(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  Ron Wyzynski, Bob Price, Don Burroughs, Troy Dixon, Steve Donahue, Art Faura, Michelle Fox, Tom Kohl, Al Herbert, Terry Miller, Nick Nystrom, Glenn Purdy, Barb Strome, Elaine Viney, Emi Vishoot, Bill Zehler
Not present: Keith Burke, Bob Dickenson, Brian Hemelgarn, Jimmy McKinzey, Patty Salvatore

Boys' Fall League

Due to lack of commitment, the OVR Boys' Fall League is cancelled for October.

The next boys' season can start in November.


Full SSNs are required for professional officials. For all others, only the last 4 digits of SSNs are now needed.

OVR website accounts are now available only to members.

Background Screening

The new background screening procedure is working well.

7 NGBs are currently doing background screening. The "Protect Act" being considered by congress is likely to extend background screening to all NGBs.

Youngstown State University

With KSU no longer available, Ron secured 4 dates in January (6 courts) and is working on others.

Compensation for OVR Officers and Staff

Ron circulated the pay scale for the FY2005. Only 14.385% of the OVR budget goes to salaries, which is low for a non-profit corporation.

Work such as setting up the Convention Center is distinct, to be paid hourly as independent contractors.

December Clinics

December 4: new officials' clinic: 9AM (possibly split session)

December 4: ASEP: 9AM-4PM
full day for all new club directors
includes material that would otherwise be in the Club Directors' Forum
1PM for refresher


Don purchased 2 more projectors (1024768, 2000 lumens).

Barb would like to add a junior officials' clinicians' training session.


Provisional-1 officials can officiate adults' pool play in addition to 14s and below.

Boys' Regional Championships

Tom, tournament director of the OVR Boys' Championships, is seeking a site or sites for the event.

Grade-Level Teams

Grade-level teams will be allowed to play in regular-season Open tournaments not to include the Power Challenge or Bid tournament.

Coed 10-and-Under Teams

Teams may be composed of girls, boys, or both.

Tournaments may be offered without professional officials at a cost of $75-90 per team.

Tournaments hosted prior to April 1st may allow coaches to reserve balls to allow rallies, although the point will already have been scored. After April 1st, regular rules will come into effect.

Uniform short for males and females on the same 10-and-Under team must be identical in color only.

Offering of Early Player Contracts

The OVR may constrain activities that will involve OVR membership. The OVR is not required to accept membership for organizations or individuals who do not follow OVR policies.

Club directors may not offer a tryout until the first day for tryouts.


IMPACT instructors must have CAP II + 3 years of coaching experience after CAP II

IMPACT clinics: December 4, 1-4: Westerville; February 19, 9-1: Piqua JHS; Possibly Kent, Lebanon (Cincinnati)

Club-hosted IMPACT clinics are discontinued because they were run poorly and not well attended.

Don suggested cards for IMPACT certification.

The IMPACT manual is down to 60 pages, with the rest replaced by online resources.


Our next large CAP clinic will be late spring.

We must start offering more clinics, including 1-day clinics where people can meet their module requirements.


HP head coaches must be at least CAP II, and HP assistant coaches must be at least CAP I.

Don will present a plan for tryout dates and details in January.

The final tryout is likely to be on the evening of Friday, April 8.

Certificates of Insurance

Steve has already submitted requests for sites used last year, but will not have certificates until after November 1.

Bid Tournament

Numbers cannot exceed Al's proposed format due to facility limitations.

Al will send messages prior to the tournament, reminding club directors to check standings.

The tournament will play through 12th place.

13s at Nationals will have National and American divisions, increasing from 64 teams to 48+48.

The Invitational will no longer be constrained by a Bid process.

Girls' JOVC: Salt Palace, SLC; Invitational: Louisville.

The Bid schedule is as posted on the OVR website.

Adults' Tournaments

Micki is pursuing additional sites.

Regionals: 16 courts per day.

The region will be flexible this year with the rule requiring certified officials for adults' pool play.

Juniors' Seeding

Tom circulated the point allocations to all club directors and received no feedback.

1st place in Club should be ~ 50% of Open.


Potential clinicians must contact Barb by November 1.

Clinicians' training will be held from 1-2PM, following officials' clinics.

Clinicians and raters will send lists to Barb.

Either clinicians and raters or Barb will enter the information online (precise mechanisms TBD).


There will not be an awards dinner for 2005.