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OVR players can print membership cards, upgrade memberships from tryout to full membership, change address, etc. via the following link:

Manage Webpoint Account.

Club & Staff Login

Accounts are available only to select OVR members. OVR usernames and passwords from the 2012-2013 season are no longer active. To reactivate your account or to obtain a new account, register for the 2013-2014 season.

Passwords are case-sensitive. Logging in requires that cookies not be disabled in your browser or through a software firewall. If you are repeatedly presented with a login prompt, you have disabled cookies either in your browser or through a software firewall. Re-enable cookies, at least for www.ovr.org, and the login will proceed smoothly.

After you log in, the "Log In" button in the upper right corner of OVR pages will change to "My Account". That button links to utilities for changing your password, updating your contact information, and shortcuts to functions associated with your particular account.

If you need your password and/or username, use the Need your usename and/or password? link. This will let you log much faster than sending mail to anyone on the OVR staff.

ATTENTION: JUNIOR PLAYERS and JUNIOR COACHES do NOT have accounts on www.ovr.org. You can see everything without logging in.

If you wish to do something like: Print Membership Card, Upgrade Your Membership from Tryout to Full Membership, change your address, etc. please Manage Webpoint Account.


2021-2022 season accounts are no longer active. OVR logins now require 2022-2023 registration.


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