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*Glenn Purdy Meritorious Service Award
*OVR Award Of Excellence
*OVR Commissioner's Award

Criteria for OVR Commissioner's Award
For OVR Players, Referees, Scorekeepers and Administrators

Technical Guidelines

  1. For players, the Award will be presented by the Commissioner at the Regional Championships or other appropriate venue. For all others, the Award will be presented at a pre-season OVR Referee/Scorekeeper Clinic or the January Board meeting as needed.

  2. The candidate will have actively participated in local tournaments and OVR Regional events during the most recent OVR-USAV season, and will be a member in good standing in the Ohio Valley Region.

  3. Candidates will have served in the capacity of scorekeeper, referee or as an OVR Event Administrator or OVR staff member.

  4. An individual may receive this award any number of times during her/his career, but only once per season.

  5. Only the recipients of the Award will be announced. Other nominees shall remain anonymous.

  6. Anyone may submit a nomination; however, an OVR adult member must support the nomination if the nominator is not a registered OVR-USAV member.

Purpose and Criteria

This award recognizes and pays tribute in the areas of officiating, scorekeeping, playing or administrative OVR staffing in the sport of volleyball for outstanding and exemplary contributions and commitment by an individual, through but not limited to, the following:

  1. For a player: demonstrates the highest level of sporting conduct toward teammates and opponents; provides team leadership, both on and off the court; outstanding achievement during the course of USAV/OVR sanctioned events; strives to attain goals and set new ones; cooperates with coaches, event administrators, officials and other players; positive attitude and enthusiasm.

  2. For a referee or scorekeeper: maintains high standards of integrity and professionalism; acts as a resource for tournament/club directors, coaches and players; acts as a positive role model for all participants; demonstrates adaptability and a desire to learn and improve; sets goals and strives to achieve them; helpful and reliable; positive attitude.

  3. For administrative staff: provides reliable, responsible service to the OVR in the areas of event staffing, OVR functions and Regional Championship administration; maintains integrity and professionalism; promotes the growth and success of OVR through creativity, dedication, and organizational and people skills.


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