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OVR Archives: 2007-2008 Season
Club Directors' and Coaches' Certifications

The following list is intended to ensure that all coaches and clubs are properly certified and to help with collecting information for individuals who are certified but whose records we do not yet have.

If you are ASEP-accredited and your name does not appear, contact Bill Zehler (zehler@ovr.org, 513-726-6739). Copies of ASEP certificates or other documentation should be mailed to

Bill Zehler
1376 Oxford Trenton Rd
Hamilton, OH 45013

If you are IMPACT- or CAP-certified and your name does not appear, send copies of your IMPACT and/or CAP certificates along with a completed New Coaching Certification form to Don Burroughs (burroughs@ovr.org, 419-629-8103):Copies of CAP and IMPACT certificates or other documentation should be mailed to

Ohio Valley Region Coaching Education
426 South Walnut Street
New Bremen, OH 45869

Certification Requirements for Juniors' Coaches (IMPACT/CAP)

IMPACT is an entry-level coaching requirement of both USAV and the 39 regional volleyball associations. Individuals who wish to enter into coaching must complete the IMPACT entry-level instruction (or CAP) before the start of the season or when it becomes available to them in the area in which they reside. Coaches may not waive this requirement nor finish a season without such certification. The regions are responsible to keep accurate records of those qualified to coach. If an individual is found negligent of certification, that individual must be immediately replaced with a qualified person. Violations of this requirement may include probation, suspension, fine, or whatever disciplinary action is deemed appropriate by the authorized person, persons, boards, or committees of the OVR. Appeals may be made in accordance with procedures set forth in the bylaws and operating code of the OVR.

All CAP certifications (Level I, II, III) are good for only 4 years. The certification/recertification process is managed solely by USAV and they make all decisions regarding it. All CAP certifications should have a certification or issue date which starts the clock for the certification 4-year life span. USAV will notify individuals directly when they have met the requirements for renewal of a current certification as well as receiving the next level certification. All expired certifications are considered by USAV to be no longer valid, meaning that the coach no longer has that certification. USAV recommends that we somehow mark these as "inactive" rather than simply deleting them from the database. The reason for the "inactive" designation is because an inactive or expired CAP certification does count as an active IMPACT certification by USAV standards.

Certification Requirements for Juniors' Clubs (ASEP)

Each club must have an ASEP-accredited representative within two years of its inception. Returning clubs without an ASEP-accredited representative must send someone to the December course. Unless they do so, they will not be registered. New clubs are strongly encouraged to send someone because the course will provide information valuable to getting their new programs off to a strong start, benefiting their organizers as well as their players. An individual's ASEP accreditation does not expire. A club's ASEP-accredited representative need not be the club director; however, if the accredited individual leaves the club, then another representative must be accredited. Direct any question regarding ASEP requirements to Bill Zehler, Juniors' Program Director (zehler@ovr.org).

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