(board members listed in boldface)

Present:  John Buck Keith Burke, Don Burroughs, Steve Donahue, Michelle Fox, Brian Hemelgarn, Al Herbert, Tom Kohl, Jimmy McKinzey, Terry Miller, Nick Nystrom, Bob Price, Patty Salvatore Emi Vishoot, Ron Wyzynski.
Not present: Bob Dickenson, Troy Dixon, Art Faura, Glenn Purdy, Bill Zehler.
Guests: John J. Luecken, Jr.

9:20 AM – Meeting convened

OVR Boys' Championships – Keith Burke

Moved to March 2 at Capital University.

Keith Burke will be the tournament director.

10 entries have been received already.

Pool play will consist of two 21-point games in each match, consistent with boys' OVR competition for the 2003 season.

Development of a 14U coed group – Bob Price

Bob reported Jodi Schramm's suggestion to make a 14U coed group to increase boys' participation, as done in the Great Lakes and Delta regions. This would involve coed play but not coed rules. Those ideas will be researched for the August meeting.

CEO/Executive Director's Update – Ron Wyzynski

Kent State tournaments going very well. Dan Dickey is contracted for the season to manage equipment.

Thanked the rating team for performance and brainstorming.

For the Bid tournament, Ron negotiated an excellent price for the Convention Center for Sun. as well as significant savings on floors. Bids will be held on 20 courts in halls E and F, including 4 that Ron secured during the meeting at Johnís request.

Online registration is going well. We expect ~160 adults' teams.

Bid Tournament – Bob Price

Since our holding a spectacular Bid tournament in the Convention Center relies on using facilities immediately following the NIRSA tournament, our teams will have to be flexible re. playing time. 4-10 courts are expected to become free by ~3:00 on Saturday, with more following as the day progresses.

13s will be held on April 5 at the newly remodeled Lucas County Rec Center (Toledo).

Limits may be required on the numbers of teams accepted.

Ron confirmed that the name of the tournament is the "Ohio Valley Region – Molten National Bid Qualifier".

For 14s-18s we get 4 bids to Nationals and 2 to the Invitational, so play must determine at least the first 6 spots. A formula will be developed to rank teams past the 8th spot.

The OVR has a 100-block room at the Hyatt and also arrangements with the Radisson Airport and Adams Mark.

Bob confirmed "We're here to promote and develop volleyball" and suggested a long-range plan for running quality Bid tournaments.

Bob recommended an entry fee of $400 for the 2-day events. 12s and 13s, 1 day each, will be $250.

High Performance and Coaching Education – Don Burroughs

IMPACT: Don certified 375 coaches so far this year, with 3 clinics still remaining. Last year he certified ~400. Don will run IMPACT+ at Cleveland (a 6-hour clinic). Bob will go to Marshall University, coincident with Don's IMPACT clinic, to discuss expanding volleyball in West Virginia.

CAP: At the Youngstown CAP courses, 22 individuals were certified as CAP I and 6 as CAP II. The location was appreciated by members living in the eastern portion of the region. Through free facilities, complimentary rooms, and inexpensive airfare, this year's CAP courses are expected to be financially self-supporting. To benefit the hosting club, for every CAP clinician the fee for one of that club's coaches is waived.

VolleyClassic: Don discussed options and requirements for hosting this annual international High Performance tournament, coming up with promising suggestions.

Member Misconduct – Bob Price

Bob summarized the status and resolution of recent sanctions.

Violations of the Code of Conduct and the Junior Coaches' Code of Ethics cannot be taken lightly.

John J. Luecken, Jr. confirmed that it is increasingly necessary for the region to define and enforce policy.

Officials' Compensation – Brian Hemelgarn

Brian requested allowing $22.50 match pay for officials, e.g. for NIRSA officials who become free for a match and in keeping with October's decision to pay $135 for 6 matches plus $22.50 for each additional match. Request approved.

Junior Championships – Bob Price

10s, 12s, and 13s will be held at Olentangy, Westerville South, Pickerington, and Reynoldsburg. Rooms at the Hawthorne Suites.

Convention Center weekends: 200-300 room block at the Hyatt.

Brian proposed an officials' break room. Ron to follow up.

One-day court setup on May 9. All help will be welcome.

Uniform Compliance – Brian Hemelgarn

Brian described recent cases of non-matching uniforms. Identical shirts and shorts (same color and style) will be required by February 15, 2003. Penalty: $100 fine. Future deadline: February 1.

Officials' Certifications – Brian Hemelgarn

Brian videotaped 8 junior national candidates.

An official who didn't register by the deadline or attend a clinic and who then failed a re-rating at KSU will be removed from the list of professional officials.

Officials' violating the Code of Conduct will be sanctioned.

Verifications – Steve Donahue

All CAP certification now goes through Don Burroughs.

Officiating at Regionals – Brian Hemelgarn

Adult teams indicated that they'd prefer to have professional officials and suggested that we hire first officials for Adult Regionals. After considering costs, it was determined that we can do this without increasing the entry fee because of other savings this year.

Elections – Al Herbert

Al will chair this year's elections, as determined in August. He will hire an assistant to help with voting.

Boys' Nationals – Emi Vishoot

Emi accepted the role of helping boys' teams register for Nationals this year.

Scorekeepers' Certifications – Terry Miller

Terry has 3 candidates for national scorekeepers.

Player Transfer Policies

Nick relayed Bill Zehler's position on juniors playing for other clubs in non-National tournaments following the OVR Championships

Bob: Up to 2 players can play on a different team for the VolleyFest, Penn State tournament, etc. (but not Nationals)

Next Meetings

A special pre-Bid meeting may be called in March.

OVR Retreat: August 8-10, Mohican State Park.

5:40 AM – Meeting adjourned