(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Don Burroughs, Troy Dixon, Steve Donahue, Brian Hemelgarn, Al Herbert, Jimmy McKinzey, Terry Miller, Glenn Purdy, Patty Salvatore, Barb Strome, Emi Vishoot,
Not present: Keith Burke, Art Faura, Michelle Fox, Tom Kohl, Nick Nystrom, Elaine Viney, Bill Zehler

Ron Wyzynski — OVR CEO/Executive Director

Provided a brief synopsis of 2005 membership numbers and status of the registration process.

The OVR's contract with Molten® will continue to provide valuable cost savings.

At the January 15 Youngstown tournament, none of the teams present (14 Men's A, 4 Women's Open) had significant complaints about the player officials for pool play, and teams felt the pace of the officiating during ratings was much slower than if players had officiated. This is inconsistent with complaints Bob and Al heard during 2004 at many tournaments; Ron will poll teams next weekend to determine their preferences.

By April 16, 2005, an adult team's players must have identical uniforms (jerseys and uniform bottoms). Team whose players are not in identical uniforms, per Rule 4.3.1 and USAV 4.3.4 of the 2004-2005 Rulebook, shall not be permitted to participate in the OVR Adult Regional Championships.

Bob Price — OVR Commissioner/President

The region purchased an 18' trailer to store and transport the equipment needed for our large events.

Bob discussed various problems dealing with club tryouts,

Bob presented possible facilities for future tournaments.

Bob presented Nick's report to the Board (sent via e-mail to Board members)

Juniors' Issues

Barb reported that as of the Kent clinic last weekend, she had certified 60 juniors' clinicians.

The Form D test for juniors is now online.

Currently, 915 junior tournaments have been sanctioned.

Tom Kohl was congratulated for the tremendous work he's doing with the boys' program.

The OVR's investment in the Charleston tournament, which is now being organized by the local club, was worthwhile.

Don Burroughs — Director of High Performance and Coaching Education

USAV is likely to redefine the CAP certification levels. As part of this revision, USAV may require juniors' teams that participate in the National events to have at least one CAP I certified coach. The OVR training and certification program is putting us on good footing to meet this future requirement.

Don suggested laminated business cards or PVC cards, which coaches must show at each tournament (plus government-issued photo ID) to prove their compliance. Coaches may be required to wear the card on a lanyard during tournaments.

Don bought two LCD projectors for OVR use and will purchase two more projectors (increasing the total to five).

Brian Hemelgarn — OVR Regional Referees' Chair

610 individuals attended our officiating clinics, including approximately 300 existing officials, 210 new officials (even with the $70 clinic fee), and 100 adult players.

Existing officials include 38% women and 62% men.

Tom Joseph will assist Brian as the New Officials' Coordinator, factoring in candidates' volleyball background and experience to group individuals during the evaluation process.

Brian received useful (mostly positive) feedback about the clinic format and revised rating/evaluation process.

Brian discussed contrasting jersey color for Liberos, clarifying that a contrasting vest over the uniform jersey is not authorized for the libero unless the player is a redesignated Libero due to injury.

Out-of-region officials must pass background screening before working in the OVR.

Regional Championships

Prizes were discussed, with emphasis on a design commemorating the event.

2005 GCCC Events

For April 8-10 (Bid weekend), officials will be housed at the Marriott on I-680 due to the Frozen Four event having booked all downtown rooms.

Contracts for set-up and tear-down are in place.

The meeting adjourned at 1:24 PM