be used for those teams that need to submit regional seedings for qualifiers, etc. and as tie breakers for OVR Regional Championship seeding

    2. Total points / avg. points (top 5 (Regional) or 6 (National) tournament results) — These are the points that will be used for OVR Junior Championship seedings.

  4. Any tournaments played after the OVR Regional Championships will not be counted for the standings considering this is used to seed the OVR Regional Championships.

  5. All requests for verification of team's results must come through a director or coach of that team's club. Requests will not be accepted from players and parents. All OVR tournament results will be available online, and the majority of tournament directors of out-of-region tournaments make their results available online on a separate website.

  6. Levels for certain tournaments may be designated as "adjusted". Contact Tom Kohl (kohl@ovr.org) for the circumstances leading to any of those adjustments.

  7. If you have any questions about the seeding system, please contact Tom Kohl (kohl@ovr.org), OVR Juniors' Tournament Director.

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