(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Don Burroughs (arrived 10:30 am), Stephen Donahue, Michelle Fox, Brian Hemelgarn Al Herbert, Gary Hesse, Michelle Hills, Ken Leckler, Terry Miller, Loren Paulozzi, Patty Salvatore, Emi Vishoot
Not present: Keith Burke, Art Faura, Tom Kohl, Nick Nystrom, Hank Trimble, Bill Zehler
Guest: Adam Evans

Called to order @ 10:00 a.m.

Approval of meeting minutes from Oct 2007 and August 2007

Wyzynski (CEO)

Price (Commissioner)

Fox (Men's and Women's Tournament Director)

Hemelgarn (Referees' Chair)

Donahue (Verification Officer)

Wyzynski (Registrar)

Evans (Organizational Review Committee)

Paulozzi (Boys' Program Director)

Hesse (JODD)

Herbert (Special Events)

Burroughs (Coaching Education and High Performance)

New Business

Motion #5 to adjourn (Miller/Hemelgarn); Motion #5 passed 10-0; meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm