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OVR Tournament Results for Elite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Blue [G17EVBTC2OV]

Results for Elite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Blue are highlighted in the following 1 tournament results.

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Tournament date:2/27-28/21
Location:Cedar Point Sports Center (Sandusky, OH)
Director:Stephanie Grieshop
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Girls' 18 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG18EVBTC1OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 18 Black [18N]
2.17.0672ndGoldG18ECJRV1OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 18.1N Missy/Poje [18N]
3.16.1333rdGoldG18EVBTC2OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 18 Blue [18N]
4.15.2004thGoldG18MBAYT1OVMaumee Bay Turf Volleyball Club – MBTV 18-1 [18N]
5.14.2675thGoldG18IMPCT1OVImpact Sports Academy – 18N White [18N]
6.13.3336thGoldG18CAVS11OVClub Ashtabula Volleyball – Hraga [18N]
7.12.4007thGoldG18HAWKV1OVHawks VBC – 18N Haas [18N]
8.11.4678thGoldG18OXTRM1OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 18 ROX Derek [18N]
9.10.5331stSilverG18KIDAM1OVKid's America – Kids America- Griffith 18's [18R]
10.9.6002ndSilverG18MSPRT3OVMintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.83 [18N]
11.8.6673rdSilverG18ALETA1OVALETA VBC – 18 Gwinn [18N]
12.7.7334thSilverG18MAQVB1OVMVC – 18 National [18N]
13.6.8005thSilverG18BFIRE2OVBuckeyefire – Buckeyefire 18R Roberts [18R]
14.5.8676thSilverG18TOLVC2OVToledo Volleyball Club – TVC 18-Royal [18N]
15.4.9337thSilverG18HOLLY2OVClub Hollywood VBC – HOLLYWOOD COCHRAN 18's [18R]
16.4.0008thSilverG18OXTRM2OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 17/18 ROX Coree [18R]
Girls' 17 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG17MSPRT1OVMintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.71 [17N]
2.16.8332ndGoldG17EVBTC1OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Black [17N]
3.15.6673rdGoldG17NOVAJ1OVNOVA Juniors – 17s Navy [17N]
4.14.5004thGoldG17EVBTC2OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Blue [17N]
5.13.3335thGoldG17MAVRK2OVMaverick Volleyball Club – Maverick 17 Centorbi [17A]
6.12.1676thGoldG17ECJRV1OVEastside Cleveland Juniors – 17.1N Phil [17N]
7.11.0007thGoldG17MSPRT3OVMintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.73 [17N]
8.9.8338thGoldG17NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Bartlett [17R]
9.8.6671stSilverG17EVBTC3OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 National [17N]
10.7.5002ndSilverG17IMPCT1OVImpact Sports Academy – 17A Camo [17A]
11.6.3333rdSilverG17ACAVC4OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 17A Michael [17A]
12.5.1674thSilverG17NSVBC3OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Grendow [17R]
13.4.0005thSilverG17LEGAC2OVLegacy Elite VBC – 17 Legacy [17R]
Girls' 16 and Under   [ points: 4‑18 ]
#pointsfinishteam codeteam name
1.18.0001stGoldG16TANDM1OVTandem Volleyball Club – 16 Wolf [16A]
2.17.0002ndGoldG16BFIRE1OVBuckeyefire – Crossfire 16A Smoleny [16A]
3.16.0003rdGoldG16CXTRM2OVClub Extreme – CEV 16Diamond [16R]
4.15.0004thGoldG16ACAVC4OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 16A Mary [16A]
5. 5thGoldG16IMUAA1LK
6.13.0006thGoldG16MSPRT5OVMintonette Sports – Mintonette Sports m.65 [16A]
7.12.0007thGoldG16NSVBC2OVNorthShore VBC – NorthShore Albert [16R]
8.11.0008thGoldG16ACAVC7OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 16R Matthew [16R]
9.10.0001stSilverG16OXTRM4OVOhio Xtreme Volleyball – Ohio Xtreme 16 ROX Alex [16R]
10.9.0002ndSilverG16KIDAM4OVKid's America – Kids America- Slaughter [16R]
11.8.0003rdSilverG16KIDAM1OVKid's America – Kids America- Dulgar [16R]
12.7.0004thSilverG16FORCE2OVForce Volleyball Club – FORCE VBC 16RE II [16A]
13.6.0001stBronzeG16ACAVC5OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 16A Amanda [16A]
14. 2ndBronzeG16LEGAC2OV
15.4.0003rdBronzeG16ACAVC8OVAcademy Volleyball Cleveland – AVC ROX 16R Cassie [16R]

Out-of-Region Results for G17EVBTC2OV

3 out-of-region results have been recorded

Central Zone Premier Division
Indianapolis, IN
19th / 308-2112.931G17EVBTC2OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Blue
Mideast Qualifier: USA Division
Indianapolis, IN
55th / 10810-2416.935G17EVBTC2OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Blue
Big South Qualifier USA Division
Atlanta, GA
25th / 7810-2419.636G17EVBTC2OVElite Volleyball Training Center – EliteVBTC 17 Blue



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