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Terry Miller Receives the 2003 Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award

Glenn Purdy (right) presenting the 2003 Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award to Terry Miller
Glenn Purdy (right) presenting the 2003 Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award to Terry Miller.

In recognition of Terry's tremendous contributions to the Ohio Valley Region as OVR Scorekeepers' Chairperson, National Referee, and Officials' Rater, as well as his roles certifying junior officials, with all OVR Championship events, and on the OVR board of directors, Terry Miller was awarded the Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award.

Glenn presented the award, which consists of framed National officials' patches, a gold whistle, and an engraved plaque, to Terry at the OVR Awards Dinner on August 9, 2003.

Julie Kovick Named USA Volleyball's Outstanding Female Coach for 2003

Art Faura, Julie Kovick, and Bill Zehler
Art Faura, Julie Kovick, and Bill Zehler

Art Faura and Bill Zehler presented USA Volleyball's 2003 Outstanding Female Coach Award to Julie Kovick at the OVR Awards Dinner on August 9, 2003.

Julie Kovick has devoted much of her life to playing sports and coaching. She tells her players that they should play sports for one important reason,"...because it's FUN!" Julie has life in perspective and teaches the true value of sports to impressionable youth.

Julie is a club director for COAST Juniors Volleyball Club in Canton, Ohio. She has been club director for the past 7 years and has coached at the 12s, 13s and 14s age levels. This season, her 14s team finished 10th out of 201 teams in the 14 Club division in the Ohio Valley Region.

As a coach, Julie is constantly teaching during practices and tournament games. Every play is a teachable moment for Julie. She stands at courtside, insisting on good fundamental skills. Julie spends a good amount of practice time drilling the basics to make them perfect! The team makes less mistakes as the fundamentals are developed, and the girls don't have to spend time breaking bad habits later. Julie also does a fine job of teaching the mental aspects of the game.

Above and beyond, and even more important than the volleyball skills themselves, Julie cares about the girls and their lives. She makes sure that they treat each other, their coaches, officials and their parents with proper kindness and respect. Julie is extremely honest and ethical. She is a fine role model of integrity and sportsmanship. She holds her coaches, her athletes and their parents to the same high standards. She stresses that rules are important as she informs coaches and parents of the rules and asks that they all work together to make the club compliant with USAV and OHSAA rules. Julie tells her players that they are very valuable people whether they win or lose at volleyball. She encourages the girls on her volleyball team to participate in other sports and activities so that they can become well-rounded individuals.

Julie resides with her family in Green, Ohio and is a Physical Education teacher in the Jackson Local School District. She is the head Volleyball Coach at Jackson High School, where she also coaches Track. Julie has also been involved in many other school organizations and in her community.

A parent of one of Julie's players says, "My daughter is better prepared for the future in volleyball and in life thanks to Julie Kovick."

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USA Volleyball's Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award Recognizes OVR Staff and Members

USA Volleyball's Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award recognizes individuals for contributing outstanding participation, motivation, and other services in the promotion of volleyball. This year's recipients include Keith Burke (OVR Men's Tournament Director), Don Burroughs (Director of High Performance and Coaching Education), Bob Dickenson, Art Faura, Michelle Fox (OVR Women's Tournament Director), Brian Hemelgarn (OVR Regional Referees' Chairperson), Al Herbert, Tom Kohl (OVR Juniors' Tournament Director), Jimmy McKinzey, Terry Miller (OVR Regional Scorekeepers' Chairperson), Nick Nystrom (OVR Director of Technology and Communications), Don Roderick, Hank Trimble, and Emi Vishoot (OVR Boys' Jr. Volleyball Program Liaison). Bob Price, OVR Commissioner and President, presented the framed awards, signed by Albert Monaco, USA Volleyball President, and Pete Dunn, USA Volleyball Vice President, Member Relations and Human Resources Division, at the October 19 board meeting in Westerville.


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