In Attendance:
  Emi Vishoot, Patty Salvatore, Terry Miller, Bob Price, Bob Dickenson, Glenn Purdy, Rick Laskey, Jeff Belmonte, Al Herbert, Steve DiBacco, Keith Burke, Steve Donahue
  Eric Granger and Linda Logan from the Greater Columbus Convention Center (GCCC)
Absent were:
  Shelly LeMaster, Leigh Washburne, Pam Washburne, Tom Kohl, Ron Wyzynski, Bill Zehler, Michelle Fox

Election Results: Elected to the Board: Troy Dixon. Re-elected: Emi Vishoot, Patty Salvatore, Steve Donahue, Leigh Washburne. The Board discussed ways to increase election participation.

Eric Granger welcomed the Board and the Tournament to the GCCC. Linda Logan discussed a variety of specific details about the tournament. One item was that the Dominican Republic team wanted a Spanish-speaking liaison assigned to them for the duration of the tournament.

Joe Sharpless, Division Vice Pres for National Championships, visited the Board meeting

Men's Tournament Director concerns

Women's Tournament Director: Micki Fox was re-elected

Referees' Chair: Rick Laskey was re-elected.

Junior Officials Development Coordinator: Al Herbert was elected.

Region compensation to teams for Opens

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.